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2 SF dinners

Both vegetarian/pescetarian friendly, relatively speedy, cheap-ish bc we have to get home to the babysitter. hipster crowds ok, good beer lists ideal.

1. near yerba buena center for the arts- but towards ballpark or towards the bay-- speed is essential

2. near mission bay/dogpatch/protero hill- birthday dinner that is squeezed by late work meetings and getting home to sitter

Best Bay Area bagels?

I like Tartine's loaves best so far, but it is inconvenient for us. I kinda hope that the merger with bluebottle will increase their distribution to east bay.

Best Bay Area bagels?

I think certain breads are day of breads only. But those dense German breads (in Germany) have much better shelf life. One of our gripes about bay area bread is that is only of the day of baking type and it is hard (?) impossible to find something more substantial. oddly enough, we did find these kinds of breads in Kansas City from Fervere.

Alliance Gasoline Mercado & Taqueria De Amigos (Pescadero) & New Leaf Community Market (HMB)

Has anybody been to Alliance Gasoline Mercado & Taqueria De Amigos recently? We had a great tacos there, um, nearly 8 years ago but will be in the area soon.


Meal Plans That Aren't Too Meal Plan-y

This is very helpful, thank you. I don't cook meat aside from occasional fish as DH is pescetarian which helps us get to the table quickly. I'm going to play with the idea of protein theme meals- Monday- Black Beans, Tuesday Eggs, etc or perhaps geographic ones... Monday - Asian, Tuesday- Latin American and see what happens.

May 10, 2015
relizabeth in Home Cooking

Meal Plans That Aren't Too Meal Plan-y

This is amazing; thank you!

May 10, 2015
relizabeth in Home Cooking

Meal Plans That Aren't Too Meal Plan-y

I'm trying to save on our grocery expenses and time is also a very precious commodity. I am considering a meal plan of sorts. Any advice? One of the things I like most about evening cooking is the creative problem solving of it all- I have 20 minutes to make something parent and toddler friendly that will create just enough leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.

May 02, 2015
relizabeth in Home Cooking

Tips to cut grocery bill

I'm not out for a bargain on Petrus! Our 1K includes: groceries/ booze/ household stuff- ie diapers/toilet paper/kitty litter, not lunches or meals out. My husband and toddler are BIG eaters. I don't buy snack foods; I bake things. We don't buy cereal; we make oatmeal every morning from bulk oats. We eat leftovers or homemade cheese sandwiches for lunch-- cheese from those costco aged cheddar blocks. We have very little fruit and veg waste bc we are big fruit and veg eaters. I am not fond of those expensive fake meats. When we cook fish it is mainly salmon burgers- from canned salmon- and aprox 1x every 2 mos fresh fish. We dont drink soda or juice. I make pasta sauce from canned tomatoes rather than buy it. We have store brand pb, not fancy nut butters.

Thank you for the reminders about the clean 15 and the soup pot! We do spend a pretty penny on my husband's fancy coffee beans and the craft beer we both enjoy. I think I could start baking bread again as the quality of the bread available to us is not equal to its price tag. (this is the one huge horrible shock of the bay area for us!). We currently stew frozen organic fruit as topping for our yogurt; I'll start looking for sad, marked down fruit to cook down if it is cheaper. I've also been looking for some gardening projects to do with the kiddo, so window box herbs would help kill 2 birds with one stone.

I don't have the time or energy to read circulars or cut coupons or do much shopping around. We basically do the costco run, and then pop into Berkeley Bowl a few times a week as it is near kiddo's daycare. I am guilty of going there while hungry, and have been known to deviate from my list. We have a TJ's around the corner from us, but only go there infrequently for foods. My husband is fond of their beer selection.

Maybe I need a protein or themed based meal plan? Something that allows for creativity, but creates some structure.

Apr 22, 2015
relizabeth in General Topics

Tips to cut grocery bill

we are a family of 3, and spend approx $1k on groceries a month. This includes booze and our CSA. I cook nearly entirely vegetarian. I buy organic local milk and eggs, and try to buy organic fruits & veg. We do a Costco shop every 3 or 4 weeks for staples. We live in the Bay Area for whatever it's worth. I'd like to cut our bill to $500 but recognize that maybe challenging. My husband and I work full time with commutes and have a toddler, so I rely on canned beans where I used to use dried.

i love the creative, problem solving side of cooking-- ie the wilting book choy needs to be used and the baby is screaming. So I am wary of having a meal plan.

Any advice?

Apr 20, 2015
relizabeth in General Topics

First time in HK! Recomendations, please!

I just got back and can't wait to return! My trip ended up being shorter than originally planned and was also crimped by some food poisoning. Most of our meals were not terribly chow-y, but had a great dinner at 121bc.

Uses for bonito and kelp after making dashi?

We tamed our feral cat using bonito, and only later realized that she would have been fine with chicken nuggets. I like shaved bonito as a garnish on various roasted veggies or tofu.

Mar 10, 2015
relizabeth in Home Cooking

First time in HK! Recomendations, please!

I'll be in HK for work for a week quite soon. I've never been to Asia before, and am very excited. I suspect many of our weeknight dinners are with the team at posh restaurants. But I get there several days before most others. I'm secretly a picky eater who prefers vegetarian food, but does like fish and pork and beef that are cooked down (stew) or ground up (sausage). I am not afraid of flavors. What would you recommend? I am embarrassingly fond of simple but with hipster clientel.

The Good Hop Bottle Shop - Oakland

Did you see kids there? Is there an outdoors?

Please help a new mom cook healthier! I need some inspiration

I was in your shoes a year ago, and had put on 70lbs w/ pregnancy (and have since lost it all!).

My advice:
Cook whole grains in the evening, the night before you plan on serving them.
Make wholesome soups (but dont feel guilty about using a healthy canned soup. We still go through a lot of Trader Joes vegetarian chili).
A fried egg on veggies on whole wheat toast is healthy and fast.
Have high protein snacks available- ie nuts or yogurt- to have after you've had an apple.

I, personally, did not cut down on my fat intake. I found that it helped fill me up so I was less likely to eat cupcakes/cookies/snickers/etc.

Also, I know some babies are sensitive to spicy foods and nursing. Not all are. I credit my toddler's currently chow-y palate on the fact that I ate a lot of spicy food while preg and nursing.

Feb 17, 2015
relizabeth in Home Cooking

Breakfast and Lunch suggestions for a group of women

From a purely aesthetic perspective, if you do an array of sandwiches, can you use different colored breads (white/ rye/ wheat) and slice them and arrange to resemble a patchwork quilt?

Feb 16, 2015
relizabeth in Home Cooking

en papillote

I'm trying to perfect my fish en papillote. I be recently made a cod (1in at 350 for 18min) and it was just overcooked and a salmon (1in at 450 for 18min) and it was perfect. I recognize I need an oven thermometer. once I have one, does anybody have a good resource for how long, how hot, which fish? I've been relying on a hodgepodge of recipes online & in books! thanks!

Feb 16, 2015
relizabeth in Home Cooking

lunch in Santa Cruz?

We had a very nice lunch at Lupulo. It is a beer place, but the menu is tapas and sandwiches. Casual atmosphere. Would return again when in SC.

Feb 15, 2015
relizabeth in California

Pleasant veg friendly dinner near Mikkeller bar [San Francisco]

This weekend marks several things to celebrate in our family...
1. a babysitter
2. our first double digit anniversary
3. see #1, an opportunity to go to Mikkellerbar
4. a great career opportunity for me

Looking for a pleasant dinner within 15 min walk from Mikkellerbar. Vegetarian (or pescetarian) friendly. I've looked at AQ and Verbena which look great, but maybe a tad precious for what I'm looking for.

Tamales East Bay

I drive past this nearly daily, and have meaning to ask chowhounds about it. So glad to hear it is held is such high esteem.

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer, Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

These are trends that are as pervasive in KS as here.

Helping a sweet tooth discover the Bay Area... (Oakland/ Berkeley/ SF)

My sister-in-law is visiting us shortly. It will be her first time in the Bay Area. She is a sweet tooth and I want to make sure we show her the yummiest in the Bay Area. We are recent transplants, so I'm eager to turn to you, chowhounds.

My list so far:
That bakery on Piedmont Ave
Those doughnuts in Temescal Alley
Doughnuts savant
Fat Apples

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer, Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

Yes and no here. We go to a lot of these places because we like beer, caffeine, and burgers. That said, I am wildly irritated by the bro'tastic-cargo-pocket-pork-centricness of some of the beer places and then the holier-than-thou-subwaytiled-alchemistiness of the 3rd wave coffee.

Dripless tea pot

I'm hunting for a dripless tea pot to buy as a gift. Any suggestions?

Dec 05, 2014
relizabeth in Cookware

Grappa made from figs?

Not grappa nor figs or even Italian, but I once had a sublime fig leaf liquor from Portugal. It was haunting and I have been unable to find it.

Affordable, vegan friendly restaurants in SF or East Bay area?

Here are 2 options near Lake Merrit in Oakland. They are both 'family friendly' and in our visits very tolerant of our shrieking toddler. That might not be what you are looking for, but we've enjoyed vegan food at both (and none of us are vegans).

Kitchen 388
We had dinner at Kitchen 388 last night. I didnt realize that dinners were meat free until reading over the menu; many dishes were vegan. We enjoyed it.

Neecha Thai
I really enjoyed the Kao Yum salad - a special.

Baby friendly craft beer East Bay/ SF

Looking for interesting places that take beer seriously, but will also allow a baby in late afternoons/ early evenings.

Bread- East Bay

So, we looking for good bread. Not of the white, french variety which seems easy to find but dark, chewy bread that will stay fresh for days- of the German variety. We've tried what Berkeley Bowl has to offer and have been underwhelmed. We've had decent luck at Fournee Bakery in Berkeley. Where else is good?

Oakland (Adam's Pt, Lakeshore) Birthday Dinner Rec?

I have a significant birthday coming up this week. My husband wants to take me out. We have just relocated to Oakland a few days ago. We have baby sitter lined up, so it will be the 2nd or 3rd time in a year of us going out without baby. Would love something in the neighborhood that we can walk to. Would like to spend less than $125 for two inc drinks and dessert. DH eats vegetarian and fish, so something that isnt meat centric would be best. Any recs? A relative suggested Camino, but this board has lackluster feelings towards it.

Oakland CSA rec

Recently relocated to Oakland and already missing our CSA. Any recs for a good one? Want organic (not necessarily certified) and doesn't need to be a delivery. Would love to join now, but could wait until spring.

Summer Lasagna Noodle Uses

We are moving in a month, and I'm trying to eat the cupboards clean. Apparently, I had a lasagna noodle binge for awhile there. Any summery, meat free uses for them?

Jul 23, 2014
relizabeth in Home Cooking