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Pork Belly

check Smitty's buthcer shop. It is in fort lauderdale just off Federal on Florenada just north of Oakland park blvd

Asian grocery stores in Boca/Delray?

there is market in Boca Raton on federal between spanish river and Glades on the west side of federal highway, very clean oriental market, dnt kow the name

Seafood Market South Florida?

The Fish Peddler commercial just east of Federal

Help me find venison stew meat in Broward

Try Smitty's Butcher SHop in fort lauderdale its located on Floranada just north of oakland park blvd, off Federal

Best Sushi E. Fort Lauderdale?

Sushi Rock on Las Olas is always good.
China Grill has some great sushi also

Butcher in Dade/Broward??

Smitty's Butcher shop
1980 N.e. 45th street fort lauderdale(just north of Oakland prk blvd jst off federal hwy)
they have been in business for 50 years or so
very nice and helpful

New England-style Fried Clam Roll

You cant beat KELLY's LANDING!

Dec 25, 2008
chowmommy3 in Florida

Buying Gamebirds, Sweetbreads, etc.

Check out Smitty's butcher shop 954-771-9341 1980 n.e. 45th st. fort lauderdale. (Just off federal north of oakland park blvd) They most likely will have what you are looking for and if not they can probably help. This is a real butcher shop like we are used to up north

Nov 03, 2008
chowmommy3 in Florida

? good sushi and chinese food or vegetarian food in Boca?

Sushi Yama in the Garden Shops Pamletto & Powerline

3 Nights in Aventura---Dinner Suggestions?

Bourbon Steak
Chef Allen's, renovated with a revamped menu
Oishi Thai- good sushi for a good price
Fulvio's in hollywood, but I'd skip Lola's on Harrison

Restaurants that have been around forever

The Rustic Inn, since 1955

Oct 21, 2008
chowmommy3 in Florida

Best Meatballs around Boca?

V&S Deli on Federal Hghwy as some great meatballs

Lobster in Lauderdale

The Rustic Inn does a clam stuffed lobster.

Oct 12, 2008
chowmommy3 in Florida

Todd English (Ft. lauderdale)

As far as Figs Restaurant goes, he will be opening them in Macy's department stories around south florida

Butcher Shops in Broward?

I also just checked Smitty's out for the first time this is a real buthcer shop.
All the meat looked wondeful. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Best BBQ in Miami

I think it is still a couple of months away

Kefi restaurant & Lounge (aventura)

Does anyone have any feedback anything about this restaurant?
I believe the chef is from Wish restaurant.

Sep 18, 2008
chowmommy3 in Florida

Dine out Lauderdale recommendations

I agree stay away from Lola's on Harrison.
Been open a year and we find it boring also, pretty much the same menu for over a year with a few changes and service still lacks!
Plenty of other restaurants to tak advantage of.