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What's good nearby Yorkdale mall?

About 5 or so minutes west on Wilson is Mastro's Italian - fantastic!

Best Fast-Food Fries?

IMO - Swiss Chalet!

Sep 19, 2008
JohnnyCake in Chains

Guilty Pleasures?

I'm glad someone mentioned Red Lobster - went there 2 weeks ago for the all-you-can-eat shrimp. I was like Homer SImpson! I won't tell you how many refills, cos, that would be just wrong. OTher pleasures:

-sour cream glazed Timbits (still warm, heavenly)
-deep fried panzos from a bakery around the corner - Commisso Bros and Racco - you won't find a better, more filling one for under $4 anywhere!
-zesty cheese doritos (reminds me of my youth)
-the onion rings at Dairy Freeze (St. Clair and Caledonia, just west of Old Weston Rd.) THe very best I have ever had
-I could eat tzatziki right from the tub, though i would never admit to doing so
-Swiss Chalet fries and sauce (beef fat makes all the difference)
-I used to love Jumbo burger (Dundas and St Clair area, if I recall)...haven't been in eons

Getting hungry...

Has anyone else ever tried Little Tony's?

Stone Oven, methinks...cheese is mozza, but GOOOOD mozza. Their sauce is just amazing...taken that these are merely opinions...

Best pizza in Toronto?

Little Tony's on Weston. Truly amazing!

Has anyone else ever tried Little Tony's?

Hi all,

Wanted to share a possibly little-known hidden gem called LITTLE TONY'S. It is probably the best pizza I have ever eaten. It is located on Weston Rd between Jane and Lawrence, and is the best tasting thin crest i have ever eaten. I recommend their Hawaiian, but their pepperoni is amazing, tastes like pepperoni shoulld, and their sauce is incredibly "tomato-y".

Anyone else ever tried it? Agree, disagree?

thanks, JC