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2014 SF Bay Area Michelin Stars

This is the second or third site where I have seen mentioned that people do not think Luce does not deserve a Michelin Star. I have been twice, and left impressed each time. Can anyone provide any insight?

And, yes I do agree that AQ being left out is most unfortunate...

Eating out on Thanksgiving 2012

Luce in the Hotel Intercontinental is open.

Thoughts on our SF/Napa itinerary?


I will comment more on teh wineries than on the food.. But echoing some of the previous sentiment.. Try Oenotri, I went there about 2 months ago and enjoyed every dish they brought out. The wine list is intelligently thought out.

Skip Cakebread unless you are absolutely set on it Go for Larkmead instead. Love Pride... Newton is owned by Moet& Chandon, use your judgement. Spring Mountain Vineyards has some great Sauvignon Blancs, Cabs and Syrahs, and the property is gorgeous.

Quintessa is always top notch, Go for Failla over Duckhorn, Mumm is not worth your time. Phelps if you can get in is always outstanding. I have been also impressed with Corison and White Hall Lane.

I hope this helps

SF Michelin stars 2013

Interesting discussion of tasting menu versus ala carte. Obviously, as has been stated Michelin will not consider you for 2 or 3 star level without a tasting menu. But what has been not been touched on or mentioned in this whole discussion is how cost effective tasting menus can be for restaurants. The food waste in preparation of any of these dishes on Michelin list is tremendous. Hence the $30-$50, if not higher entree price, also the number of chefs that help prepare the dish as well. Tasting Menu only restaurants cut down on this waste by preparing on the ingredients on that menu. Instead of a tasting menu and an ala carte menu. So from a business sense, it make much more sense to be tasting menu only.

I personally tend to enjoy tasting menus, but what I do not like is when two people order it, and you both get the same thing. Very hard to share and compare and contrast. That is my biggest caveat against tasting menu. Why not design a tasting menu for two, with two different items for each person. Enhance the creativity...

On another there seems to an inordinate amount of focus on only a few restaurants... AQ, Atelier Crenn, Coi, Saison, SPQR and a brief mention of Gary Danko... What about the newcomer Keiko? What about the other restaurants that maintained Stars? Luce, Boulevard, Frances?

Indeed Luce seemed to even generate a bit of negativity. I have been there twice and found the flavors and purity of the dishes to match or exceed almost anything on the aforementioned.

I am curious to hear feedback...

SF Michelin stars 2013

I have to say not too many surprises, all in all. I guess Michelin feels that high end Molecular Gastronomy is here to stay with the elevation of Atelier Crenn to two stars. Only surprise was the previous mention of Luce as not deserving... I have ate twice in the past six months and things are only improving. It is nice to see the variety of restaurants and styles represented...

Please critique my 4-day SF itinerary (wife's first visit)

When Dominque was there, I felt the flavors did not quite match the presentation. At the current incarnation of Luce, her Executive Sous Chef is running the kitchen. While the food is not as pretty as it was, I felt the flavor combinations were spot on. Fresh and interesting, nicely presented as well. I heard several guests around me commenting on the quality of their food. The wine list certainly one of the more adventurous hotel lists in the city an interesting blend of familiar and esoteric!

Please critique my 4-day SF itinerary (wife's first visit)

I absolutely love Perbacco and Barbacco they are on the tops of any visit to SF. Especially Piedmontese cuisine. In terms of breakfast what about Brendas? A great and fun restaurant... What about Bar Jules as well. The biggest problem is you can go crazy just deciding what to go tooo. Gary Danko can be hot and cold. some of my best experiences have been there, as well as some of my more disapointing. Cotogna and Zero Zero deserve props as welll. I was exceedingly happy to see Luce mentioned, it is probably one of the best unmentioned places in the city today. The best thing to happen was Dominique Crenn leaving....

230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Venezia and Milano

Tis true.. I said I do not like touristy places.. :) More so for food, than drinks. It is such an institution hard to miss it! Also I am in the restaurant industry. Should be an intersting time..

Sep 15, 2008
WineGeekSF in Italy

Venezia and Milano

Thanks so much! That is awesome!

Sep 12, 2008
WineGeekSF in Italy

Venezia and Milano

Hi again!

As I mentioned before I am currently working Harvest in the Franciacorta region! Once I finish my obligation, I am going on an a culinary, cultural and wine adventure! I am gong to be in Venezia from Friday, October 3 through Monday, October 6 then leaving and taking the train to Milano. I will be travelling with my Mother, which will be a great time!

I am looking for restaurant rececommendations! I am looking for local, regionally represenative cuisines. I am not looking for chains, and restaurants that cater to the tourists. Althogth I will probably stop at Harry's and get the obligatory Bellini!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!


Sep 11, 2008
WineGeekSF in Italy

Piemonte and Tuscany


I am sorry about posting on such short notice, and for being a new poster at that.

I am currently working harvest in the Franciacorta region, once I complete my obligation. I am going to be in Tuscany from September 26 through September 30 and in Piemonte from October 8 through October 16. In both cases I will have a car.

As my name suggests, I am all about the wine. I am currently working on wineries to visit, but what I realized I neglected in all of this was lodgings and food!

I have been able to glean several good to excellent places to eat in Piemonte.. I would love to hear any updated restaurants..

Of utmost importance is lodging... I have yet to make any reservations.. I know, I know.. Not good. I am hoping for any recommendations, I am not looking to break the bank. I much rather spend my money and food and wine then on lodging.. As long as the sheets are clean and the water warm!



Sep 11, 2008
WineGeekSF in Italy