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Jo Mamma's Bagel Mystery- Cape Cod

Ocean Edge Resort brought Jomamma's in to run the place, hence the odd combo of beach boutique (basically an Ocean Edge souvenier shop) and seating arrangements - nothing like the funkiness of JM in Orleans. I haven't ventured into the JM in town but have been to the Orleans location several times this summer! I'll wait to try it after the tourists leave :)

Aug 20, 2012
jillian in Southern New England

Ships Restaurant Westport, CT (back in the day)....

Used to eat at Ship's all the time late 70's. I remember they had a giant burger with all kinds of toppings, including a fried egg! Delish.

Jun 11, 2012
jillian in Southern New England

Anyone been to Celestino's Cafe in Chatham?

Wondering if it is worth checking out - any input?

Celestinos Cafe
513 Main St, Chatham, MA 02633

Jun 15, 2010
jillian in Southern New England

Unexpected Delight at Agrodolce

I had to be convinced to try Agro Dolce again after a dismal dinner there three years ago. As Mrwynter described, we enjoyed a great meal! I started with a caesar salad, which had the nice surprise of a parmesan crisp hidden under the fresh romaine, homemade croutons, and just the right amount of garlicky dressing. Followed with Scallops with bacon and farfalle - a baked dish with pancetta and 8 large, sweet scallops over farfalle in a creamy sauce, covered with cheese - very rich and tasty. My DH had the wild mushroom risotto and son enjoyed his Italian sausage panini with roasted red peppers and carmelized onions. They finished by sharing the cannoli, plenty for two. I was happy to find a range of offerings in all price ranges - from wood-grilled pizza to panini to large appetizer servings which could be a meal in itself. The jazz duo, though right next to us, was never intrusive and in fact lent a really great vibe to the meal. I have often wondered why the parking lot has been crowded and now I know why.

Apr 19, 2010
jillian in Southern New England

Saturday/Sunday lunch for teens in Worcester?

Taking two food adventurous 14 year olds out for lunch in Worcester this weekend....someplace they would find fun and their slightly older (!) chaperone would also enjoy - we are open to all types of food. Thanks!

Mar 18, 2010
jillian in Southern New England

Sushi Cape Cod

Sushi place in Foster Sq. is Oki...strictly take out and not worth it!

Mar 08, 2010
jillian in Southern New England

Middle Eastern food on Cape Cod?

Not a restaurant, but there is a new Mediterranean food shop on the corner of Main and Ocean in Hyannis called Orexi Foods. I plan to check it out ASAP. Has anyone been there?

Mar 02, 2010
jillian in Southern New England

Visit to Mid Cape

I ate bfast at the Red Cottage last week. No wait this time of year (tho it was a Thursday) and the selection is terrific. I enjoyed my chevre and chive scramble with the special Cottage fries. Ocean House definitely for fine dining. CCG, would you recommend Seaside Pub for casual? I haven't made it there yet but your reviews have been good.

Feb 09, 2010
jillian in Southern New England

wicked good bagels in Cape Cod

I love JoMama's....the vibe, the bagels (great variety of both bagels and spreads - and breakfast sandwiches as well) and the $5 sandwiches on Thursday! Haven't tried their salads but they are also purported to be very good. My son and I like arriving before school and ordering our bagels, delivered to our table while we quiz one another with the trivial pursuit cards. Always an intriguing crowd of locals coming in and out.

Jan 25, 2010
jillian in Southern New England

Cape Bay Scallops

Impudent Oyster had them on both the lunch and dinner menus a couple of weeks ago, prepared a couple of different ways, as I recall.

Best Pizza on Cape Cod?

Thanks, PizzaLover, but you've missed the Cape by a couple of hundred miles. Not sure Big Daddy's would deliver here! :)

Big Daddy's
RR 1, Wells, ME 04090

Oct 30, 2009
jillian in Southern New England

Best Burger FOUND on Cape Cod! (Great chowder, too!!!)

Seaside Pub is very close to my office, and I've never seen a soul going in or coming out. I will most definitely check it out on your recommendation, though. Five choices of fries?? That could be dangerous. Thanks for doing the legwork for me, CCG!

Oct 21, 2009
jillian in Southern New England

Lyric in Yarmouthport

I'm surprised. I thought the portions were more than adequate. As I said, I was full after my salad and entree even without eating the bread on the table or dessert.

Sep 17, 2009
jillian in Southern New England

Lyric in Yarmouthport

It was a truly lovely meal. I had the special salad with ricotta stuffed zucchini blossom served over greens and papaya with dressing - absolutely delicious. A very tasty halibut in a light buerre blanc sauce over veggies, topped with baby arugula - also delectable (and very filling) Phelana is not capturing in words how LOVELY her tuna looked - I honestly can't recall a prettier presentation! If she gets the pix up, you'll see what I mean. After having a bit I can say it tasted almost as good as it looked. There were more than two lobster chunks in the purple mashed, almost 3/4 of a tail I would estimate. This can also be purchased a la carte. Yes, it is pricey, but Lyric is a wonderful addition to the Cape food scene (even better if the relatives are buying!)

Sep 16, 2009
jillian in Southern New England

Cape Cod - Fried Seafood Roundup

Just to add to the confusion, my vote would go to Kreme N Kone! However, you really can't go wrong with any of the three - K n K, Cooke's in Hyannis, or Sir Crickets. I personally love the scallops at Sir Cricket's, my daughter swears by the clams at Kreme and Kone...and Cooke's has great lunch specials. Let us know which one(s) you pick and enjoy the best time of year on the Cape.

Sep 06, 2009
jillian in Southern New England

Perry Long's Lobster Shack, Surry, Me.

Duh, I should pay more attention to the actual heading next time...sorry! We'll look for it in Surry.

Perry Long's Lobster Shack, Surry, Me.

Is Perry Long's in Ellsworth? We're headed to MDI this weekend. I'd love to check it out, and promise not to breathe a word to anyone! Thanks ~

Saltwater Grill, Orleans - very good!

Saltwater Grille is located where the Arbor used to be. Thanks for the review! I've often wondered what the food was like there. We'll have to check it out.

who has the best burger on cape cod?

Ferretti's market in Brewster has great beef ground on the premises, and also sells patties ready-made that are very good. Their ready-made burgers come in beef, bacon cheddar, and one other type that escapes me, but they are at least a 1/3 pound a piece, juicy and delicious.

Aug 16, 2009
jillian in Southern New England

Eclectic Cafe, Hyannis review

A group of friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner last evening at the newly reopened Eclectic Cafe in Hyannis. The outdoor seating area was as lovely as ever with lovely plantings and lighting; tables set with linens, candles, and retro, mismatched bread plates. We lucked out weather-wise so elected to stay out there for our meal. Nice but small wine list. Tasty warm loaves of bread were offered with an herb-infused dipping oil. We elected to skip appetizers although the strawberry soup with mint was tempting. Two people had the striped bass with grilled pineapple salsa, sweet potato fries, and green beans (recently in the running in a competition on the "Regis and Kelly" show, from what we were told) Two of us (including me) had the swordfish special - a center cut swordfish filet with a walnut/tomato pesto over parmesan risotto served with asparagus. Eggplant parmesan (another special) with ziti and Statler chicken breast with garlic mashed were the other entrees. All were excellent. Dessert that was shared was a trio of sorbets (mango, lemon, and wildberry) in a almond lace cookie "bowl"- again, very good. The chef is the same as the previous incarnation of the EC and obviously he hasn't lost his touch! Entrees run about $18-$28 dollars or so. They have a good menu of starters so a meal of apps and a glass of wine would be a nice way to experience the outdoor courtyard ambience as well.

Jul 28, 2009
jillian in Southern New England


Pates reminds me of a place my grandmother might have enjoyed. Red vinyl booths, waitresses that appear to have worked there forever. Basic steaks, baked stuffed sole, twice baked potatoes, iceburg lettuce salads. My DH and I went there b/c we were given a gift certificate by...guess who... a grandparent! We were the youngest folks there on a Saturday night by several decades, and we are in our 40's. Not anywhere I would choose to spend an evening given the many other choices available.

West Yarmouth area - suggestions please

New owner, new chef...same great outdoor dining area, though. My office is around the corner from the Eclectic so I do hope to check it out soon, and will report back!

Amandine Patisserie Hyannis

They have gone back to Pain D'avignon. You can find them near the Airport Rotary. There is a small sign just past Wendy's on Route 132 pointing the way.

Preta Cafe, Hyannis

Has anyone tried this new spot in the Airport Plaza near TJ Maxx? It is advertised as Brazilian and American food.

Cape Cod- Variety of Tomato Plants

In case anyone is still looking for heirloom tomato plants, there was a terrific selection at the Orleans Farmer's Market yesterday from both Matt's Organic and Bon Terra Nursery. Bon Terra had the largest variety and provided great information.

Fried Clams on Cape Cod

I was unimpressed with the Oyster Company during my two visits there last summer, although I had hopes that things had improved with some shake up with the ownership. I guess not, however. Too bad. I don't understand the popularity.

May 13, 2009
jillian in Southern New England

Brewster Fish House in May

The earlier, the better when it comes to the Brewster Fish House, if you want to avoid a wait.....but in general, you should be pretty safe next Sunday. Once Memorial Day arrives, the lines get longer and longer. Enjoy your meal!

Need up-to-date recs for roadtrip providence to P'town

Brewster Fish House is indeed open!!

Misaki in Hyannis

I had the bento box lunch special last week (really terrific!) which included whitefish. Truly a delicious lunch and a bargain to boot. I love the owners and waitstaff there, and I'd much rather give them my money than the uppity folks at Inaho.

Providence - Breakfast/Coffee

How about Tazza downtown? I had a terrific bfast there last weekend...local coffee roasters. I enjoyed a great greek omelette with home fries, and there is a choice of multigrain toast or portuguese bollo.....the others in my party thoroughly enjoyed their choices as well.