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Lunch w/ the boss' wife in Seattle -- HELP!

I am on the "partner track" at my small consulting firm and have invited one partner (female) and our other partner's wife to join me for a "girl's lunch" in December. They are both fun women and this lunch is supposed to be about us getting to know one another better as I continue to progress within the firm. I want to impress them with a well-planned lunch with fabulous food and good service -- but don't want it to be stuffy, over rated, or over priced. Where can three women have a long, leisurely, yet business appropriate lunch in Seattle that is fun, tasty, and makes me look like a rock star??? It will be close to the holidays (December 23rd) so I need to get a reservation made soon. Help!

Nov 13, 2008
BeagleMama in Pacific Northwest

Seafood In Seattle

I adore the Flying Fish in Belltown ( It has great atmosphere and a diverse menu with plenty of seafood options. I love their Thai crab cakes and steamed clams for appetizers. The king salmon salad is also excellent. I've not had the cod fish & chips, but they look really good. One really cool thing about Flying Fish is that you can order their "platters" if you have a party of 3-4 or more. This is a great way to taste a variety of different seafood.

Sep 15, 2008
BeagleMama in Pacific Northwest