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Spiga (Central Ave Scarsdale)... did it close?

Maya and Spiga are (were) truely bad restaurants.

Large helpings do not compensate for really bad food

718 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Mykonos - Dobbs Ferry CLOSED?

Mykonos was not a good restaurant so I am not surprised that it is gone.

23 Cedar St, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Vega - Serving Guacamole

One of the features of a Mexican restaurant with upscale pretensions is the preparation and serving of guacamole at the table. This provides a little threater and inflates the check.

Vega a mexican restaurant in Hartsdale that opened with promise but has declined markedly lately serves tableside guacamole.

My wife and I onced ordered the guacamole and was annoyed to have it arrive after the the main course, although we tried to move it along.

I have observed the other diners have experienced the same lack of attention to timing.

Boo to Vega

Harvest on the Hudson - Do you like the awning?


My guess a tent is a better description which is not retractable. Yes the umbrellas are gone as they are not necessary in a tent.

The food is still good.


Belle Havana--Yonkers

Sorry to hear that Belle Havana is gone


Belle Havana
35 Main St, Yonkers, NY 10701

Harvest on the Hudson - Do you like the awning?

My wife and I like to dine outdoors during the weekend in the summer especially on the Hudson.

We arrived at Harvest-on-the-Hudson Friday night to find they had installed a tent-awning over the outdoor tables. Although this may be a good business decision to ensure the area is usable despite the weather, we feel many of the delights of outdoor dining such as the river-generated breezes, full line-of-sight, sound of the birds in the park, seeing the evening stars and reduced noise levels are all lost.

Also we feel it will get hot in the tent as the summer progresses so they will need to introduce fans.

All in all. it feels less pleasant to dine at Harvest so we will probably go there less frequently this summer.


Harvest On Hudson Restaurant
1 River St, Hastings On Hudson, NY 10706

Half Order of Pasta

My wife and I dined at Tarry Lodge for our wedding anniversay .

The food was outstanding and the service attentive.

With the lamb chops I felt I was back at my long-closed favorite Jason's in Eastchester

However, I am puzzled that I could not get a half order of pasta. What is the deal Mario!

A traditional italian meal would include antipasta, pasta, a main course and desert and expresso.

With the portions served today I cannot manage working through the menu.

Tarry Lodge
18 Mill St, Port Chester, NY 10573

Masseria in Scarsdale (formerly Bistro Citron & Backals)

It is not the location that is cursed. The location is excellen although it may be more difficult to fill the large spacet.

It was that the last two restaurants did not meet expectations and develop an identity.


New Frozen Yogurt Shop on Garth Rd. in Scarsdale

I tried Yogojoy in Harwood Court and found the yogurt contained fine ice crystals and was not creamy.

This is sign of cheap ingredients or too rapid freezing.

They need to do better for me to be regular customer.


Just had a terrible experience at Birdsall House in Peekskill -- wondering if others have had better experiences?

I had a good experience at Birdsall last Saturday night.

The food was excellent and the beer selection great.

If the sides are listed on the menu as extras you need to pay for them


What's up with the Tap House, another Chef let go.

I love their fish and chips. The ambiance is great in the bar area and the service is excellent.

The beer is more expensive because they serve some of the world's best beer on tap. A hand-crafted belgium beer should be compared to a singel malt whisky.

Event Restaurants

One of my grips is being seat adjacent to the table celebrating a birthday, anniversay, wedding rehearsal, etc and experiencing a lack of service, camera flashes, musical honour, etc. We scan the dinning room when being seated to avoid these tables but it is becoming more difficult to get a quiet table

My wife and I went to X20 to quietly celebrate our wedding anniversay and a fine meal was spoiled by a dinning room that was a circus.