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Quality Baltimore Burritos

Ooooh, bum rap from bluecheese ...Taco Fiesta is obviously not for your distinguished palate...but as we say in California "WHATever, dude..."

Carne Asada

It 's definitely different...but why beat up on the writer for adding a recipe that they enjoy and wanted to share? True, it's not traditional carne asada...but as others have stated, carne asada is made a hundred and one ways by a hundred and one differnet chefs...

Sep 12, 2008
ladida in Recipes

Quality Baltimore Burritos

Do NOT miss Taco Fiesta on Exeter in Harbor East. I'm a California transplant and this is waaaay authentic and absolutely outstanding. I'm a Gonzales, and I know my burritos....
And for the al pastor fan...they have a BOMB roasted pork burrito - now go get one.

White Marsh , Maryland

There's always the'll find it right off 43 and Honeygo Blvd. There's an assortment of decent restaurants there and it's outdoor mall thing is kinda cute. Della Roses and Red Brick Station are two of the better, and then you have the flip side - DonRicardo's (yuck) and Chili's....but by far the best at the Avenue is Kobe - japanese steakhouse with teppanyaki and great sushi. Pricey, but really quite good.