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Wedding in Austin

Thank you everyone!! I did hit up the bridal extravaganza, wow, I got a lot of good contacts but that place was scary :)

Jan 14, 2010
reillygrrl in Austin

Wedding in Austin


I was hoping you all would have some great suggestions for wedding caterers in Austin and cake bakers in Austin. We want to have a really fun, southern comfort food theme...think mac and cheese and lots of other wild things. If anyone has any good caterer recs. or if anyone has also done fun southern comfort items at the wedding we are totally open to any fun suggestions. I know we are going to have Amy's ice cream, beyond that we are still in the planning stages!
Thanks much fellow foodies

Dec 29, 2009
reillygrrl in Austin

Top Ten in Dallas?

Great choices btw.

Arriving in Dallas this Friday for business and this is our first time visiting....

If you don't mind going off the beaten path a bit, the Bishop Arts District has two really great southern comfort food type restaurants, Hatties and Tillman's Roadhouse are two of my favorites! Hattie's has an amazing brunch menu also. Tillman's Roadhouse has this really fantastic Smores Dessert Platter that is old school and fun for a group. If you go to Tillman's I recommend calling for reservations ahead of time.

In Central Dallas, for a laid back evening with wine I love RISE. It is a super cute place off of Lovers Lane that specializes in souffles. Great atmosphere and people. Across the street from RISE, but much fancier and $ in Bijoux, the food here is great but dressier and pricier.

If you want Mexican I really like Mia's and Avila's, but people will probably debate me on my Mexican selections! Have fun in Dallas.

Engagement Party Ideas Needed

Thanks to everyone that gave suggestions! We ended up having the party at La Duni, it worked out fabulously and everyone had a great time...and about 10 mojitos each!

Dallas, Dinner for 8, Restaurant Recs

Help. I am having a dinner party for 8 on Sunday, I had onbe last weekend and spent all weekend cooking. This weekend I just want to find a good restaurant I can pick something family style up from, does anyone have any good suggestions in or around the DFW area that is not ridiculously priced? I was thinking maybe 2 Sisters Catering but I have never eaten their food before....Help!

Puerto Vallarta - how are my picks?

Has anyone heard of Las Almendritas? A friend told me it was phenomenal, but I have been unable to find anything on it. I am wondering if it has closed, or changed names?

Aug 31, 2009
reillygrrl in Mexico

Engagement Party Ideas Needed


My fiance and I are looking to have an engagement party in Dallas in November, on a weekday night if we have to. We are thinking drinks and appetizers, no full meals. And we would expect between 40-50 people, not all at the same time. We loved Tillman's, but we have too many people for them to accommodate. But we like that type of restaurant, fun and different, nice but not too stuffy. We don't want to have it at any chain type restaurants (Maggianos is out). We would love ANY suggestions you all might have!!

Thank you so much!

[Dallas] Restaurant Week Reviews

So far we have eaten at Salum and Al Biernat's. Salum was fantastic, the service was outstanding. We were in a group of six and not one of us had a bad meal. Really you cannot go wrong with any of their main course options, and dessert is a sampler platter that is outstanding.
Al Biernat's was more disappointing, the menu was a bit boring, and although the waiters were fabulous...the food was blah.
Consequently, I am glad the person above had a great time at Lavendou. My fiance and I recently went for the first time, and our waiter was horrendous. Seriously, it wasn't even restaurant week, and it was clear he hated his job and us. He took our order, and then we flagged him down once for drinks, which seemed to really annoy him. We will go back because the food was great, but by no means will we ever have him as a waiter again.

Weekend in Toronto

Thank you so much everyone!! I have marked my map, I will probably gain like 20 pounds this weekend but it should be fun! I am going to be attending meetings in Oakville all day Saturday but in my free time I will head into the city!
Thanks again!

Weekend in Toronto

Hi I am looking for recommendations for good restaurants in Toronto. I will be there on business, I eat anything, it doesn't have to be fancy, just top 5 picks from Toronto locals. I will have a car so I am not limited to a specific area, I am coming from Texas so no Mexican recommendations needed :) Thanks much, it will be my first time in Canada!

DFW - Chocolate Cake? Petit Fours?

I second the praise for The Society Bakery, but I would also like to add in Dallas Affaires Cake Company on Abrams.

Peruvian Seeking Authentic Peruvian Cuisine in DFW

Thank you everyone, I have quite a list to try!!!!

Peruvian Seeking Authentic Peruvian Cuisine in DFW

I am searching for an authentic, not fusion, Peruvian restaurant to take my Peruvian mother to in DFW area. I will settle for any authentic South American cuisine at this point, I tried one restaurant that claimed to be Peruvian but is was more Mexican spiced than anything else. We also love Argentinian or Colombian food, I am open to any recommendations, thanks tons!

Dallas - Salad?

I like Greenz on McKinney avenue, Snappy Salads on Preston and Forrest, and Ziziki's Salads.

Weekend in Dallas - what to eat?

Thanks for the thumbs up it was my first post. I have only been to steel once and it was a weeknight and pretty empty so I will have to remember to definitely avoid busy nights, ugh the description you gave reminds me of dragonfly at za za, thanks for the tip!

Weekend in Dallas - what to eat?

If you plan on being in central Dallas...
For a romantic meal, I would recommend The Grape on Greenville Avenue or York Street (call ahead for reservations)
For a fantastic Asian Fusion restaurant I recommend Steel
Great Breakfast for not a lot of money try Original Pancake House (chain but delish) or the Garden Cafe
Fun drinks (beer ice cream float) with a great view of downtown dallas go to the Belmont Hotel, or Barcadia is a fun bar with 80s arcade games, or the Gingerman has a great beer selection with a nice patio
Good Tex Mex: Mia's, they have great brisket tacos
Mac and Cheese: the Porch or Hibiscus