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Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwiches a Baltimore Only Treat?

I love that this thread is still alive. I never would have dreamed that this simple, slightly odd, but cosmically perfect sandwich would have so many fans and fond memories. There is hope...

Quick! I need a restaurant recommendation near Hunt Valley

Cafe Spice! York Rd.

Food in Bethany Beach, DE?

This thread is fairly old... heading to BB next week -- any recent updates/suggestions?

Jun 28, 2011
placidothecat in Mid-Atlantic

Seafood / fish chowder in B'more?

Please recommend some spots in or around Baltimore to get a nice bowl of seafood or fish chowder. (Something that will remind me of Nova Scotia!)


Ahh -- thanks. Been waiting for them to open so I can check it out.


Me too - I loved Purim Oak. In fact, I think I had my first sushi there in the late 80's.

More recently, the spot housed Cafe Spice, which has since moved to Cockeysville.


I think its MOM's Organic Market. Next to Charred Rib.


Howdy, neighbor! Here are some places we frequent:

* Cafe Spice (Indian, Cockeysville)

* Pollo Amigo (Peruvian, Towson)

* Tropical Grill (Salvadorian, Cockeysville)

* Bluestone (Seafood, etc., Timonium)

* Andy Nelson's (Beef & Ribs, Cockeysville)

* Pho Dat Thanh (Pho, Towson)

* Atwater's (Soup and Sandwiches, Kennilworth Mall)

* There are many sushi places around as well, I've only tried Edo and San Sushi. There's a new Sushi Hana opening at the York/Ridgely shioopping center soon.

Got kids? You'll need pizza:

* Pasta Mista (Timonium and Towson)

* CPK (Hunt Valley)

* A zillion other small pizza and sub shops in the area

Cafe Spice in Towson is moving

Had carry out from Cafe Spice last night. Everything I ordered was just great: Mulligatawny soup, Naan, Gobi Manchuri and Vegetable Jalfrezzi. All was fresh tasting and spiced well. I'm very happy to have them in Cockeysville.

Cafe Spice in Towson is moving

Apparently even though Cafe Spice is moving to Cockeysville, another Indian restaurant is occupying the old space in Towson. Anyone know details?

Natural Foods in Towson on Susquehanna Av, behind the Courthouse?

Golden Temple on Charles was a favorite too. Amazing, enormous, muffins and the best salad bar before Whole Foods came around.

Mar 21, 2011
placidothecat in Home Cooking

Natural Foods in Towson on Susquehanna Av, behind the Courthouse?

You mean the "Health Concern" in Towson? I think its still open.

That sounds like a typical Powerhouse sandwich to me. I used to work at a similar store in NW B'more back in the late 80's (long gone). We used a thick slice of Muenster cheese (or soy cheese, or baked tofu, if desired), a heavy 9 grain bread, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, sometimes mushrooms, and some soy mayo mixed with one of the natural spice blends the store sold to jazz it up a bit. This was my lunch every day (with a carrot juice) for, like, 2 years. Probably why I'm still alive.

There was also a teeny little place/natural food market in Towson, kind of behind the Hutzlers building -- maybe even a basement if I recall, that sold delicious Powerhouse sandwiches too. Circa late 80's.

Mar 18, 2011
placidothecat in Home Cooking

Maria de Los Angeles: Salvadorian in Cockeysville

Yes, we love this place. I think its actually called "Tropical Grill", even though the sign says otherwise. Excellent seafood soup, Paella, burritos, tacos, chicken stew, tamales, pupusas, etc.

Baltimore-Old school restaurants? No touristy or chain places please

I'm with you -- when someone says "Old School Baltimore" I think of places like Snyders or the Sunset.

Decent Mexican Food in Northern Baltimore?

Thanks! Have been to Mari Luna Latin Grill with the Mrs., will try the Mexican Grill.

Mari Luna
Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

Decent Mexican Food in Northern Baltimore?

OK, well I answered my own question... sort of. These two places, while not exclusively "Mexican" (in the sense of, say, the old Hacienda restaurant that was on Belair Rd.) fit the bill:

* Pollo Amigo (Towson)
* Tropical Grill (Cockeysville)

My understanding is that Pollo Amigo is Peruvian, while Tropical Grill is Salvadorian. Both are excellent -- Pollo Amigo has amazing, smoky chicken, so anything with chicken as a filling is wonderful (we tried a chicken burrito and chicken enchiladas). Definitely ask for the "green sauce".

Tropical Grill has a larger menu, including tasty pupusas, tamales and paella. The veggie burrito here was really huge, chicken tacos were excellent.

Neither place has an elaborate sit-down dining experience, but we were after take out, so it didn't matter.

I loved them both!

Asian Noodle Recs near Baltimore?

I like Pho Dat Thanh in Towson. Get some pho -- BIG bowl of noodles and yummy broth.

Decent Mexican Food in Northern Baltimore?

I'm looking for recs for good Mexican food in Northern B'more... Towson, Timonium, Hunt Valley, etc. Looking for something a definite cut above the chain/fast food places.


Best Ribs Ever!

How are the ribs at Charcoal Deli? Its just northwest of the Corner Stable -- across from the Pizza Hut. Not a sit down place, btw.

Charcoal Deli
22 Church Ln, Cockeysville, MD 21030

Best Indian near Mt. Washington?

I know there are a few places to get Indian food near Mt. Washington, but I haven't tried them all.

* Kabab Stop
* Mt. Washington Pizza and Subs
* Belvedere Towers

further away, but still reasonably close:

* Ambassador

Anyone have recent reviews on these? Any others I should know about?


broccoli rabe in Baltimore

I bought some at Whole Foods (Mt. Washington) over the Summer

Favorite take-out or delivery in North Baltimore?

Atwater's (Belvedere or Kenilworth, there's one on Falls Rd too., but I've never been there.)

Chef Mac's Louisiana Cuisine, on Harford Road

Never heard of it, but I'm there ASAP!

Thai Recs. North of Towson?


> If you don't mind me asking, what dish(es) do you use to judge a "good" Thai place?

I usually order one of the following: green, yelllow or red curries, massaman curry, drunken noodles, panang, or pad thai, of course! Open to recommendations of other dishes to sample.

Thai Recs. North of Towson?

Still looking for that good Thai place North of Baltimore City -- Towson or above. Any ideas?

Fish tacos

I've had Calif. Pizza Kitchen's fish tacos recently, and they were great. Came with avacado, and some crunchy slaw. Nice peppery salsa on the side, too.

crabs in baltimore

Maybe this is why my Grandpa always insisted his steamed crabs be washed off before served? Me, I like the seasoning -- take a nice, in season summer tomato slice and scoop up some of the seasoning from the shell. Oh, yes! Pass the beer pitcher, please.

Help! I'm Afraid Of The Suburbs!!!

I think you're gonna have to go a bit south from HV/Sparks.

Andy Nelson's is good, so is Charcoal Deli (Cockeysville) for pit beef, turkey and ham sandwiches.

For Thai, I like Thai One On in Towson.

Pho can be had at the place next to the Recher Theatre in Towson.

For Indian, Khatmandu Kitchen in Towson is my favorite IN THE AREA. Cafe Spice seems to be closed for renovations. (But I miss Mango Grove in Columbia!)

Sandwiches and soup: Atwaters in Kennilworth.

Dutch Market: killer pretzels and pretzel rolls

Pizza is an intensely personal thing, but I like Pasta Mista (Timonium or Towson).

Burgers: I'm not a huge burger-head, but Five Guys is fine with me (Cockeysville or Towson).

The Tropical Grill in Cockeysville has great pupusas, paella, tamales, chicken stew, etc. (I believe their outside sign still says "Maria de Los Angeles")

Bluestone in Timonium can be nice. I've liked their seafood stew.

Milton Inn is a nice special occasion place. I had a great rack of lamb there a couple years ago.

Restaurants That Have Slipped. Baltimore

Thanks -- I didn't really intend it as a blanket statement, but if I soul search, I find it is true for me in many cases. The first time I ate Pho, I felt like I had discovered the food of the gods! :) Subsequent Pho has never seemed as good to me, I blame my own perceptions -- though its tempting to blame the restaurants.

Restaurants That Have Slipped. Baltimore

Some may disagree, but I think there is a big psychological factor that makes us experience a great, memorable restaurant outing, and makes later visits less memorable or special:

You're at a place you've never been, with good company, and are tasting the food for the first time. The "newness" of the experience makes the food taste better. Subsequent visits don't capture the sense of happy discovery, and aren't as "special", so the restaurant seems to be "slipping".