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Burnaby vs Richmond - Foodie on the move!

I live in southeast Van, so I'm kind of in the middle of both Richmond and Burnaby. I've got to vote for Burnaby. Sure, Richmond's got great asian food - and I've certainly driven there for speciic cravings now and again, but for the most part, I think Burnaby's a better place to live. The traffic in Richmond is pretty much reason 1, 2, and 3 for why I wouldn't live there. In Burnaby, it's true, Crystal Mall is going to cover all of your asian cravings. Plus there's a T & T Supermarket inside Metrotown Centre. Also there are some great non-asian restaurants in Burnaby as well, up on Hastings Street. Great italian restaurants. Good luck with your decision!

noodle soup of the asian persuasion - vancouver prowl

If you're trying to find somewhere easy to get to in Richmond via public transit, then I'd say go to Lansdowne Mall. There's a restaurant called "No. 9 Restaurant" and it's got some great bbq pork noodle soups there. If you can venture further, then I'd suggest Hon's Wun Tun Noodle House. It's just off No. 3 Road, I think. There's also a Hon's on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. Good luck!

Benke Ramen - Vancouver - First Visit

I haven't tried any of the ramen places in Vancouver yet, but after trying a few places in New York this summer, I was hooked and had to find out where I could satisfy some cravings here. Benkei is the first one I tried yesterday, and I ordered the shio tonkatsu as well. I don't think that this is a proper tonkatsu broth, as compared to descriptions of what I've read it's supposed to be - plus, from what I had in NYC. I think a true tonkatsu broth is supposed to be milky white in color, and the one I had in NYC was indeed like that. It was the most amazing broth I've ever had, and the on at Benkei is nothing like that. To be fair, they don't call it Tonkatsu broth, they call it Shio. I've never had a proper shio broth myself, so I can't comment on it, but what I had yesterday was not a tonkatsu broth. It was super rich, on the thick side. It was tasty, but wasn't what I was expecting. The noodles were really good, nice and springy texture. The pork is way fattier than I've had at other places, but I still ate it! ;)

I think that trying ramen in NYC first has ruined me for ramen in Vancouver. I've got to try Kintaro next, plus the other ones mentioned on this board. Otherwise, I'll have to take a trip to NYC once a year just to get that tonkatsu ramen!!