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solo dining options

I'm planning a solo tour of London - mainly visiting the museums and shopping. I would appreciate any recommendation for solo dining / afternoon tea / breakfast / lunch, etc. Thank you.

May 18, 2012
jycnyc in U.K./Ireland

Most serene/relaxing restaurant in NYC?


May 03, 2012
jycnyc in Manhattan

Solo dinining near DuPont / Georgetown

Hi - I'll be staying at Park Hyatt Washington (24th and M) and am looking for a solo dining recommendation. Ideally, I'm looking for somewhere I can have a quiet dinner at the bar; no limitation as to the kinds of cuisine and fairly flexible on the price point. Thanks.

Lingering brunch/breakfast

Seeking recommendation on a weekend breakfast / brunch place where I can read (or surf) and linger over food & coffee for awhile. I particularly liked Il Posto Accanto on 2nd street between Avenue A & B. The food was great - try the ribbon eggs w tomatoes - but best of all, there was absolutely no rushing. Your recommendation for any similar place would be appreciated. Thank you.

Il Posto Accanto
190 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10009

Jan 28, 2012
jycnyc in Manhattan

hip & romantic place

Not picky about the kind of food. Italian is always a safe bet, but open to other cuisines. Good question - $100 without tip and tax. $10-$20 appetizers, $25 -$50 main. $200 is only a preferred budget, not a firm budget. thanks

Aug 03, 2011
jycnyc in Manhattan

hip & romantic place

Please recommend a place or two that is trendy/hip yet has a romantic feel to it. Ideally, we'd like to have a drink at the bar first, then have dinner afterwards. Nice mood lighting, and great music, but not too loud so that we don't have to shout across the table. Budget under $200 incl a $100 range bottle of wine. Neighborhood - prefer west village / chelsea / meat packing area, but not essential. I liked Buddakan but looking for other options. Thanks.

75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Aug 03, 2011
jycnyc in Manhattan

Spaghetti clam sauce

Hi all - taking an out of town friend to see a broadway show this Sat. and she's craving spaghetti in clam sauce. We want to avoid the touristy time square area if possible, but want to be close enough so that it won't be a trek to make it to our show. So I'd say North of 14th, South of 60th and and not too far east or west. A decent dessert list would be nice to. Pricewise, so long as it's not per se expensive, I can handle

Mar 09, 2011
jycnyc in Manhattan

Ginger Beer

Anyone have a line on where I can get some ginger beer for Moscow Mules?

Feb 27, 2011
jycnyc in Manhattan

Orlando recommendations?

I will be in orlando for a long weekend (Thurs - Sun) for what is intended to be a romantic short getaway. Can you recommend a few places to dine? I'm not a picky eater. I prefer local hideaways and exotic cuisines, whereas my date is more of a bland eater (i.e. meat & potato, fish, pasta). We are both oenophile so a good wine list is a place. Price is no object, but I don't plan to pack any dressy clothes, so somewhere with casual dress code. Thank you.

Nov 02, 2010
jycnyc in Florida

Solo dining option

Hello all,
Vising Austin for a weekend. Seeking your recommendation for a female solo dining spots and cafes where I can people watch. Thanks.

Oct 28, 2010
jycnyc in Austin

First date restuarant recs?

The Place (*highly recommended)
Mari Vanna (OK food, but very nice decor)
Cafe Cluny

Cafe Cluny
284 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014

Mari Vanna
41 East 20th Street, New York, NY 10003

Sep 24, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Group Dinner for 21

I Trulli

It's a bit south of midtown, but worth looking into. It has a separate room that can accomodate a large group. And the price is reasonable.

1 Nocello

MIdtown west. I had a nice dinner with a group of 15 there. I'm sure they could fit 6 more.

I Trulli
122 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016

257 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

Sep 23, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Solo dining recommendation

Of course you can eat solo at any restaurant anywhere. But there is no way I would dine solo at Per Se. Call me a chicken, but I'm not brave enough. And once, I was dining solo at an upscale bar/lounge and I got propositioned!!! Anyways, onwards...

How about - where I could get a great cup of espresso/coffee in the morning? And I don't mean the starbucks, I mean the authentic Italian kind. ) And how about best place to get a chocolate chip cookie and Fro-yo?

Sep 05, 2010
jycnyc in Chicago Area

Solo dining recommendation

I have a Saturday of solo adventure coming up in Chicago and am seeking your recommendation for solo dining. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee and dinner. I'll be staying at the Hyatt Regency so anything within walking distance and along the Mile would be great. Thanks.

Sep 02, 2010
jycnyc in Chicago Area

NY Hound visiting SF

Hi Everyone. I am planning to visit SF for 4 days (Fri to Tues) end of this month. And of course, I am here seeking recommendation on must-eat, must-see places. I'm a single woman traveling solo, so I probably wouldn't make it to the Gary Dankos of the town. Some place casual, or a place with nice bar sitting would be wonderful. Thank you very much in advance.

Gary Danko
800 N Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Jul 18, 2010
jycnyc in San Francisco Bay Area

Murray Hill Restaurant Needed for Group Dinner

Salute on 38th and Madison - Italian
Sarge on 32nd and Madison - French
Madison Bistro on 27th and Madison - French
Scandinavia House - 37th and Park
Rossini's - 38 or 39th and Park
Barbes - 36th and Madison

Madison Bistro
238 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016

May 13, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Best chinese takeout

I thought asking for "best" would have narrowed down the choices :-(

May 12, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Please suggest restaraunt: Best food in NY, romantic

Erminia on E. 83rd is romantic and has great Italian dishes and a decent wine list.

Asiate - if you can score a booth by the window.

80 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10023

May 11, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Best chinese takeout

I don't care where it is so long as its accessible by subway. I'm willing to travel to pick up good food. Some of my favorite dishes are cantonese chow mein (w/ assorted meats and seafood), beef ho fan (I think - the thick white rice noodle with beef and veggies in black bean sauce), and spring rolls, of course. Thanks.

May 10, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Chinese food for group


- Relatively quiet for a group of about 10
- Price about $50 pp incl. drink
- individual dishes (i.e. we aren't into sharing)
- preferably not in chinatown
- nice atmosphere (i.e. no mouse or roaches)
- And plenty of vegetarian option
- and preferably no MSG

Apr 23, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Chez le chef?

Has anybody been to this place recently for dinner? Are they vegetarian friendly? How does it compare to Blaue Gans in Tribeca for a group dinner?

Blaue Gans
139 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013

Apr 12, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Rec for dinner for 18 pple - need not be private room

Home on Cornelia
Park - private room / pricey but lots (i mean LOTS) of freebies
Il Bucco - cellar downstairs

Mar 22, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Some questions about Asiate

1. No
2. 3-course is probably sufficient. Tasting menu does not disappoint.
3. I remember an amuse bouch (teeny weeny thing that came on a spoon) and bread. I don't recall any other extras.
4. Jacket is fine. My date had no tie on when we went.
5. Either Etuvee or Prawn for appetizer

Mar 18, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Mas (Farmhouse) -- Question

I think Mas is perfectly romantic. Unless you sit at the communal table, the tables aren't that close together for NYC standards.

Mar 15, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Korean BBQ which is in a basement

Woo Lae Oak in Soho maybe?

Mar 15, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

The Place on W. 4th St.

I was there with a group of 5 about a month ago. Everybody enjoyed their meal. If I recall correctly, ricotta gnocci (or was it ravioli) in beet sauce and ducks 3 ways were the major hit. Great atmosphere. It's a perfect date spot.

Mar 11, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Buying Short Ribs in Manhattan

I got great short ribs from Esposito on 38th and 9th ave

Mar 09, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

in search of a round table!!!

Turks & Frogs in Tribeca
Tallarucci in Flatiron
1 Nocello in Midtown West

Mar 08, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Need suggestions for pre-opera dinner for 2

Hi - I'm an opera buff and try to dine before the curtain call so that my stomach doesn't rumble during the opera. A few places that I've been to and are accomodating to the opera fans are: Cafe Luxemburg, Nick and Toni and there is a steak place on the 2nd fllor of a hotel directly across from Lincoln (the name escapes me). Whatever you do, avoid Landmarc. I almost missed Carmen because of their slow service.

Mar 08, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan

Rec. for southern influenced resto


Southern cuisine
Price = $40 - $70 per person incl. a glass of wine
Location = open so long as subway accessible, but prefer not to go above 59th street and below houston
Relatively quiet - not library quiet but relatively quiet so that we don't have to shout.
Number of estimated diners = 8

Mar 08, 2010
jycnyc in Manhattan