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Casino El Camino

I have tried nearly every burger in town, and Casino's tops the list. You CANNOT compare it with P. Terry's and Sandy's burgers. IT's like comparing a burger to a thin piece of cardboard. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for both, but Casino...I dream about those burgers.

FYI for folks who've never been, be prepared to wait almost an hour at rush times. Grab a Blue Moon pint and chill on the patio while you wait because, yes, it's worth it.

Sep 23, 2008
duttweid in Austin

Birthday dinner in Vegas?

Larry, I am going in early November, so it should be slightly cold. I'm more interested on the food than atmosphere, and I am an adventurous eater, while my bf tends to be a little tamer, so something that caters to both of us.

I'd love to take him to a fancy dinner, but his instructions were to keep it more low-key, so I'm trying to find a nice middle ground between say the Eiffel Tower restaurant and some crappy chain restaurant.


Sep 18, 2008
duttweid in Southwest

Birthday dinner in Vegas?

I'm taking my boyfriend to Vegas for his 25th birthday, and he's instructed me to not take him incredibly lavish for his dinner. So where can I take him for a good meal that's not super cheesy or touristy (but yes on the strip still) that's not overly 'spensive--round 50 bucks a person not including wine? Does this EVEN exist? HELP!

Sep 17, 2008
duttweid in Southwest