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Calgary cheese, please

Thank you!
Sweetgrass Market is close to our house, so we use to go there for shopping pretty often. I find it a bit amateurish, with a rather poor cheese selection and sticky plastic wrapping, but I support any initiative in the cheese market in Calgary, so I'm still going to buy from here. Hoping they will grow with the neighborhood.
Janice Beaton is the cheese-lovers dream. You can find a wonderful selection of gourmet food and everybody working there seem to know everything about cheese and good food. The only bad part is that it is insanely expensive, but that's the price we pay for living here.
The only mozzarella I was able to find was in minuscule containers, so I had to change my mind about serving caprese panini and transform them in a caprese salad. I will try Mercato as soon as I can. Any idea if it is produced in Alberta or imported?

Sep 14, 2008
mdragom in Prairie Provinces

Calgary cheese, please

I have promise a cheese and wine party without realizing that I'm going to have only 3-4 hours for shopping.
Is there any place where I can find both fresh mozzarella (the bocconcini kind) and gorgonzola? If it is around a quality bakery, it is even better.

Thank you

Sep 12, 2008
mdragom in Prairie Provinces