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So it is the Skotidakis yogurt and they have the large tubs and also the smaller tubs with the honey and the fruit on the side. I just had some for dinner and it is delicious. I love it. Glad that I was able to bring some of you some Chow-happiness!


It has been a mystery of mine that I have not been able to find greek yoghurt in Toronto, and I know from the many postings here that I am not the only one. So, yesterday I was at my favourite local food store and there it was. They have it at SUMMERHILL MARKET in Rosedale. They have both the regular in the tub and then the individual servings with the side of random fruit preserve.

They are located at 446 Summerhill Market. They have awesome foods, are quite expensive, but if you are looking for Greek Yoghurt, or quite frankly other specialty foods. They tend to have everything.


Summerhill Market
446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

Tofu Noodles

thanks. that is perfect!

Tofu Noodles


I'm looking for Tofu Noodles in Toronto. I know that a brank House Foods makes them in the states, where I have bought them before

but I have never seen them here. Any one know where I can get them or other ones that are similar.

Your help would be greatly appreciated,


Where to go for a stagette?

5 Doors North on Yonge south of Eglinton on the West side. Set menu served family style and it is delicious. If you call and speak to Jamie he will set up a menu for you that works and is in your price range. I like doing a lot of my stagettes and birthday dinners there as everyone knows what they are getting themselves into, it is well priced ($37 for a huge 5 course dinner), it is yummy, the additional costs are alcohol, it is on the subway line, it is not a bar, but is still so fun. depending on the size of the group there is a larger privatish group in the back that you can use and decoarate if you want. It is really worth it. I highly reccommend it. We are going there for a 35th birthday party dinner for a girlfriend with 20 people in January. I can't wait!!!


Sufganyot (Jelly Doughnuts)

Isaac's is fabulous and so is United Dairy at Bathurst and Lawrence. There's are delicious!!!

breakfast, St. Clair and Yonge or West. Help!

I really like Abbot on the HIll. South of St. .Clair on the west side of yonge, south of Farnham. The food is amazing and the staff are super nice and laid back.

Well worth the walk.


Nota Bene - Amazing experience yet again - review + pics

Ate there again on Wednesday and it was delicious. I had the Crispy Duck Salad and the Short Ribs. It was fantastic. Yet again they did a great job. We'll worth a visit.

Great people watching too!

pretty harborfront restaurant?

the pearl restaurant is my go to whenever i have people in from out of town. it is great. they have awesome dim sum. it also has such a good view.

Restaurant for a Birthday Dinner

i hadn't thought about Quice. Good suggestion. We are thinking of Five Doors North, family style dining, fixed menu, fun atmosphere. I am going to call Quince and see what they can do.

Restaurant for a Birthday Dinner

I'm organizing a 35th birthday party for a good girlfriend, there will be 30-40 people there and I would like something that is fun and not uber expensive. Midtown Toronto would be perfect. We would like everyone to pay there own bill, but it not to be a huge ordeal. Good Food, Lots of drinks and a fun atmosphere are a must. Any ideas????

Brunch with a toddler

The Drake on Queen Street at Dovercourt always has little ones around and it is casual enough tthat it doesn't matter. It seems that the staff are helpful and ok with it.

Toronto's Best Mac and Cheese?

Amazing Mac and Cheese at Bymark. I think that it has lobster in it. Soooooo good.

What is your favourite upscale Saturday lunch location?

I love the Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons for its old school loveliness. The people that eat there are the who's who of Toronto and you usually see the same people there every Saturday. Have been going there since I was a baby and love it. total old school and lovely

I also love stoping at the Holt's Cafe if you are on Bloor shopping and feel like pretending that you are pretentious and fabulous.

also, although i am not a fan, Sasafraz does a lunch that lots of peole rave a bout in Yorkville

Lobster Roll's

they make an amazing lobster mac and cheese at the bimark bar on Wellington in downtown Toronto. It is so yummy. Expensive, but yummy.....