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Montreal West-of-Lachine-ish steak place?

Does anyone know anything about the Firegrill on Cote Vertu?

Montreal West-of-Lachine-ish steak place?

Darn. Saveur du Lac is not open Sunday night.

Montreal West-of-Lachine-ish steak place?

I like the sound of that one. "Saveur". I hear 40 West is rather pricey. Good but pricey.

Marlowe's on St Jean Blvd. Any good?

Montreal West-of-Lachine-ish steak place?

Thanks anyway. Looking for a tad more upscale and better decor than that.
I hear it really is a good spot for beef though.

Where can you buy purple food dye in Montreal?

mix red and blue sounds best bet to me. Try different mixes - 2o% blue might be enough

Montreal West-of-Lachine-ish steak place?

Looking for a good steak on the west side of town, doesn't have to be just a steak place, seafood also welcome. Not too fancy, but chains or semi-pubs also considered.
Thanks in advance.

best roti and jerk chicken?

I have a great place round the corner, on Patricia, corner of Chester in NDG - Mr Patty... does jerk, roti and great patties. Perhaps someone else here has eaten the jerk chicken, I have not, but the roti and patties were super.

Montreal West Island - Breakfast and Lunch

Pointe Claire village has a bunch of great little eateries these days. Sorry, got no names (other than The Old Orchard Pub, which my mum loves). And actually, a little hole called the Buffet du Village looks okay for greasy-spoon type breakfast at 272 Bord du Lac.

Suggestions for trip in July, from Philadelphia

No fear Cheryl,
Read again. Was talking about NY to Montreal in 5.5 hours, which is where you have to get train to Mtl from. Don't think there is any direct service to or from Philly.

Good Bagels to take home near Sherbrooke and Peel?

Take a cab there and back! (St Viateur or Fairmount, I mean)

Crawfish in Montreal???

Several times a year I've seen Crayfish on sale at La Mer, fish shop on corner of Papineau and Rene Levesque. Sometimes they don't look to lively, but generally all are alive and kicking. I have a Swedish neighbor who is addicted to them. That's where he gets them. Actually, they call him when they come in. Smart to give them your phone number with that request.

Suggestions for trip in July, from Philadelphia

Train service is crap between here and NY, which is the only way through I believe. Don't bother with it. It is like a 10 hour rail journey just from NY. Not cheap either. Only 5.5 hours by car. Lots of worry-free parking in Montreal, too.
Inexpensive heart-of-action Hotel you might want to think about - never mind their website - Google EXACTLY this: Residence Du Voyageur Hotel Montreal
and click on the Google reviews. You really can't beat the value and location. (Yeah, it's basically Latin Quarter)
I'll let others guide you on the food side, but this hotel is moments from a great local food scene all price ranges, and located just on or off St Laurent street; and a great Portuguese Quarter.
I'd also look at the Garde Manger for one meal in Old Montreal. Chuck, the head chef, won North America's Iron Chef 2 years ago for good reason.

Have fun.

Gone befor I ever tried it. The TAJ LACHINE

By all accounts and a handful of reviews found here and there, this was a pretty decent Indian Restaurant at around 1060 Notre Dame St in Lachine. Cycling past about a week and a half ago, the wife and I stopped to note the menu and promised to give it a try last Friday. Well, we drove that strip for about 15 minutes looking for it. Gone! Seems maybe it just vanished into thin air, or became a Chinese resto called Lachine something-or-other overnight. Weirdest thing ever! Anyone know the inside story on that? Or where they might have moved to?
Thanks in advance.

Restaurant Closings in 2012

Darn. TAJ LACHINE in Lachine on Notre Dame, supposed to have been decent. Never tried it. Showed up to find it closed last Friday!
Anyone know what happened?

Map of Great CHICKEN joints in Montreal

lol. Ramsay didn't change the chicken. That's been the same since ... 1936!

Indian in Montreal.

Don't know if anyone replied to you, but Curry House downtwn is newly owned since Ben retired. Not as good by any reports. Ben can be found helping (not cooking) at Ganges on Sherbrooke in NDG. Good food if u choose carefully

Where can I buy reasonably priced, delicious Portugese custard tarts

Coco Rico has the real thing too. St Laurent & Napoleon

Sorry, need Montreal restaurant help

Tuck Shop - Notre Dame West. Book in advance.

Tonight! APDC or Garde Manger?

Love Garde Manger.

Restricted diet - something within 10-15mins walk of the OSM

Ate at F bar last week. Excellent service. Better than Okay food. lack of fibre specialty might be the portugese cod pot. Very tasty. Mind the Tanin-ny portugese red wines... not too good for your colitis.

Map of Great CHICKEN joints in Montreal

Still Laurier BBQ... best in city. Now carries the Gordon Ramsay association.

Where can I find the best sushi in San Francisco?

Visiting San Francisco, wife and I ate at Ryoko just minutes from Union Square. Excellent place and food with hip atmosphere. Couple of local afficianados next to us said it was a keeper. But Better could be found apparently out of the city center

Looking for a quiet restaurant in Ol Montreal

Hotel Nelligan resto has a quiet-ish and romantic-ish environment

Where can I find non-Spanish Mackerel?

There are a couple of small fish stores near Victoria - Van Horne intersection, south of, (Plamondon metro?) Used to carry Kingfish.

Sick of oversweet Indian restaurants

Montreal must have over a hundred Indian restaurants by now. Problem is consistency. Finding a place that has curry "to your taste" is not easy. When you do, if the chef changes everything does. So when Ben sold out at the Maison Curry on Mackay Street (ex of Bishop St) we were lost. The curry there was all about complex flavours and textures, not blender-creamed, almost dessert-sweet dishes of the type we ate last night at Bienvenue a l'inde (Welcome to India) on Gilford corner St Denis.
Our challenge now is to find a replacement for that dearly beloved Maison Curry (we've been there since new owners took over and it just is not our kind of curry any more) but nothing less than spicy, real Indian without the sugar rush we are now told "suits more peoples tastes" will do. Perhaps some old Maison Curry customers might have found the ideal substitute, and if so, please do tell. We do know that Ben is now at the Ganges on Sherbrooke St West, but he neither cooks nor seems to have been able to tone the sugar down in that establishment, which he is the first to admit is over the top.

Helpful suggestions are welcome.

Maison Cari (Curry House) on Bishop is moving

Marvellous place! Simply marvellous food.

Maison Cari / Curry House is back - oh joy!

Praise be to Ben! After much tribulation, the Curry House is open for business at 1236 Mackay St in the downtown area just below St Catherine. The food is as good, fresh and authentic as ever. In fact, I know of nothing that comes close to it in Montreal. Everything I have ever tried there has been marvellous (when Ben is cooking) or at least very good (when Sous-Chef is up to bat). Tried a prawn dhansak last week. Unbelievable! No holds barred on spiciness (unless you ask). The menu is quite extensive, from kormas and butter chicken to pathias, madras, and vindaloos you can actually still taste and enjoy the quality ingredients in. if you ask for something "off the charts", they'll accomodate you willingly. Breads, samosas, bhindi, all great. Smithwicks and Newcastle beers on tap... an ex-pat's delight.

The environment is a step up. The upper floor of an old greystone townhouse is not your usual curry quarters, but a welcome change from the basement haunts we're more accustomed to.

I recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone who loves curry, or is trying it for the first time. You won't be disappointed.

Maison Cari (Curry House) on Bishop is moving

Bishop Street, Curry House (Maison de Cari) closed up. Ben said they were moving to St Catherine/Fort St area. $ months later.. nothing! Anyone know what happened... where Ben popped off to? Etc... any news welcome.
I'll probably never eat curry that well-prepared again in this town :(

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neilmcg Jun 27, 2009 03:21PM
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chilipepper Jun 27, 2009

A regular customer tells me he is having problems with the city getting permits and such, so much so that he may pull up stakes from the Ste Catherine local and try to find another spot.

Where did "Curry House" Ben go?

Thanks for this Chili. I'd love it if you kept me posted if you hear any more

Where did "Curry House" Ben go?

Bishop Street, Curry House (Maison de Cari) closed up. Ben said they were moving to St Catherine/Fort St area. $ months later.. nothing! Anyone know what happened... where Ben popped off to? Etc... any news welcome.
I'll probably never eat curry that well-prepared again in this town :(