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Paczki Day

I bought mine at the HEB at Spicewood Springs and 183. They are in a white box with Paczki in big red letters. I'd still really like to find them at a bakery where they'd be fresher. But, you take what you can get.

I missed out on the king cake that was shipped in for the party. It got gobbled up before I arrived. Does anyone have a take on a good enough local source for king cake? Not being from there, I wouldn't know authentic. Would just like one that's better than what I had while living in Kansas. I remember it was bready and dry. I don't remember filling at all.

Mar 06, 2011
GermanBrat in Austin

Paczki Day

I did end up finding them at HEB. Was so excited, I bought a couple boxes. Good news, the texture and flavor was enough to remind me of the paczkis I had in Michigan. I just wish they had been fresher. Not quite as delicious as my memories.

popvulture (love that name!). I've had king cake a couple times, but apparently only the bad kind (so say my nola friends). I'm going to a party tonight with a king cake shipped in, so hoping to get to try the real thing.

Mar 05, 2011
GermanBrat in Austin

Paczki Day

Do any of the Austin bakeries make paczkis for Paczki Day (Fat Tuesday)? If not, who has the best jelly doughnuts in Austin?

Feb 11, 2011
GermanBrat in Austin

I have 24 hours in Austin, what's your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Carter B., my apologies. It's not the Chronicle reviewers that are reviled. It's the readers. I was remembering the "Let's Make Fun of..." thread

Tom in Austin, we don't disagree as much as you think. I'm not among the "Applebee's half". I actually don't believe there is an Applebee's half. There's certainly an Applebee's contingent, who spend very little time on this board, and make their food decisions based on what's close or what's cheap or where their kids will eat. A suggestion for Maria's shouldn't be equated with Applebee's. And if you read my suggestion of Izzoz to mean "the best Mexican in town", it wasn't. I recommended the fried avocado taco because it's just damn good. I've been to El Meson on Burleson and it was good, though I've only been for lunch. Something we all missed, myself included, the OP didn't want Mexican recs. Seems that living in Austin, if someone says "breakfast" we go to tacos immediately.

taliesin, your comments about gated communities and the "great unwashed" are absurd. Might I remind you that I actually left my gated community to eat at El Rico and just didn't like the food. And the notion that the people going in and out of a laundromat are "unwashed" just made me laugh. My friend, unless El Rico's barbacoa is cooked in the ground (it's not), then you are not a "food purist", you are a food snob. The fact that they have only one outdoor table is absolutely relevant for someone coming in from out of town, especially in winter.

scrumptiouschef, I haven't had a barbacoa in Austin that I'd put up to the scrutiny of this board. When I do, I will post. Or not.

It's not an "us and them" situation, unless you decide it is. We all love food.

Dec 18, 2010
GermanBrat in Austin

I have 24 hours in Austin, what's your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Crackem, I'd second the recommendations for Maria's Taco Xpress for breakfast tacos. I like their chorizo. There are also a few places in Austin that have good gingerbread pancakes, my favorite of which is Magnolia Cafe. Depending on what part of town you're staying in, Cafe Java also has a really good breakfast. I've never had anything bad there, and am continually in awe of how perfect their hash browns always are.

For lunch, I'd suggest The Noble Pig. They make literally everything in house. The bread is homemade every day and is perfect. Meats are cured in house. Pickles, mustard, all made in house. Or, if the weather is nice, you might go to Izzoz Tacos. It's in a trailer, but in an organized park and there are plenty of tables set up. Izzoz's fried avocado taco with arugula, cotija cheese, and a chipotle sherry sauce is sublime.

Do you know what part of town you'll be staying in? I'm sure you'll at least want your breakfast spot to be nearby.


Dec 14, 2010
GermanBrat in Austin

I have 24 hours in Austin, what's your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Dude, Whataburger? Where did that come from? All I did was say I didn't like El Rico, and, based on that, you think my taste buds are "compromised". I know barbacoa is supposed to be fatty, but fat is supposed to be flavorful, and theirs was not. It was blander than my MIL's pot roast (who, incidentally, also has 40 years of cooking experience). Does El Rico season their barbacoa with anything? What does it taste like to you of the elevated taste bud?

And since when does a Chronicle review mean anything? It's normally reviled on this board.

Your 20 friends may have loved it, but they didn't come here to talk about it. Or anywhere else as far as I can tell. A very small handful of people have generated a pretty big propaganda campaign for El Rico.

One more thing, before you send an out-of-towner to a place like this, you should let them know there is only one picnic table set up outside a laundromat. Also, El Rico keeps some strange hours, so it might not even be open if they go.

Dec 13, 2010
GermanBrat in Austin

I have 24 hours in Austin, what's your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Tacos El Rico? I made the 35 minute drive once for those... and caught hell from my spouse. They were not good at all. I had a very fatty, very bland barbacoa and a chorizo with egg. If you do a search on CH for El Rico, you'll get 50+ results. Then you look a little further. Eight people indicate they've actually eaten there. Four of them have posted more than once. Very few even say what they ate there. I'd love to hear from someone other than one of their few regular cheerleaders.

Dec 11, 2010
GermanBrat in Austin


TaseT and auspr, I could agree with that in theory, but my tab is higher at Polvo's than for a comparable meal at places that don't charge for chips. The numbers don't lie.

Jun 14, 2009
GermanBrat in Austin

If you can find Sheila Partin Hamburger Buns, you can find a great hamburger.

I find it interesting that replies suggesting you call them yourself keep getting deleted, even though they are accompanied by information pertinent to your original post.

I e-mailed Sheila Partin's company via the link above to see if they could provide a list of Austin restaurants that use their buns, but unfortunately they use distributors and don't get that information.

I'm sure you'll get this post zapped as well. Whatever.

Jun 05, 2009
GermanBrat in Austin

Visiting Austin - Need Recommendations

Nobody on this board is "wrong" when expressing an opinion. You can only be "wrong" if providing inaccurate information.

And if foot traffic is the barometer you're using for how good the food is... well, CiCi's pizza always looks pretty busy.

Jun 05, 2009
GermanBrat in Austin

Visiting Austin - Need Recommendations

I can't see sending someone from New Jersey to Home Slice. At best, it's as good as what they can get any day at home. At worst, it's a wasted opportunity to eat something you can only get in Texas.

Jun 01, 2009
GermanBrat in Austin

How bad does accepting credit cards hurt small restaurants?

We seem to be reacting to the disproportionate harshness of jgg's actions in reporting the offense. It's something I wouldn't do, so I had the same reaction.

But, if we agree that jgg's moral compass won't allow him to stand idly by while this is happening, and if we agree there are a lot of jggs in this world (which can be observed all the time with people in other people's business where they don't belong), then one might make the argument that his actions are preferable to the other option we've offered, which is to take his business elsewhere.

In other words, if he turns in a store owner and that owner is forced to comply with the contract and remove minimums, thus giving the jggs of the world the opportunity to return to the business and purchase there again, then that may benefit the business owner vs the business lost by people who boycott places with minimums.

Yes, prices will have to be adjusted upward. But, the existence of chowhound proves there's demand for a superior product, and we are willing to pay the premium. We may be a minority, especially in this economy, but we're also the target market of a small business owner with a better product.

Oct 24, 2008
GermanBrat in Not About Food

You don't like that?!

The post is gone now, but there was someone who replied to soupkitten that she (or he) found brussel sprouts bitter, no matter how they were prepared. I'm sorry I can't remember who it was, but I wanted to suggest that perhaps you are a "supertaster". I read this recently in the book "YOU: On a Diet" by Drs. Roizen and Oz. Supertasters commonly find some vegetables to be bitter. According to the book, about 25% of us are supertasters, 25% are undertasters, and everyone else falls in the middle. They had two tests you can do to see if you're a supertaster. You can dissolve a packet of sweet 'n' low in 2/3 cup water. If it tastes more bitter than sweet, you may be a supertaster. You may have to take a couple of tastes to tell. The second test is to swab blue food coloring on your tongue, then hold a piece of paper over your tongue that has a hole punched in it (normal 3-ring binder sized hole), then using a magnifying glass, count the number of dots (papillae). If over 30, you're a supertaster.

Oct 04, 2008
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