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Sake on rt 1

Has anyone tried this place? Just moved to Malden not to long ago and am looking for some place to get some good sushi that won't brake the bank. Also if anyone has any other good places to eat in the rt 99 rt 1 area.

Pumpkin is in the air

Soooo... make me some delicious pumpkin waffles. yum

Cocktails In Concord/Acton Area?

Serafinas in concord is good or papa razzi for drinks and food. I would avoid the colonial inn.

Kendall lunch thread

I love emma's pizza but find myself at cosi most often. I heard the Marriott Champions? got a new menu but haven't gotten in to see whats like. Has anyone checked it out? The cold weather is coming and I would like a closer walk option. Rebbecca's is way to slow and small. I run to the food court and I know its bad but get the sushi all the time.

Pumpkin is in the air

I'm feeling a bit inspired as well as disappointed by the digs pumpkin column. I feel chowhounders can do better. Where is the best pumpkin ice cream? Where is the best pumpkin or squash ravioli? Where is the best seasonal get the idea.