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Halloween in Ireland


I have just asked my Dublish boyfiend and it seems that there are a few things specific to Ireland. Brack which is otherwise known as Tea Bread, you will see in the shops. Kale mixed in with mashed potatoes and for some reason you need to put some money in that if you are keeping with tradition.

Beware that the Irish don't seem to eat pumpkins. They just carve them for display!

Keep something sweet to hand because the local youth will be at your door!!!!

Malice, where are you in Ireland?

Oct 18, 2006
lympicita in U.K./Ireland

Hangover Foods?

I must say to you all, that I was given a genetic gift at conception. I have never suffered a hangover.


Last weekend, after downing many G+Ts on Saturday evening/Sunday morning. I awoke at 8am Sunday morning all daisy fresh.

So, really the foods that made me feel better were the veggies that I got ready for Sunday lunch.

I will go back to lurking.

Oct 17, 2006
lympicita in General Topics

cooking barley

I make a sort of risotto with barley.

It will take longer, and use more fluid but its a worthwile thing to do.

I saw a tv cook called Sophie Grigson make it and she always seems to do food that you can trust.

Other than that, it's good to add a small handful to soups and stews to add a bitof depth of flavour and to thicken.

Let me know what you do.

Sep 02, 2006
lympicita in Home Cooking

A Brunch fit for Jane Austen?

Hello Foodrat

So a brunch fit for Jane Austen?

Fab idea. Seeing as you are talking about English food of years gone by, you could more accuratly say elevensies. Which really now equates to morning coffee.

I think it was one of those social get together times of the day when ladies used to call in on each other, like high tea. Lots of gossip, not a lot of eating. Modern brunch is more about food than anything else.

I've not really had proper elevensies, it's very outmoded. I will ask my Mum over the weekend for you, I'm sure that she has memories of her grandmother stopping for elevensies.

I just don't know what was tradition fair, I'm sure that it wasn't a full english breakfast, certainly not in Jane Austins time anyay.

Just as an idea, you could have the get together in the afternoon and call it high tea. You could serve small salmon and cucumber sandwiches, (with the crusts cut off,of course!), quiche, scones, fruit cake, fairy cakes, shortbread and of course real tea from a china teapot.

I hope this helps.

Aug 25, 2006
lympicita in Home Cooking


Hello workintheatre,

Thank you so much for posting that.

Unfortunatly getting green walnuts is also a bit of a wish., and I've been wishing for green walnuts ever since someone told me that green walnuts are easy to pickle.

I will keep your recipies for when I can lay hands on said walnuts.


Aug 25, 2006
lympicita in U.K./Ireland

How do you pronounce "sherbet?" [tangent from General Topics]

Being from the part of England that I am from, it's always been "Sheerbert".

Having said that, when I was a child "sheerbert" was a white powderey thing that you dipped a stick of liquorice into. If you put any into a fizzy drink it would always fizz over. Ahh happy days.

Aug 23, 2006
lympicita in Not About Food

The Beautiful Pineapple Tomato.............(w/PHOTOS)

I so wish that I had a garden :(

Aug 23, 2006
lympicita in Not About Food

Are a chowhound even when you are sleeping?

Oh yes I dream of food.

Deep fried friuts in thick sweet batter.

Various forms of cake and melted chocolate perfumed with mint or rose.

I also from time to time dream of coffee. Roasting it, blending it, scooping big handfulls of warm beans and drinking large strong milky mugs of home made lattes. Which isn't unusual seeing as I roast my own coffee at home, and some evenings I go to bed with the smell of coffee in my hair.

Aug 23, 2006
lympicita in Not About Food

Theme Party need some finger food ideas

Wow Kitchen Queen. Those fruity arrangements are so pretty. Something like that would be fantastic at a childrens party. Much better than filling them full of sugar and watching them go hyper!

Aug 23, 2006
lympicita in Home Cooking

Fig recipe challenge

Sometimes if I can get enought figs I make a tart. We call it "Tig Fie" due to an unfortunate naming incident concerning a lot of alcohol.

You will need a flan dish that is about 2inches high.

First you need to blind bake a nice short pastry in a flan tin. If you are making your own pastry, it's worth making it a little sweet.

Then with it's cold, almost quarter the figs, lengthwise so that you have figs that are opened up.

Put the figs onto the pastry base.

Then you need to make a victoria sponge batter. You will need to make it a little moister than normal so add a little extra milk or if you want some liquor.

You will need enough sponge mix to cover the base of the figs, and leave some of the tops poking out.

Bake the whole lot untill the cake mix is cooked.

Serve with some really rich vanilla ice cream.

Aug 22, 2006
lympicita in Home Cooking

Favorite Movies About Food?


Dark, Chinese and funny.

Aug 22, 2006
lympicita in Food Media & News

Number of McDonald's visits in the last 5 years

Wow Rworange!

The reason that I almost never go to McDonalds is simple, I don't like the way that the food tastes, and it's not good for you.

My last visit was about 10 months ago when I had a nasty stomach acid issue and felt that I really needed a shake. I didn't enjoy it, it was over sweet, over flavoured and very over coloured. Unfortunatly it hit the spot.

I've since found that a little Guinness does the job, and is much tastier.

Now, if my Doc had read that she would probably hit me with a stick!


Aug 22, 2006
lympicita in Chains

Hard-Boiled Eggs... Getting On My Nerves!

I've seen my Mum peeling boiled eggs at lightening speed.

After they are boiled, she lets them cool off in cold water. Then she cracks them and rolls them on the draining board so that they are cracked all over.
The smart part is that she slides a teaspoon just under the shell, loosens the shell away from the egg, and the shell just sort of slides off.


Just don't tell my Mum I said so.


Aug 20, 2006
lympicita in Home Cooking

Anyone willing to send some GOOD Tonic Water to the states?

Hello Sgordon

These chaps just might be able to help.:)

Aug 20, 2006
lympicita in U.K./Ireland



A few years ago, when I was living in Southampton, I bought a bottle of fantastic Italian liquor called Nocello. Made from walnuts.


Yum. Yum.

Now I havn't been able to lay hands on it in the UK for long time, and have since moved to Dublin.

I've looked online and I can't see anyone who will ship to Europe. The powers that be, have distributed to America.

Does anyone know where I can get this online? Or even better if there is a place that sells it in Dublin?

Next weekend I am going to put some miles on my shoes and go to just about every off license and Italian Deli that I can find.

If anyone has any bright ideas, they would be welcome. It would free up some hours to do something more interesing like lounge about at home with something yummy cooking.


Aug 19, 2006
lympicita in U.K./Ireland

coffee grinder for a stovetop?


no, No NO NO NO!!

Conical Burr will grind coffee evenly, consistantly .

Almost everything else is a rotary blade machine and will not give you consistant results.

You are right that, an electrial conical burr machine may not be worth the cash. Unless you are lucky enough to lay hands on a good condition second hand machine.
I hope that you get something that suits you.


Aug 19, 2006
lympicita in Cookware

coffee grinder for a stovetop?

Hello PseudoNerd.

Coffee, now this I know about!
Coffee Geek is the place to look if you want the low down on various coffee related anything.

If you are looking for a good grinder and want to spend no more than $40, you are probably going to afford a hand opperated grinder.

The magic words that you are looking for with a coffee grinder are "conical burr". If you see the words "rotary blade", put it down and walk away.

A "rotarty blade machine" is a device that chops the coffee, normally fairly uneavenely, which will not give you consistant results.

A "conical burr" machine will grind the coffee, consistantly, which is what you do want, bacause this will give you consistant results.

When you are looking to buy a hand grinder, take a look at the reviews at so that you don't get one of those that are designed to look nice, and not designed to grind coffee.

Let me know what you choose to buy, I am interested.


Aug 17, 2006
lympicita in Cookware

Best recent purchase?

Tuffle oil. Need I say more?

Aug 17, 2006
lympicita in Cookware

Useless clutter?

Gosh, kitchen clutter!

I recently moved to Dublin from England and I had to leave a lot of my "stuff" behind and set up a new kitchen. Having only a small cooking/living space I have had to be mean about what I buy.

Not having a gazzillion odds and ends there isn't a lot that I desperatly wish that I hadn't forked out for.

One of those things is the blasted Jack La Laine Juicer. Just what WAS I thiking!!! Yes I do know better. It takes up about the same space as a large spaniel and takes even more looking after if you actually want it to juice.

The other is a very cool looking set of smll hand tools. A can opener, a vegetable peeler and a gerlic press. All three have been retired to that big, deep, round place in the kitchen.

Interestingly enough, everything that I think of as clutter in my kitchen, is stuff that doesn't work properly.


Aug 17, 2006
lympicita in Cookware

DUB Airport


If you are going to be at the airport for 4 hours, buy a newspaper. You will NOT get a good fried breakfast at the airport. In fact you would be hard pushed to get anything worth getting excited about.

Dublin airport has one terminal at the moment, and the food leaves a lot to be desired. Don't expect much.

Hope you find a way to pass the time.

Aug 17, 2006
lympicita in U.K./Ireland

dessert for around 50 people?!? help!

Hello Yum

You could do more than one dish to make life easy for you, and it would also mean that you could make one or two things a day (or more) in advance. Seeing as different foods have different storage needs.

This would be handy if you were cooking in your own home, and had limted space. It would also be a good way of managing the pressure.

A couple of days in advance you could do the bulk of the baking, so you could make pastry bases, cakes, coblers, crumbles and freeze.

Next day you could make any crem patissiere for fruit tarts and bake fruit off in the pastry bases, if you were going to frostor ice cakes this would be a good time to do that.

On the actual day you could get anything out of the freezer in the morning, make sure that everything is looking good by glazing fruit tarts, dressing things with berries and making sure that there is enough whipped cream and ice cream for everyone.

Phew, now I remember why I keep dinner parties down to 5 people.

If you are sold on making just one absolutely beautiful dish, I would go with making several big fruit tarts. Using a really short, and not overly sweet pastry base, with a cream patissier and then with a layer of fruit (think peaches or strawberries here) tastefully arranged. Then glaze the fruit so that they look just to good to be real.


Aug 02, 2006
lympicita in Home Cooking

What Beer to go with Chinese food?


A Chinese restaurant close to me (Dublin) serves "Snow beer". Yum, it's light, fruity and clean. By light, I mean that there isn't an overpowering hoppy flavour. It's also slightly sweet, not sugary sweet, it just doesn't have that bitterness that beer generally has.

I'm not a beer fan and this is one of the few beers that i will drink by choice.


Aug 02, 2006
lympicita in Beer