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Where can I find the best San Diego Style Al Pastor and Carne Asada burritos in San Francisco?

If you have a car and are willing to do quite a bit of driving, here's what you do. You drive up to Adalberto's in Fairfield. Should take you about an hour after you cross the Bay Bridge and start heading east on I-80.

Adalberto's isn't "like" a San Diego taco shop, it *is* a San Diego taco shop (as you can no doubt tell from the name that ends in "-berto's"). What I mean is, there are San Diego locations of Adalberto's. Then there's one in Fairfield, and apparently another in Sacramento. No tortilla steamers. No stewed meat. No freakin' rice in the burrito. Just a San Diego style carne asada burrito (I can't remember if they have al pastor) with good guacamole and squeeze bottles of hot sauce on the tables. Lord, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

For something a little closer to home, you can try the "San Diego Burrito" on the menu at The Taco Shop At Underdog's in the Outer Sunset. It's not nearly as good as Adalberto's, but it's a decent attempt at something like what you get down near the border.