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ChocXO - "Bean to Bar Chocolatier" in Ironwood, Richmond

great intel LR. Thanks!

Vancouver’s top new restaurants of 2014

Has anyone on here been to My Shanti?

I heard it was a flop.

Port Moody or Coquitlam brunch

my SO's family lives out that way and I, as the resident food nerd, has been challenged to find a good place for brunch. All my internet sleuthing has led me to Milestones, Cora, Joey, etc. Surely there is something better.

Help please!

Stroopwafels in Vancouver???

I bought a small and delicious package last weekend at Patisserie LeBeau.

Good Bread in Van

Nelson really only makes one bread so its pretty easy to find out which one it is :)

I also really like their bread

Best izakaya for a Birthday party?

I've never had a less then stellar meal at any of the Guu locations. I believe they do not take reservation, which would probably be inconvenient for a birthday party. Suika is great and has a menu that will satisfy adventurous eaters and folks seeking standard Japanese fair.

Last time I went to Zakkushi it was pretty 'meh'. I should probably try again.

Belgian waffle place is closed?

I can't remember the name but the newly opened Belgian waffle place at Broadway and Fir is closed. Walked by today and it was totally cleaned out. That was a quick turn around.

Savary Island Pie flooded?

This past weekend I was craving one of their pies so I called. They said they will be closed for about 4 weeks. They hope to be selling pies in the next week or so but the cafe area will remain closed.

Let's talk turkey

I used a turkey from JD Farms, brined it, and cooked it using this method:

It was moist and juicy and flavourful. For stuffing I purchased some extra turkey skin and made turkey skin wrapped stuffing. It was by far the best stuffing I have ever made. Highly recommend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best cafes in Vancouver

I finally had one of the DB almond croissants at Matchstick and was not all that enthused. It was just too much, total overkill.

If you are looking for a DB croissant check out Beaucoup`s rhubarb croissant. yooowzaaa!

Bella Gelateria Yaletown is Open!

I wonder if the new place is decorated like the first location - with articles about the owner. His gelato is awesome...but what a guy..

New to Frasier/King Ed neighbourhood - Whats good?

I am curious to hear what y'all think of Carano. I have not been yet but heard good things.

ito togarashi - where to find in Vancouver

I am pretty sure Fujiya has it. Try their location on Clark right beside the cash register.

Main St Fish Counter News

Thanks for the intel. Love this place.

East of Main Cafe - closed

Ya, hipsters should never open restaurants, they have no clue what they are doing.

By the way have you checked out - Bestie, Matchstick, Pizza Farina, The Tiki Bar, Burdock and Co, The Pie Shoppe, Cartem's, Meat and Bread?

Fruit beer of another stripe -- any in Vancouver?

The Alibi Room has decent food and great beer, but its true, there isn't a place with high quality beer and food.

I have been to Craft a couple of times and its always been extremely disappointing. The food is below average and the service is pretty bad too. I did think the beer list was ok. They have so many beers on tap that everyone can find something they like AND something they have never had before.

Fraser Valley Slow Food Cycle Tour

Did the bike your on Saturday and had a wonderful time. It was great to visit some lesser known farms. Very humble, under the radar type places. The bike ride was warm but the roads are all flat so the riding was actually quite easy.


Tasty Chicken

Farmhouse cheese

There was a convenient shuttle for any purchases so that we did not have to be burdened with our delightful purchases.

The only downside was that there wasn't really a place that served a true lunch.

Highly recommend for next year!

Fraser Valley Slow Food Cycle Tour

Has anyone done this? Thinking about heading out tomorrow.


Olympic village suggestions

Take a stroll to Campangolo. They have awesome Italian food and do some farm to table. I would recommend going Upstairs where you will find some of the cities best cocktails and a burger that is awesome. I believe you can also order their entire menu upstairs.

Farina is also a great bet!

Who (bakery) makes great fresh cherry pies ?

The Broadmoor Bakery looks amazingly nostalgic. Next time I trek out for berries I'll surely check it out.

While you are in Richmond I would recommend going to L'Opera Patisserie

The croissants are flaky and buttery and are on par if not better then Vancouver's top spots (Beaucoup, Haas, etc). Also, their duck and mushroom pot pie its worthy of the journey to richmond.

Who (bakery) makes great fresh cherry pies ?

The Pie Shoppe is probably a good bet. I had a blueberry buttermilk pie from there last week and it was superb.

Morning coffee/muffin in Vancouver

Also, Beaucoup Bakery is on the west side!

Sam: What good coffeeshops are west of oak?

Morning coffee/muffin in Vancouver

Beyond Bread at 4th and Alma has excellent pastries. Coffee is ok.

+1 for Citadella as well.

Why is there such a lack of places on the west side?

One Day in Victoria (Cruise Docked)

Foi Epi
IMO one of the best bakeries in Canada. Awesome bread and pastries. Addicting soft serve ice cream with local seasonal toppings. oh ya.

Authentic Japanese food. Tastiest fish in Victoria. He mills his own rice and is very careful only to serve what is best that day. Lunch only and they sell out quick.

RFBF is good but its not mind blowing or particularly special.

Coloured Bread?

this looks foul

Vancouver restaurant with good steak

order the tenderloin, its far superior to the steak frites.


Thanks all!

I ended up at HY Louis 6 bags for $8.75...and what a strange place to shop at!

ISO Kefir grains

Have you tried the Homesteader's Emporium?
649 East Hastings.


I am having a bunch of people over and was wondering if anyone knew where to get a lot of ice for a good price. Gas stations and usual grocery stores are quite expensive. Any advice?

Good Bread in Van

ya, 4th and Alma not broadway. my mistake.