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Sushi in the Annex

Weird, maybe an isolated incident? I go quite often and have been since they've opened and I always find them to be pretty consistent.

Imanishi Japanese Kitchen (Pop-up @ Churchill on Dundas)

Food's great!

They're all Kingyo guys doing their own solo pop up thing.

Go early cause it gets rammed and they sell out pretty quick. By early I mean be there before they open or very shortly after.

What is the worst item you bought at the LCBO in 2014?

Stagg Jr. Worst bourbon.

Sushi in the Annex

By far the best on that strip is Sushi Couture.

Agree that Yasu would be your best bet but more expensive than the rest.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

But that New York water tho.

Patois - Who's been?

You role PROPER.

I'm also so glad you didn't go to Sylvia's cause eff that place.

Patois - Who's been?

Wait, wait, belong to a soul food group???

This is genius of course, but how does one sustain a soul food group in Toronto? I refuse to believe you're eating at basically only Harlem all the time.


Patois - Who's been?

Yeah, that sauce is great right?

Advice for upcoming visit: Portuguese, local Ontario fare, tasting menus, etc. - research done

Still good. Pretty consistent there. It's definitely a staple for me. Still get's busy on weekends so I would reserve.

Patois - Who's been?

Those are all great picks for sure!

Patois - Who's been?

Yeah for sure re: Momofuku. The perfect blend of happy accidents and finesse.

Hmmmm, I'll have to go back to oddseoul sober to reassess. Bahahahahaha hahahahahahaha, who am I kidding. Never going to happen.

Patois - Who's been?

You may find that this one gets buried in wit and reference as well. Although the reference is all from the chef inward as opposed to outward food or pop culture references.

I see where you're coming from but come on. You've never been wasted and smashed the chicken adobo bao? Hits the spot.

I tend to treat Oddseoul as separate from K-Town. Two totally different things, both of which I appreciate. I can't get Ja Jyung Myun at OS and I can't get a Loosey in K-Town.

I may have to disagree with you about Momofuku, slightly. For example, how the Brussel Sprouts came into being had less to do with precision and more to do with humour execution wise. A happy accident if you will.

I mean, if you don't like it, don't hold me accountable. Different tastes and all that, but I always like to hear what a diner with a point of view has to say about a chef with a point of view so by all means, report back. Just keep in mind that my reference point may be different from yours.

Patois - Who's been?

I've been 3 times since they've opened like a fat slob.

The food is great and I really enjoy his reference points/sense of humour. Other's may not, and I can't speak for everyone but Patois definitely hits a soft spot in my heart/lower intestine.

I would sort of lump it in with other second and third generation asian kid's restaurant's, that grew up in Scarborough, or NYC for that matter and listened to rap and grew up cooking with their parents etc.

Places like Baohaus, Oddseoul, Chantecler, and even Momofuku to a certain degree all have a certain self awareness and wit at play although the food obviously differs from place to place.

Everything I've had there was good and I've had everything except for his take on the double down. I'm saving that for a day in which I feel especially sorry for myself.

My favourites have been the fried chicken and the Spaghetti Vongole which like steak tartare, I will automatically try at whichever restaurant I'm in. The dirty fried rice is also really great as is the Ackee and Salt Fish. Really liked the Waldorf salad and the burger as well which is a griddle style burger served in a pineapple bun. The one thing that I felt didn't stand up to the rest of the food was the Jerk Chicken. It wasn't bad at all but I just didn't enjoy it as much as the rest of the slop.

The skateboard wheel/truck lazy susan is hilarious.

It's a comfortable space which, like the food has it's own sense of wit about it. The family table is great. I would reserve that if possible.

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

You balled out son.

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

Yeah, you definitely can't go wrong with the Rock Hill. The ABV is higher than the Elmer, or Blantons, which is always sweet. (if you're like me and like a good kick)

I'll have to try it in an old fashioned. My go to Bourbon is usually Sazerac and when I can't get that then Alberta Dark Horse usually does the trick.

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

Yeah! It's good stuff. Very balanced and sort of what one may look for in a typical bourbon. Probably a good introductory bourbon for someone who has never tried bourbon before. (As is the weller 12)

I don't think I would buy it though. It's pretty expensive and I already have bottles of elmer t. lee, and blantons gold, both of which have the same mash bill. I think I'd even go for the elmer over the rock hill at half the price.

Where to Eat for Visiting Pescetarian NYers

They actually started closing super late on weekends. Like 1-2am or so I think. The chefs told me that they're going to start making the weekends more of an event with late hours for chefs/club goers and a Dj. This is all good news to me. Bokit after a heavy night of drinking. Thumbs up.

Where to Eat for Visiting Pescetarian NYers

Hard to say, as it's finely chopped and mixed with the calaloo. There are no off flavours and it's not over salted so that's a good indicator. I would have to see a whole fish to give you a better assessment.

Where to Eat for Visiting Pescetarian NYers

Also, incredible plantain there. I usually get the salt fish and calaloo plate.

Where to Eat for Visiting Pescetarian NYers

There's a spot in Kensington market called Le Ti Colibri. It's a French Caribbean spot that's super pescaterian friendly. It's also one of those places you'd call sort of unique to Toronto. They do bokit there which is like a festival (the fried dough, not an actual festival) sandwich. Their plates are also really great. Chill back patio which is good too.

LCBO Vintages July 19 release notes

Also for anyone with a taste for bourbon, the weller 12 was just released. In super high demand in the US and going through a small shortage for the last little while there. Great stuff!

Best 'cook-yourself' Korean B-B-Q place along the Yonge stretch?!

Sariwon for me. I also like Mot Na Son if I'm in the mood for pork belly bbq. (Everything at mot na son is amazing though)

Don't know if there are any new places that are better than the aforementioned places. Maybe someone else can chime in because I don't usually deviate from the above.

Good Mochi in Toronto?

Did you go in last Wednesday? They only usually do strawberry mochi on the weekends but had it last week randomly on the Wednesday.

I love their Blueberry Mochi but find them to be a little too sweet overall.

We don't have anything in Toronto that's comparable but only because we don't have a dedicated store front that serves home made mochi. Benkyodo quality mochi wouldn't be hard to replicate at home. I find them to be kind of a rustic Japanese American take on mochi. Sort of unrefined. (but not as unrefined as two ladies kitchen in Hilo)

At japanese festivals at the JCCC sometimes people sell homemade mochi which is similar to Benkyodo but I've never seen strawberry.

Again, probably best to do it yourself. It's super simple.

Sushi - Kaji plus....

Yasu looks really good. I haven't been yet but have heard from friends that it's great. For those that don't know it's yasu from nigiri ya in leaside and I think Masuda San from Mikado works there as well. The fish on their FB page looks nice. I'm super curious and most likely going to hit it soon.

Jajangmyeon - downtown

Korean village on bloor has Gan Ja Jang Myun that's pretty good. They'll also give you Takuan pickles with it.

Sri Lanka tastes in Toronto

Bread master Bakery behind malvern mall next to cut creator is amazing. They are part bakery and part restaurant. I try to get there at 10am or so when they're bringing out fresh vidai and string hopper. The kottu roti is probably my favorite now that New Devi is no longer around.

Food at VIP theaters

All I know, is that it's all about getting them to huck the nacho cheese on your hotdog.

ISO Great Tonkatsu

Kingyo does a great tonkatsu but it's not available all the time. Special menu.

Best Babka?

I would eat a boot if it was covered in cinnamon so that rugelach is going to get it.

Best Babka?

Are you sitting down?

Another Babka.