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Whistler eats...

Heading up to Whistler for a couple of days next weekend. It has been a long time since I've spent anytime there. Looking for some recommendations on good things eat. Anyone have some insight for me?


Where's the coffee, vancouver ?

It seems like you are pretty set in your ways for coffee. If you are looking for shorter, more denser shots I would recommend that you check out Bump and Grind (Commercial or South Granville) and Kafka's Coffee. Both seem to have shorter shots. Kafka's especilaly make quite short, but super tasty shots.

TK Sub Cafe (new) - banh mi & tortas

I stopped in last week and had the lemongrass chicken and a bbq chicken. I was curious to try both a bahn mi style sandwich and a torta/duffin's style sandwich.

Both were excellent. The lemongrass chicken was just as everyone has described. Crunchy veggies, well seasoned chicken. Even though the bun was not traditional it was a perfect match for the fillings.

The BBQ was pretty classic. Sweet tangy sauce, nice avocado. And all this was taken care of by one sweet lady. She must be working her ass off!!

The decor of the place is pretty simple but serviceable. Tons of parking out front too! I'm sure I'll see you all there.

Vancouver food trucks

In addition, this article talks about 'profit'. We have no idea what sort of salaries are being drawn, what is being written off, what isn't being reported, etc.

I've seen the same foot carts for a number of years so there must be something that is working. Not all business are successful, not even close to 50%. Commissary space is expensive because Vancouver is a pricey city, that is the reality. I would be embarrassed if the city puts in a commissary - there are much more important issues to support then food carts.

Vancouver food trucks

I strolled past Food Cart Fest on Sunday on the way to and from a friends BBQ (around 12:30 and 3:30) and it looked like there was no one in attendance. A big open lot with food trucks and no attendees....

It was surprising since I went last year a couple of times and it was packed. Granted the food was always average and overpriced.

It is quite unfortunate but I think the success rate is higher then restaurants.

Also, there are a number of success stories that should be appreciated such as Tacofino, The Juice Truck, Japadog, Vij's.

Commercial Drive

Seriously, no one else has been to Jamjar? Y'all are missing out.

TK Sub Cafe (new) - banh mi & tortas

Well done LR!

Commercial Drive

JamJar. Don't miss it. Superb Lebanese/Middle Eastern fair. Excellent dips, salads, and mains. Freshly made pita to order. Everything is well executed and tasty. It is also a pretty unique place for Vancouver, we just do not have many mid eastern places. I would recommend it over anything else on the drive.

My other recommendation is Rinconcito. Sort of a hole in the wall El Salvadorian place. Great papusas.

2015 Tacos Challenge (Van Foodster)

There are a number of really great food bloggers around. Some of them give honest, real reviews, know what they are talking about and care about the success of restaurants.

I am certain that Vancouver Foodster is not one of them. He is a terrible writer and demonstrates zero expertise. Not a fan

I'll stick with sherman and mijune for now.

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

The Fish Counter has fish and chips that are worth the drive. Crispy and perfectly battered.

C-Lovers is below average.

suburb help

Ended up at Mac and Jacs Roadhouse Grille

Totally serviceable, good service, huge portions, overall good food. Nothing cutting edge or food that will blow your mind but a pretty classic family run diner.

I would return next time I'm in the area.

suburb help

South Indian breakfast? If someone can direct me to a place that is open then I am in for sure!

suburb help

Heading to Delta/Ladner/Surrey for brunch on Saturday. Anyone know of a decent place out that way? Hoping to avoid the big chains...


ISO Epazote


I called cilantro and jalapeno and they have it.

ISO Epazote

fresh, not dried.

Any idea where I can find this in Vancouver?

nine dishes

Hoping to go for dinner tonight, I called to confirm that they are actually open.

The fella that answered the phone said they are not permanently closed.

Is this old news?

Who makes the best sausages in Vancouver?

Drews aka D-Original. Hands down winner. They only drawback is that he only uses pork, so if you are anti pork for some strange reason you will have to miss out.

I'm partial to his bratwurst and the hot italian. They are spectacular.

Mt Pleasant Virgins

How is Frenchies?

Return of the refuel burger at Campagnolo, Vancouver

since when are olives and pickles fresh and not rich?

Return of the refuel burger at Campagnolo, Vancouver

Was there for brunch a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty damn good. The fried chicken and biscuits were spot on.

If you are going for a burger get some fried chicken skin - its worth it.

My only complaint is that all of their food is so rich and heavy. It would be nice to have a bit of relief when eating such heavy/rich foods.

Vancouver's underground supper clubs

I avoid these underground restaurants. The food industry is difficult enough so I would rather support those who are tax paying, rent paying, and legitimate.

Christmas Openings

Thanks for the suggestions. Had a great time at Kafka's. Superb coffee and a surprisingly amazing grilled cheese with sausage from D-Original.

Sunny Spot was closed but I didn't have a great experience last time I was there.

Christmas Openings

Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like Kafka's on main is open. Probably hit that up in the afternoon and then stroll around Mount Pleasant and see what else I can find.

Christmas Openings

Anyone know which restaurants/coffee shops/breweries will be open on the 25th?

We get pretty stir crazy after about 1ish and would love to get out.


ChocXO - "Bean to Bar Chocolatier" in Ironwood, Richmond

great intel LR. Thanks!

Vancouver’s top new restaurants of 2014

Has anyone on here been to My Shanti?

I heard it was a flop.

Port Moody or Coquitlam brunch

my SO's family lives out that way and I, as the resident food nerd, has been challenged to find a good place for brunch. All my internet sleuthing has led me to Milestones, Cora, Joey, etc. Surely there is something better.

Help please!

Stroopwafels in Vancouver???

I bought a small and delicious package last weekend at Patisserie LeBeau.

Good Bread in Van

Nelson really only makes one bread so its pretty easy to find out which one it is :)

I also really like their bread

Best izakaya for a Birthday party?

I've never had a less then stellar meal at any of the Guu locations. I believe they do not take reservation, which would probably be inconvenient for a birthday party. Suika is great and has a menu that will satisfy adventurous eaters and folks seeking standard Japanese fair.

Last time I went to Zakkushi it was pretty 'meh'. I should probably try again.