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Ethiopian in Portland

I'd suggest Enat's Kitchen (on killingsworth near Enjoni). food is great and prices aren't outrageous. we go at least every few weeks for the family meal. of the others you mentioned, i like Enjoni, though several people we were going with had issues (either long waits or not great food over several visits). Bete Lukas I also like quite a bit, but its farther away for me and the few trips i've made they are super crowded leaving us waiting a long time if we don't have a reservation. And Queen of Sheeba I have only been to once and I didn't love it - thought the food was not as flavorful as Enat or Enjoni. But I've been only the once, so i'm willing to chalk it up to an off night and will go again.

Oh, one other place you might want to try is horn of africa on MLK - more generally east african than strictly ethiopian, but its a nice spicy option.


Feb 21, 2012
tybeean in Metro Portland

Kid friendly with food that doesn't suck in Portland?

I'd suggest Enat's Kitchen on Killingsworth if you want to try ethiopian with your lil one. Very kid friendly and a pretty wide range of flavorist to try. plus they get to eat with their hands and thats always fun.

My wife and I adopted a little girl from Ethiopia this year and this is one of our go to spots with here. Thats said, we take her lots of places - though she just turned 1 this month, so we haven't hit public tantrum phase as yet :)

Nov 29, 2011
tybeean in Metro Portland

Where can I buy quality chorizo in Portland?

i'd try Gartners on Killingsworth - never had chorizo from there, but its my go-to meat market!

Feb 07, 2010
tybeean in Metro Portland

Best burger in PDX

My current fave is Branch Whisky Bar on Alberta:

It's only $6 during happy hour, so i suggest testing it out then!

also, have a give me three steps: Smoked cabernet wine barrel infused jack daniels and Mexican coke

Feb 03, 2010
tybeean in Metro Portland

Portland Street Food recommendations

Track down KoiFusion - i love the pork tacos from them.

also give the fish tacos from Ricks Seafood a whirl (on 3rd and Ankeny I think? - someone will correct me). and while you are there, try the big ass sandwich right behind them.

I've yet to try the Pork Store (across from Mother's Bistro) but its on my to-do list.

Feb 03, 2010
tybeean in Metro Portland

Savannah/Tybee EATS

George's on HWY 80 on Tybee (the main drag coming on the island) was great the last time I was there (been a few years - i no longer live in the area). Good for dinner & drinks if you are staying out on Tybee.

Jul 14, 2007
tybeean in General South Archive

Luscious Food - why, why, why?

What the hell are you people ordering there? I for one, eat here once or twice a month on average and have a good experience pretty much everytime. Both the meatloaf and the lasagnas (both spinach and meat) are excellent. And the portions are HUGE. I've yet to finish off an order in one meal; i always take leftovers for lunch.

Aug 23, 2006
tybeean in Outer Boroughs