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Mosaic Cafe in Northampton

I've eaten there numerous times and been quite happy with the quality and the taste of the food. I like more adventurous offerings such as the sardine sandwich and casablanca pizza with anchovies. Both are delicious and seasoned well. The veggie stew was tasty and homey, just the thing for me when I'm not feeling so well. The fish version is equally good as well. The salads are not super creative but no worse than anywhere else in the Valley for the price. My friends had their chicken and lamb dishes and raved about them. The price is very reasonable, and it is BYOB!

Good Mexican Food?

I searched for one good Mexican restaurant in Noho-area since i moved here 1 1/2 years ago, and La Casita Azteca is the winner in my opinion. They have really tasty food, made with quality ingredients. I LOVE their vegetarian selection. I often have trouble finding good vegetarian options at most Mexican joints, and this place has some very nice veggie dishes that even my more carnivorous friends are happy with. They also have some really good desert selection and Mexican drinks (non-alcoholic, mostly, but their "beer bloody mary" are also quite intriguing and good). Plus, I really like the people who run the cafe: very warm and nice folks.

Thoughts on the Pioneer Valley

Beets and pork?? Sorry; I am Korean, and beets and pork just do not belong in al bap!

Other than that, I appreciate your list and comments so far. I've moved to Noho from NYC recently and am having a heck of a time finding good places to eat. As for Korean food, I tried Go Hyang in Hadley and liked their denjang chigae and kimchi chigae. No, it is not a Queens Korean joint; but it does a few things well, and my home-sick stomach is thankful for it. Moshimoshi in Noho is pretty good; I'd try the special-of-the-day dishes that Sam (the chef and owner) enthusiastically prepares. Noho being a land-locked place, I don't expect the same quality of fresh fish sashmi and sushi I've learned to take for granted in NYC and the West Coast. Having said that, I like the veggie rolls at Moshimoshi. I think I go there mostly because of Sam. Gotta love a chef who LOVES food.

As for the New American and French classical, Green Street Cafe and Circa have been consistently good. Green Street has their own garden, which makes a lot of difference in terms of freshness.

As for Vietnamese, I loved Bamboo House in Springfield. They are definitely authentic and downright delicious. But I desperately need a recommendation for a Southeast Asian joint (Thai, Viet) near Noho! Same goes for Mexican. I tried Mi Tierra and was not too impressed. I found them rather bland. Hopefully it was just an off night. I will try again given your and other people's feedback.

When I first moved here, a lot of people told me to try Spoletto, and I must say I was absolutely disappointed. I had an appetizer, an entree, and a drink. Mediocre, mediocre, mediocre. Same goes for Sylvester's. Why that place is so crowded and over-priced I will never know. I would much rather go to Greenbean, a funky-hippy place on Main street in Noho. They have no-frills, hippy-earthy crunch breakfasts, and you can have them for lunch. The price is quite a bit more reasonable there, also (though cash only).

Questions to all:
-Where can I get some decent Thai or Vietnamese in Noho/Hadley??
-Where can I get a decent Margarita around Noho?
-Where oh where can I get some Chinese food that is not totally Americanized and dripping in oil?