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rec. places for student who likes to eat alone....

I'm new to Halifax and a student at SMU.
i like to occasionally eat out alone. (and i don't really mind splurging a little on food either because that's really all that i spend my money on)
but i'm not familiar with many eating places that are good for eating alone. (and perhaps also reading a book while eating). i understand that it's OK to eat alone in any restaurant. but for many, the atmosphere isn't 'right' for dining alone...
i've found that uncommon grounds is excellent. i'm also thinking of trying out Doraku as they offer wireless. South End Diner looks interesting...but i've always found such places a little intimidating
i'm up for any type of food. but would prefer places that are within an hour's walk away from my school. but if it's really extremely good, i'm willing to travel further!
Or, if you have good recommendations for places that does good take-outs, i'm willing to try that too.
thank you!

Oct 10, 2008
imafoodlover in Atlantic Canada