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Area Butcher Revisited

I've had good luck at the Organic Butcher in McLean. I'd call ahead though. And recently, my faith in Wagshals is renewed (and if you go at lunchtime, they've got a really good turkey burger).

New Year's Eve in Charlottesville or Annapolis

There are two wonderful getaway places near Charlottesville (but not in town).

The 1804 Inn is on the property of Barboursville Vineyards. Suites with antiques and views of the ruins there. It's small and intimate. The restaurant on-site, Palladio is outstanding. C'ville is about 20 minutes further south.

Keswick is another option. Big roaring fires in the lobby fireplaces, and very good food at their Fossett's restaurant. It's nearer Monticello. Feels like staying in an English country manor.

If you want to stay in town, I would go for 200 South Street Inn. Not nearly as luxurious as the other 2, but puts you right at the downtown mall (an outdoor pedestrian mall, with concert venue and ice skating rink). If you are there, then there are several fantastic restaurants that are walkable. My all time favorite is the C&O restaurant.

Where are the Region's Best BBQ Ribs?

BBQ lovers, I hate to say I wouldn't take a long drive to get some great ribs, but if I wanted to stay close to home (DC), where is my best bet? Anything decent in town, or immediate burbs?


I've had their tuna tartare which was a solid asian version. They have a raw "platter" that is spectacular - over a $100 and 3 tiers of seafood on ice. I've also had the chopped salad which is nicely done. The main reason to go is the gratis (is it still free?) starter of popovers and chicken liver pate. True, not exactly healthy, but there's no resisting.

Greek in DC

It's not in the vicinity, but nothing in DC is that far. Mourayo on Connecticut Ave near Dupont Circle is lovely. It's low-key and I had wonderful anchovies and haloumi last time I was in. I even tried the Greek wine, and it was surprisingly good.

Fedex Field Redskins anything to eat?

Update: went to the game last week. As our tickets are not on Club level, I roamed the main level. Best bet I could find was the Johnny Rockets. The onion rings were crispy, and my son's vanilla shake was thick and huge. It's not great, but it's better than the generic dog and pizzas. The other item of note was the kiosks - some selling vitamin water and Ben and Jerry's. Buyer beware, I needed an extra cup to split a water between my children and was charged $5 for it. Explanation: have to account for the cups, "it's an inventory thing". Bring your own small cup if you want to split a drink!

Heritage Turkey for Thanksgiving

Could you explain -- what is a "heritage" turkey? Thanks!

HELP Italian in the district

I am a fan of Tosca, but for something different, check out D'Acqua. I loved everything I had there a few weeks ago - especially the whole fish baked in rock salt.

Fedex Field Redskins anything to eat?

okay, given there's not many options, what are the best bets INSIDE the field?

best reuben around?

a good Rueben is not an embarrassment, it's a necessity. I vote for 2: Loeb's on 15th, where you can get a mix of corned beef and pastrami (when you ask, they might give you hell, but it's good-natured hell). And... surprisingly: Jetties on Foxhall Road. Rye bread, nice slaw, buttery meat.

Places near the Jammin' Java on Maple in Vienna

I'm with molecularfoodie712, the food at Jammin' is pretty darn good. the chili in particular is a cut above. If you are determined to eat in Vienna, then I would point your car to Amma Vegetarian on East Maple. Inventive, you won't miss the meat and cheap. The WaPost doesn't like the georgetown branch. okay, it's georgetown. In Vienna, Virginia, yummy south indian seems fun.

Hook Lately

Hook’s food seems in top shape – all the fish I saw or sampled (dinner with 8 others) was beautiful. The presentation is interesting, and artful – a lot of like Citronelle. The dining room has not lost any luster, and the house signature cocktail really is a revelation (champagne with elderberry juice and a piece of candied ginger).

My only criticism was our server. Perhaps seeing 8 women clouded his judgment. Just a few of my favorite moments: “you’re going to order 2 salads?”, another where the pricier sauvignon blanc was brought out (after I said my budget was no more than $50 a bottle). “Oh, we ran out of the other one”. Um, why is it still on the menu then? And, is $68 that “close” to $48?. But, I think this is not something to judge the restaurant on. It’s hard to handle 8 opinionated people all at once.

Elyssa, the menu you link to on their site is very close to current. The selection of crudo is still there – ours had oysters and the kampachi. The burrata and the beets were on our menu, and several of the fish are the same. There was only one pasta on our night, and I think as usual, only one non-fish dish was listed (a hanger steak).

I say its a go, there's just the possibility you'll have to manage your server.

Double Marshmallow Puffed Rice Treats

I love the colored marshmallows idea, and it reminds me that you can color/flavor the whole treat by mixing in a jello. Just pour in the dry jello mix when melting the marshmallows. I made orange last year for Halloween and the kids thought it was cool.

Oct 01, 2008
DC_Convert in Recipes

Let's Talk Trader Joes

I just tried a new entree: Chicken Feta burgers. I just pan-fried it to heat it through and served it on a bun. It was downright delicious. It made me realize that just I might be missing some other good TJ's dish, as I tend to stay in a rut. Anybody else got a TJ's dinner item that they really love?

Sep 24, 2008
DC_Convert in Chains

Visiting DC -- Need a week's worth of recommendations

If you are in Dupont, try Komi. A reservation well in advance, is a must though.
I find Dupont a bit of a culinary wasteland, but other DC hounds may have further advice. My favorite spots downtown-ish as of late are: D'Acqua (upscale Italian), Ceiba (South American influence), and if you are near the convention center, get yourself to Corduroy. Meticulously prepared food.

Hook Lately

I'm headed there next week on Thursday. Will report back.

Berger Cookies?

Surprisingly, one place to get them is the Italian Store in Arlington.

SOS--indian burnout

>>haven't been to heritage in awhile....whats the verdict? also which location is the best at this point....

I eat at both, and it just depends on what you are in the mood for. Glover Park has a more sedate feel, dishes are served traditionally. The one on Connecticut has a sexier atmosphere (enormous statue in back, kama sutra paintings in the loo). I also like their "small plates", sort of their nod to street food.

italian in d.c

Elyssa is right. I was in Rome this summer, there is nothing here in DC that will top what you have in Rome. That said, there are a few places that come close:

D'Acqua in downtown DC is my current favorite (chef is from Napoli). It is upper end (not trattoria style or price). The seafood is gorgeous, so perhaps that's a 2-for-1 for you.
if you want pizza that is a good approximation of Italian versions, 2 Amy's on Macomb is good (plus they have suppli)
My Roman friend always liked the food at Spezie, also downtown DC on L Street.
It depends on what kind of Italian food you are looking for - give us some more info and we can try to point in the right direction.

As to seafood, Blacksalt on Macarthur Blvd is excellent, though pricey. You will need a reservation. If you want to see big American restaurant in action, Oceanaire in downtown can be fun.

But I would eat American! (DC is blessed with lots of takes on American style food:
for a nice evening, try Vidalia, Acadiana or Olives

Tableside Fish De-Boning?

D'Acqua, downtown DC does a beautiful presentation. I had Orata and Rockfish this weekend, both were baked in salt and de-boned tableside. Served with olive oil, lemon and a simple arugula salad. lovely.

Fresh pasta in NO Va or DC?

I second the vote for Tosca, and have to add D'Acqua if you are downtown already.
For lower priced, Filomena in Georgetown has handmade pasta. Though the chef did tell me one time that not a single one of the women in the front window making it are Italian. Go figure.

Best butcher for pork

Two additional possibilities come to mind, though butchers here are getting harder and harder to find.
One is The Organic Butcher in McLean, the other is Wagschals on Mass Ave, upper NW DC.
In both cases, I'd call and pre-order if it's something special or unusual that you need.
Finally, you can check out Smith Family Farms in Virginia, though last time I asked (a couple of weeks ago), they told me their pigs weren't fat enough to butcher yet this fall.
If you find something that works out there, let us all know, it's a thin area for DC.


I went to The Commissary on Friday for lunch. It's lot like Tryst - laptops, lattes, and sofas. A bit dark inside, there's a nice low-key vibe, and some outdoor tables so you can watch the P Street/Whole Foods action across the street.
I had the serrano, arugula and olivada pizza. It had a thin crispy crust, and they hadn't heated the serrano, thank goodness, but oddly the grated gruyere on it was still raw. Sort of like grated parmesean on top after it's out of the oven. I didn't mind, though, and my companion said his burger was "pretty good". They've got an option to order a plate of veggie sides, like Cafe Deluxe, which I always like as an option. One other touch I appreciated: distilled water brought to table in a bottle - none of the "tap or bottled" business. Prices seem very reasonable to me.