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In a rut, can anyone suggest something nice for a birthday?

Thanks by the way on your response, very helpful. As for Blackbird, My boyfriend dined there last week, and I know he was really looking forward to it. He said the food was good, but not amazing, like he had hoped. They do have a really good cantelope sorbet though with breadcrumbs!

Sep 24, 2008
janie37 in Chicago Area

What should I order at TRU?

I'm taking my best friend to TRU for her birthday, I was wondering what we should order & how much I should pull out of the bank. haha. I'm leaning towards getting the chef's collection or prix fixe, can someone go into detail on each and give specifics on what they liked? Is there anything else I should consider ordering? Does dessert come with the chef's collection or prix fixe or is it separate? Please let me know as much information as possible so I can make this dining experience memorable.


Sep 18, 2008
janie37 in Chicago Area