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What's the difference between a crumpet and an English muffin?

I am a purist when it comes to eating crumpets and I like just butter, branching out into jam if I'm feeling a little crazy. I had quite a few problems making them myself actually but managed to crack it in the end so if it might be useful for anyone else here is the post on it.

Jan 24, 2010
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WANTED: Unusual London restaurant. Dead or alive.

I ate at Champor Champor recently and it was pretty bad to be honest. The noodle salad I had to start was ok, if a bit boring and the main was interesting, only because I had not eaten catfish before. The dessert however was so bad I actually couldn't eat it which is a rarity for me! It was some kind of cream cheese type affair, with basil in it, rock hard from the fridge and with jelly underneath. Seriously, it was gross. The service was also a bit all over the place but the most disturbing thing was how the manager treated the waiting staff, the way he spoke to them was really quite unpleasant and upset our whole party. The inside of the restaurant is different though, with ornate carvings and tables on a little mezzanine. I would recommend just looking at thepictures on the website though, don't eat there!

Feb 08, 2009
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Things only found in London

How bizarre! I am reading this sitting in the building that used to be the Kings on the Rye which maybe the pub you are referring to? It is now my flat! And I just wrote a blog post about British food too and I made some 'liquor'...

Sep 21, 2008
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Live crayfish - London

My fishmonger is East Dulwich often has them. It is called Moxons and is on Lordship Lane.

Sep 21, 2008
FoodStories in U.K./Ireland