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Food Pairing with Prosecco???

One of my absolute favorites:

Thin crackers (34 degrees or rice cracker)
Sheep milk cream (sometimes hard to find, whole foods usually can at least get it)
Two blueberries
Very Light drizzle of honey

nothing beats it in my world

May 04, 2010

Smart Blondies

Jan 22, 2010
TASTEandBREATHE in Recipes

Grilled Corn with Cayenne, Lime, and Cotija

I prefer using garlic butter:

Jun 30, 2009
TASTEandBREATHE in Recipes

Seafood Packet

BOOMSHAKALAKA! THis recipe is on fire! Basic and Delicious. The oven temp and time is phenomenal for seafood. Everything come out at the right texture and flavor. I have never had better scallops, sea bass or mussels!

Note: Found a much better/fancier side:
Use the left over tomatoes and onions from the parchment paper with dandelions or escarole with a really really good balsamic.

Just as good as sex, guaranteed!

Jun 24, 2009
TASTEandBREATHE in Recipes