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Need to feed a LARGE group on the cheap in Walnut Creek/Oakland

if ur in alameda maybe east ocean on webster can cook up trays of delish take out...the chow mein is great as well as chicken/veggie sure they will be stuffed for 15 per/p

Bing Crosby's closes.

we go to danville .they have bridges ,piatti,forbes mill,amber,cafe esin chowand . then in blackhawk plaza they havw wonderful lil pear and new cactus pear of peasant and the pear fame ..thx rod.. blackhawk grill as well as laurus great lunch places! yes we have tried them all since thanksgiving to this week..whew didnt gain a lb!

Grocery Outlet Expanding

this is the only store hubby will shop with me.why? the 60's music! we cant get it on bay area radio any more so we go to G.O. shop for bargins and sing along with elvis, lil richard ,bobby darin, the coasters,fleetwood macthe rondelles,all creates a fun atmosphere and we get such wine bargins too. so much more fun then costco or trader joes..i think thats the sure to check out the hayward b st outlet.great employees and alot of parking

Koi Palace Confucian Banquet De Royale 孔子官府宴

KK Did u r friends like it ? love it? seems there were alot of sweet dishes..i saw the menu at dublin during a dinner at chinese new yr. im so happy they[koi garden] opened in dublin. it used to take us 1hr 15 to get to daly city.. love their dim sum esp the warm puff donuts,reminds me of the best french donuts and warm. they dont taste the same taken home(:-(

ISO "normal" but good food in Dublin/Pleasanton

stacys is nice but much too noisy,too much hard cant even hold a conversation. try armidillo willy in the same shopping center much quieter. great sandwiches

Who has the best crab preparation?

on a cold nite try curry crab at r&g or yeut lee yummmmm

Looking for a "ladies who lunch" spot for this weekend

we havw had 4 holiday lunches here in danville and forbes mill was ahead oft he others..then there are the shops and great walk around town to walk off the desserts. forbes mill in the danville livery...

Dim Sum East Bay?

in dublin in ulferts center is koi garden for class 'a' dim sum,take ur time and be choosy,dont take everything as it comes out...beware of high pressure from the servers..we have been 4x and still havent tried everything.
tins is class 'b' in wcreeek..ok but no finesse,thick skins ,unsilky shrimp fillings.

Inexpensive business dinner options in East Bay (Walnut Creek to San Ramon)?

cafe esin is great but crowded tables, we like piatti great pasta and wine and and now we have chow but service is too casual .we had nice lamb at forbes mill but service is spotty every time we have been there..i think u can get many courses within ur range at piattis or esin..maybe ur group can get the back area for privacy.
oh also patrick david and bridges also would be in ur budget..i like bridges atmosphere and people . staceys in dublin is so noisy u cant hear anyone food was ok but i like stacys in pleasanton main st better.

Do you travel over 10 miles to shop at Berkeley Bowl?

i think the quality for the low prices and big turnover is BB biggest draw for me to drive more then 14 miles ..i also time my visits for slow periods and always find parking .i never go on weekends then i use farmers markets . also a great money saver is the clearence shelves where they bag ready ripe fruits and veggies..great find for your budget and easy way to try exotics you would never buy. i also bring my overseas guests there and watch their amazement.they come from england, germany and hong kong but the funniest comment was from my friend from boston...''youse guys like fruits and veggies dont youse''long live berkeley bowl~KC

Sunday @ Trend Restaurant, Mountain View

rich and i had the pleasure of the 2nd table. after alot of discussion we had a interesting delish lunch. i didnt like the order they brought out the food like starches toward the end. and they didnt change plates til we asked them. or kept the hot tea filled. saying that i did like that they had wine glasses and water and a plate of spicy veggies on the two tables.
.likes> pig ears ,spicy beef combo, pumkin cake was really sweetpotato mashed with sweet rice flour and a res bean filling .my granma made it also but she rolled them in small loquat sized balls.they remind me of xmas when i taste them.these were brought out after after several spicy meat dishes so they tasted a bit oily ..again i think they would have been apreciated more if they were brought out in the beginning of the meal.this also would have helped the dumplings and leek pancake,more likes> both green veggies a-choi was good but the large pea shoots were excellent.
didnt care for cat fish or duck caserole
great group and i hope we can attend more dinners esp in the east bay,now im ready to explore the 'hot foods' for a cold winter[ying yang of life]~KC
thank you nancy and melanie for setting this up otherwise i would have never gone to mv farmers market which was awesome!