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Chili (cheese fries) in South Bay

Really? Hmm... I just tried it again - searching for "chili cheese fries" gives me 4 hits with no relevant results. What am I doing wrong? I don't get 2 pages.

Chili (cheese fries) in South Bay

I have a problem. I love chili and the subsequent chili cheese fries. When I search this board for "chili" I get an enormous amount of random discussion about jalapenos and sriacha.

Does anybody know of a place that has an amazing chili (maybe even chili cheese fries) around Cupertino? I'll drive!

For reference, I think my favorite chili I recently had was the chili from Jimtown Store in Healdsburg.

Quieting the Monkeys in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Redwood City)

Since it seems like we're going for some honest and frank, I feel that if you are from Southern California you can probably skip La Azteca. Its just not a great idea to dwell on Mexican food up here - I'm recently transplanted from San Diego and what's billed as Mexican up here is subtly different in offering. It tastes a bit muted to me, and being a princess I can't get around its not like what *I* want and miss in San Diego.

That said, I've been there 20+ times as its close to my work and people there love it. Love it.

The closest to my Mexican I can find is actually Chavez Supermarket. I do carne asada and lengua before carnitas, but the carne asada burrito with no beans and no rice comes out as meat, guacamole, and hot sauce (pico de gallo if you must) - which is what a carne asada burrito should be.

Chavez Supermarket & Taqueria
46 5th Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063

Average Grocery Bill-for 2

Just wanted to say thanks for this thread, its given me a great idea of what's realistic. I'm sad to say we got in an eating-out habit that came in at close to 2k per month for food for two of us, which just isn't sustainable. Hooray for realistic goals!

Jan 14, 2009
Anfhann in Not About Food

Cupertino - suggestions please?

There is a great write-up about Zeni by Katya, I love that place:

Do You Give Brewpubs a Pass On Their Food?

Stone World Bistro is rather fantastic. I have to say their menu is kind of hit-or-miss, I really enjoyed 2 out of 4 meals I tasted there. But every beer is great, so that helps.

Jan 07, 2009
Anfhann in Beer

SAN DIEGO- Where's the BEST Carne Asada Burrito?

The taco shop is actually called Rudy's. Its located on Stevens Ave, just past Academy drive. Their actual address is 524 Stevens Ave.

I did the great CAB hunt in San Diego over the course of 15 years and that's my vote: Rudy's!

Dec 26, 2008
Anfhann in San Diego

Favorite drink with a steak

I'm a burgeoning eater, and as I've found new tastes I've changed (in good ways, I promise). Recently I've been exploring liquor, and I've found many drinks and wines and beers that are so good.

As I find quality wines and sort out my favorite drinks (I'm on a Sidecar kick at the moment), I keep finding different things that I like to cut the fat of a nice steak. I'm trying sous vide steak tonight, and can't decide on what to drink.

Made me wonder, what do you all like to drink with a steak?

Dec 07, 2008
Anfhann in General Topics

Sprinkles Cupcakes in Palo Alto

Kara's Cupcakes just opened in Town and Country, Sprinkles will be at the Stanford Shopping center.