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Traditional German/Austrian/Teutonic-type Cafe

I am trying to find the above style of cafe somewhere within a short drive of Baltimore, i.e., max. 1 hour. It should have older-style fittings, a caseful of beautiful cakes, coffee selections limited to coffee, cappuccino and maybe "American," plus a tea or two. No TVs, no vulgar paper cups with or without dome lids, no City Paper, no diseased podium where you have to fetch your own sugar and milk, only well-behaved children, and newspapers in long wooden clamps. I need this both for a movie location and my own well-being. It used to exist directly across the street from me (The Edelweiss Cafe) so there is hope. Thanks.

Developments in Hamilton

I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the East Perry (?) Carry Out in the old and much-missed Edelweiss Bakery, and the Nifty Fifties Diner, where work was steaming long and then seemed to stall.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Doesn't surprise me: it never even looked particularly open when it was open. The staff didn't seem to care a whole lot, and the owner spent the last time we were in there complaining about the baker/dessert maker leaving him in the lurch. We didn't go back after that -- we do our best to support local places, but sometimes they don't warrant the support.

Lauraville House

Well, I'm afraid that after the build up, the trip to Lauraville House came to nothing. We went in, and the ambience is still very much Keno/barfly, with Riviera Beach wedding reception furnishings and decor. We didn't stay -- part of me is ashamed about that. The new owner is, apparently adding some Peruvian dishes to the menu, and the aromas were certainly more alluring than the normal bar fare, but we couldn't bring ourselves to try it and went to the Hamilton Tavern again. Maybe we've been spoiled, but good luck to them.
The diner across the street from Hamilton Tavern is taking shape: the interior looks like fun, and it should be a good addition.

Hamilton-Alabama BBQ v. Big Bad Wolf

That's Harford Rd., not Hartford. I give the nod to BBW. Alabama has some great food, but the service is lackadaisical and the owner gives the impression that he'd rather be anywhere else. Also, they do not advertise beyond a couple of tiny chalkboard signs which, in this town is suicide.

Lauraville House

The Hamilton Tavern is stellar. We're heading to the Lauraville House tonight as the next trip on our tour of the new Harford Road eating places. From driving by it looks like there might be problems parking, and the strange signage leaves us a bit concerned, but you can't knock it until you try it.

The Parkside and any updates on Hamilton Tavern?

Agree with you there: it's definitely our new local. Had a couple of good brews, a delicious burger and a fun twist on the soft crab - in a tortilla with avocado. The homemade crisps/chips were a bit tough going, maybe need a tweak or perhaps the additional option of pub fries or something like that. Parking's also a bit ambiguous, but we're close enough to walk. Great, great new addition - well done. Hamilton may soon be on its way.

Clementine - Hamilton

The Harford Road corridor has needed something for a very, very long time to reverse what has looked like a steady decline, with the growth of hair braiding stores, shop window churches, shady looking novelty shops and other indicators of blight, including the closing of the last real shop of any value, Coopers Camera Mart. There has been a sudden rush of appealing new eating places which we're trying one-by-one. We went to Clementine two weeks ago for the first time. We had some concerns, brought on by 2 words, not the pretentious "Charcuterie" and "Comestibles" which have a ring to them, but "Kid Friendly," which generally open the door for all kinds of horrors. We had a brief wait before choosing to sit at the bar. The waitress was terse and hopelessly snotty, and it took a while for us to get our food due to a detour to the farthest point in the room, but it did arrive. I had the Baltimore strip, which itself looked good although the presentation was messy. My wife's fish and crabmeat dish was also a bit thrown-together, but she had nothing but good things to say about it. My steak was well cooked, tasty, but very gristly and half went to waste. One thing about Clementine which you will either love or hate, depending on whether or not you see it as a sign of "liveliness," "bustling" or "popular," the din is incredible. If you want to indulge in conversation, you're better off standing at the bus stop outside, saying what you want to say and then going back inside. It's grim, but as a previous poster said, there are plans to expand, so that might work. In the meantime, we'll probably go back, maybe during the week and leaving the steaks to the steakhouses. Still, it's a good addition to Harford Rd., and the owners should be congratulated and supported.