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Any Saturday Food Truck Gatherings - September 29th?

My wife and I are hosting a bunch of friends on a party bus on Saturday, September 29th and have been trying to find a food truck meetup for dinner. We've heard if one in Hermosa Beach, but are having trouble getting specifics. The websites I've found are really of little help, as they don't seem to list regular events very far in advance.

Can anyone offer some advice? We're heading out of the Long Beach area at sunset and will return by midnight for dancing, but in between we're fine roaming. Anything in LA or Orange county is worth considering.

Thanks in advance.

Sep 16, 2012
KNHaw in Los Angeles Area

Food Truck Wedding - Would Like Advice (moved from L.A. board)

My fiancée and I are getting married in October and she would like to have the wedding at least partially catered by one or more food trucks (we may do appetizers ourselves to keep our guests from starving while we do the photos between the ceremony and the reception). We're looking at 100-120 people and having it in the Long Beach or OC areas (our respective stomping grounds). I'm already checking out trucks but am coming here hoping that perhaps you guys have actually attended some food truck weddings and might be able to help out with three things:

1) What venues can you suggest? We need a place that allows outside food and has parking and/or room for the trucks. We have other requirements, too: Outdoor ceremony, indoor reception, liquor friendly.

2) At weddings you attended, how were the logistics handled? Did the guest go outside and stand in line at the trucks or did they bring the food inside (the latter isn't much different than a caterer)?

3) Did the trucks cater the whole thing or was it just a midnight snack as I've seen some mention?

Also, any food truck recommendations would be great as well.


May 18, 2011
KNHaw in Not About Food