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Sushi Bong (Yonge/Finch) - Review + Photos

this is best sushi deal in north york.

giant rolls. small prices.
dynamite roll, spider roll, spicy tuna roll.

Best Indian in Toronto - where is it?

I enjoyed eating at Siddhartha, great value.

Lahore Tika.. good but expensive... and the weird trailer vibe with their never ending construction and lots of construction dust every really kills the atmosphere.. better off getting take out.

Best sweet potato fries in TO, particularly uptown...

show's how little i know about potatoes. when i usually have them they are orange. I always thought orange = yams.
what I do know is they test good.

St.Louis Bar & Grill?

the wing's at Ferg's are great, fries are good, and their sweet potato fries are amazing!
St. Louis Wings has the weird batter I just never enjoyed and the fries.. All i can say is blah..

Best sweet potato fries in TO, particularly uptown...

Try Ferg's Bar and Grill in North York. (Yonge St, North of the Civic Centre)
Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Mayo.

Owner tells me it's fresh made with Asian Sweet Potatoes (Purple outside, White Inside), instead of Yams.

Just Awesome!