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Times Square dinner for 40 recommendations.

A place that is large enough and good for the kids maybe Guys American Kitchen in Times Square while the food may not be 5 star the place may fit

Feb 05, 2014
JohnCee in Manhattan

CHOPT Snow Special

I have been told that CHOPT has a deal when it snows what is it exactly and do all locations have it
I work in financial district

Feb 05, 2014
JohnCee in Manhattan

Peconic Bay Scallops

Looking for a place in NYC that sells them
I have not had them yet this year
I know someone who bought them on the North fork for $22.00 per pound
Has anybody had them yet

Dec 01, 2008
JohnCee in Manhattan

East Village Restrauant

I went to a place on 3rd street and ave B a couple of years ago I believe it was called 3 BBB's I was in the area and it appears to be gone any idea what happened

Sep 16, 2008
JohnCee in Manhattan