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L'Entrecote style steak frites in LA?

I was reading a recent thread titled, "French restaurant with a great steak?" and now I can't stop thinking about a trip to Paris a couple of years back when we had the steak at Relais de l'EntrecĂ´te Saint Germain.

The restaurant only serves one dish - a steak frites in a mustardy creamy herby sauce. Apparently there are several restaurants operated by the same family that serve this dish. Is there anything close to it in LA?

Here's the wikipedia entry on the restaurant:'En...

Feb 19, 2009
jberc in Los Angeles Area

Mario's Peruvian - Loved it!! [pics]

Check out Balcones de Peru right up the street on Vine at Delongpre. Much better ambience than Mario's and they have beer and wine. Service is terribly slow though so be in a relaxed mood.

Also, the lomo saltado at Balcones is tender and juicy. We went to Mario's consistently for a couple of years and their lomo was always tough.

Feb 19, 2009
jberc in Los Angeles Area