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SOS--indian burnout

My office is just next to Indique Heights - and we go there for the three course executive lunch - - for $12.00. In the last two weeks or so we have been there at least 5 times - because of the recent introduction of weekday buffet for $10.95 - the food is excellent - Menu varying daily with a lot of choices - assorted chutneys - a girl making small hot dosas on the buffet etc. I would rate Indique Heights very highly on my list of Indian restaurants. The decor and the ambience are also superb.

My husband is a big fan of Indique in Cleveland Park.- although he likes Indique Heights a lot - he likes the atmosphere at Indique better. He has some favorite dishes and does not deviate much - Whenever we go to Indique he makes sure that Mussels with garlic Naan is one of the dishes as a starter - and his favorite is the lamb shank - I don't think anybody in town makes a better lamb shank than at Indique. Folks my advise to you - order unusual dishes - do not stick to the standard saag paneer and baingan bhartha types... try crab tikki, calamari, bhelpuri, papri chaat, mussels, shrimp varuval, cornish hen, pepper chicken, appams and stews - Be adventurous - step out of the box . Try their tamarind margaritas ...

Whenever we are in a mood for vegerarian we frequent places like Madras Palace, and Woodlands. We have also tried Nirvana - but not have particularly liked it - although it gets a very high rating from the post food critic.