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Saturday Dinner for 8 within 20-30 minutes of DFW

thanks all - we are going in mid May. Graduation at Baylor and then heading to Dallas for dinner. So we will be ready for a relaxed time with great food. Heard about Bolsa from someone else as well. We like good food and will look at some of the places closer to the hotel.

Saturday Dinner for 8 within 20-30 minutes of DFW

awesome - this is helpful. will checkout Lucai, mia dia, Pappas and Fearings

Saturday Dinner for 8 within 20-30 minutes of DFW

Need a restaurant recommendation for a group of 8 (fun group in the early 40s). Nothing too casual but we want a place where jackets are not required. We are celebrating and want to kick back with good food and wine. No seafood heavy restaurants.I was looking at Meddlesome Moth, Woodshed, Javier's and Avilia's based on some friends' recommendations. Please comment if you like or do not like and are they worth the drive. Are there any restaurants including steakhouses (that we cannot find in NY and Boston) to recommend? Would love if they take reservations. We have an early flight out of DFW on sunday and will be heading up from Waco for dinner. Help!

Quito Recommendations

I will be in quito for 3 nights in June and am looking for great restaurants. I will have a group of 8 - 10 people in tow. Price is not an object. So i would love to se receommendations from hole in the wall places to top tier restaurants. Any thoughts? Also, I am on search for great empanadads - if anyone has a favorite place.

any help would be great.

former NYCer returning for dinner - need recommendations

I moved to Boston 5 years ago so I am not in touch with the restaurant scene in NYC anymore. need recommendations preferrably Italian or New American for dinner with 2 friends. Old favorites included Harrison, Red Cat, Mermaid Inn, Il Bagatto, Balthazar, Keen's and Gotham. So casual and great food but not too fancy. Went to Colichio & Sons for dinner about 6 months ago so looking for similat recommendations for a Sunday night dinner. Prefer to stick with manhattan and some where that will be busy even on a sunday night. I am staying midtown west by columbus circle but will go anywhere except Upper East or Upper West. Any hep would be great!


Dec 06, 2011
Foodie 917 in Manhattan

Rome - Cooking Class and Favorite non-touristy restaurants

thanks. I will let you know how we make out. appreciate the info.

Sep 25, 2010
Foodie 917 in Europe

Rome - Cooking Class and Favorite non-touristy restaurants

Hi all -
I am looking for advise and recommendations on two things while in Rome for Thanksgiving week.

One: Recommendations and reviews for cooking classes in and aorund room for a day or 1/2 day. I found 4 so far but Maureen Fant is not in Italy that week. Here are the ones I found so far - any reviews oralternate recommendations would be great. - Associated to Le Fate 50 euros pp 1/2 day - Daniela del Balzo - 180 euros pp full day 99 eurps full day outside of rome.

Two: Some excellent and not too fancy restaurants in Trastevere or Testaccio neighborhoods - away from the toursity places.

thanks for all the assistance.

Sep 23, 2010
Foodie 917 in Europe