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Which Sunday brunch would you choose for the food and ambiance/ view to celebrate a special occasion:
Severn Inn, Chart House or Harry Browne's

Severn Inn
1993 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., Annapolis, MD 21409

Harry Browne's
66 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401

Family friendly restaurant for Thanksgiving

Would appreciate recommendations for a nice, family friendly restaurant in DC for a traditional Thnaksgiving lunch.

Mini puff pastry shells?

will check safeway again. i found the larger size, but no the minis. thanks

Chocolate Chip Cookie at Patisserie Poupon

They had them at the Georgetown location recently. They were a huge hit with our family as well.

Mini puff pastry shells?

Does anyone know where in NWDC I can buy Pepperidge Farm MINI puff pastry shells? I live in georgetown...

Hello Cupcake

So we finally checked out HC yesterday and sad to so, were sorely disappointed. Maybe it just didn't live up to the all the hype. We were expecting something to rival Sprinkles, only prettier. The interior wasnicely done, but not wow. I liked that there was enough seating so my husband & I could have a cup of coffee and my son could have milk with the cupcakes. The staff was not consistent. The woman at the register was as pleasant as could be , but the woman taking the orders could not have been more annoyed by dealing with the costumers. She even rolled her eyes at one customer when he asked a question about the menu. If you eat your cupcakes in the store, they are served to you, not on plates, but on paper doilies. Very tricky when trying to carry more than one - and honestly, very lame. There are no plastic spoons for utensils, only forks & knives and they didn't have there own lable on the paper coffee cups, just some generic eco lable. Having gone to so much trouble, why not get every detail right? The cupcakes themselves were ok. The vanilla cake was quite good in flavor and texture, but noticed the abscence of vanilla beans. The chocolate coconut was good, but the flavor of the chocolate cake was not intense enough - more like mild milk chocolate. The dulc de leche cake which was dry & the frosting had only the faintest dulche de leche flavor. Overall another disappointing Washington cupcake experience. I just can't wait for Sprinkles to come to town.