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Big Weekend Away

Hi Montreal CHers,

It has been over 10 years since I last visited Montreal. My husband and I will be staying at Hotel Opus, downtown on Sherbrooke.

We are looking for fun, lively, sexy and eclectic. ( First big weekend away from the kid in 2 years--yoohoo! ) We are both in our early thirties, so nothing too young, please!

We have received recommendations for Joe Beef, Au Pied Du Cochon, Garde Manger and Le Quartier General. These restos all look great - but which one is most fitting?

I've researched the board for other ideas, I read about DNA on one of the threads - any thoughts?

Budget is somewhere around $100 per person.

Would love to hear from you all - Thanks in Advance!

Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

Le Quartier
1001 Sq Victoria, Montreal, QC H2Z2A8, CA

Smoked Meat Curing / Seasoning Spices


Can anyone recommend a place in Toronto (downtown preferably) where I can buy curing spices or a kit that I can use for smoking my own meat? I have a fancy new smoker and want to use it!


Red Velvet Cake?

I've tried a lot of Red Velvet cakes throughout TO and the 2 best I've sampled so far are:

Bake Dessert Co., which are located north of the city carries their awesome version at Pusateri's on occasion, but you can also special order it from them and pick it up at either Pusateri's.

I also love the Red Velvet cake found at Phipps Bakery on Eglinton/Avenue Rd.

Need a Caterer in Toronto

For basic needs that you describe, not crazy fancy food, I reccommend Rose Riesman Catering for good, hearty, straight forward, reasonable...very pleasantly unexpected because when I think of Rose Riesman, I think of the Pickle Barrel. And, in regards to overall service, they are great...having dealt with most of TO's caterers, I can say that service/attitudes in general need big improvements...I have done 8 corporate events with RR this year and all of them went super smooth.

mini cupcakes and fried chicken

Dear CHers

Thank you so much for all your help.

Harlem is very accomodating and nice; they are just starting to do catering and were very happy to help.

Cupcakes on short notice wasn't possible for any bakeries suggested; most thought I was out of my mind for not giving them at least one week's notice. I ended up ordering from a catering company who outsources their baking...I hope they are good...


mini cupcakes and fried chicken

I work for a high maintenance entertainment group and we get lots of interesting requests to accomodate different artists.

This morning, I received a last minute request for tomorrow night:

1. 400 mini cupcakes

2.GOOD fried chicken that can be picked up or delivered

I am having a hard time finding a bakery to accomodate the request for cupcakes, any advice would be super appreciated.

I am not sure who does good, fried chicken in the city. ANY suggestions are also super appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!


Snack bars

What about Hastings Snack Bar on the corner of Queen East/Hastings?
(one block East of Leslie st.)

I personally haven't eaten there due to their limited hours--but I have walked by nearly every morning-- there seems to be a regular,local crowd.

Homeway - horrendous

We had a similar experience of decline at the Homeway-too bad because it used to be quite pleasant and enjoyable.

And, as far as being busy for brunch or any meal, any decent establishment should be able to function at both busy and slower times.

My husband and I are still in search of the ideal brunch spot...