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Authentic Chinese downtown Vancouver

Staying in coal harbor. Looking for non tourist Chinese restaurant in this area. I know there are a lot of good options in Richmond, but need something closer. Non Cantonese would be great too.

Dining solo in Lisbon

I'l be attending a conference in Lisbon next week. Looking for options where I can dine alone. Staying at the Sofitel Libertade, some spots within walking distance would be appreciated. Open to all options.

Sep 27, 2011
rockrich in Spain/Portugal

What's up with the Ivy?

We always finish our London trips with a late night post theater dinner at the Ivy. Last week, we were surprised with a lackluster experience, the first time for us. There was none of the high energy buzz that we have always enjoyed in past. Sat down to eat at 10 30, but by midnight the place was empty. The hosts we have come to know over the years were not there. The service was non attentive, took half an hour before drinks were offered. The food was still fine, they haven't messed with my favorite dressed Dorset Crab starter Did we just hit an off night or is the bloom off the Rose after a long run?

Nov 20, 2010
rockrich in U.K./Ireland

L'arpege closed for a month. Does anyone know when it will open?

I walked pass the other day, sign on the door says "Closed due to a technical event"
What gives?

Sep 22, 2010
rockrich in France

Trip Report – Birthday Week in Paris (long)

We had an awesome meal at Le Gaigne last month. I too loved the venison two ways. Was it served with a stuffed cabbage "choucroute" on the side, that was delicious as well?

Dec 02, 2009
rockrich in France

Whirlwind two days in Paris, packing it in

Just back from a quick European swing, including two days in Paris with choices strongly influenced by Chowhounders reporting on this board.

Day one: Just off the plane and after quick hotel checkin we were off to Huiterie Regis for some oysters. Lucky to get the last open table in this tiny place on a rainy afternoon. Had the special for two: 24 (actually 25) perfect oysters, delicious bread and normandy butter, and a glass of Sancerre and a cup of good coffee for each of us. The oysters were perfect, quite saline and full of liquor. They needed no adornement, but I could not resist the well crafted mignonette sauce with some of them. Very welcoming proprietor, made for a perfect start to our stay.

For dinner we were off to the Marais where I had booked a table at Le Gaigne. This place first came on my radar screen when RW Apple reported on an excellent lunch in the NYT. We were not disappointed. Very welcoming greeting from Madame who runs the front side of the house. Only 10 tables. We went with the three course diner, liked the variety of choices more than the tasting menu.
I started with the poultry pate with a superb pear chutney and an unusual salad of ficoide . I followed witht the venison served two ways, roasted and in a confit, with an extrordinary side dish of a rolled cabbage with a "choucroute" stuffing
My wife enjoyed the endive pastry and jambon starter, and folllowed with the rablant of rabbit with prunes. All dishes were perfectly composed. Wine list was very reasonable. I finished with the assorted cheeses, and across the table she enjoyed the ris au lait with caramel.

After a sound sleep, started the next day with assorted macarons at Ladurre on rue Jacob. Several cafes later I found myself back in the Marais and hungry for a falafel from Las falafel on Rue Rosiere. MAybe this place is too successful, not as tasty as in the past, seemed to be more of an assembly line approach. More cabbage in the falafel than anything else.

Dinner on night two at Le Cigale Recamier, a former favorite of ours. Newly decorated, and a very gracious welcome. I enjoyed the special salad of fall mushrooms with greens in a perfectly crafted vinagrette, followed by a grilled Dorade with steamed veggies including some flavorful fennel and baby carrots.
My wife enjoyed the Grilled lamb, and we finished with two souffles, I had the grand marnier with an extra dose from the bottle provided at the table, and she had the caramel and fleur de sel souffle which was the hit of the evening, better than the best sticky toffee pudding she's ever had. The atmosphere is true Paris, we were the only americans in the place as far as I could tell, and a well behaved poodle under the table next to us through the meal.

Day three: off to London via Eurostar, but must mention the surprisingly tasty lunch on board in business class. I guess this qualifies for the france board since we had not yet entered the tunnel. We were offered good champagne on departure, a decent salad, and a main of a duck shephards pie that was very good.
Finished off with an apple tart and coffee, we were ready to take on London (to be reported on the England board)

Nov 12, 2009
rockrich in France

Local lake fish

Looking for a place that serves seafood from the great lakes, stuff we can't get in California. Local perch, walleye would do the job. Staying on E Chestnut st.
Any ideas? Shaw's crabhouse used to fill this bill.

Apr 21, 2009
rockrich in Chicago Area

Anthos vs EMP

Holding both resos next weekend. Visiting from SFO. Any thoughts on the choice?
Taking a niece to dinner, she has an adventurous palate. Very fond of Kokkari in San Francisco, any similarity to Anthos.

Sep 10, 2008
rockrich in Manhattan