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Chipotle Opens! (Downtown Toronto)

Having been a regular at Chipotle while living in the US, I found the new Toronto location to be a big let down. I had the steak fajita burrito. The steak is supposed to be tenderized flank steak, but the texture was very tough and at times inedible. The grilled veggies (red onion, green pepper) were not cut thin enough. To add insult to injury, you pay more for a burrito here in TO than in the US and it's a smaller sized burrito. The most disappointing part were the salty tortilla chips. Some chips were truly disgusting the amount of salt on them.

For a ethnically diverse city like TO, it's sad that I can't still find a good burrito.

North York restaurant recommendations

Thanks so much Juno for your recommendations. Very helpful. I'll be trying Paese and Sequel in the very near future. I've been to the Korean tofu resto and I agree it's very good.

By the way, have you tried Chez Laurent on Yonge just south of Empress?
Thanks again.

North York restaurant recommendations

Just really good food. I'm not so particular about the cuisine or decor. Here's what I've tried so far and I don't think I'll be back to any of them for a repeat visit:
Terra - overpriced and pretentious
Ichiban in Empress - very average Japanese
Mezza Notte - found the pasta and pizza to be just alright
Zaffron (Iranian) - decent meat but not inspiring
Baton Rouge - don't care for chains
Oliver & Bonnacini (Bayview Village) - plain food for above average prices
Seoul House (on Steeles) - okay but I've better Korean around Yorkdale.
Asian Legend - I've had way better Chinese on Hwy 7

I've just about given up my search for a restaurant that serves solid dishes north of the 401.
Please let me know if you know of any hidden gems. Thanks.

North York restaurant recommendations

I have recently moved to North York and I'm looking for a good restaurant above Hwy 401 (between Bathurst and Leslie) in the $100-$150 range for two people. I've tried a few but no success yet. Please help!