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Urgent-opinions need to store 12 corn without husks,right now helpppppp?please

In a Ziploc, in the fridge. Should keep for days.

Guac & Mole

I drove by today just after lunch, and it was open. Was tempted, just didn't have the time.

Festival YUL EAT

Just saw an ad for this. At the Old Port, Sep. 5, 6 & 7.

Second annual, featuring chefs Anthony Walsh, Audrey Dufresne, Charles-Antoine Crête, Chuck Hughes, Danny St-Pierre, Emma Cardarelli, Eric Dupuis, Hakim Chajar, Hugue Dufour, Joe Mercuri, Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem, Marc-Alexandre Mercier, Marc-André Cyr, Martin Juneau, Mathieu Cloutier, Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly, Nick Hodge, Patrice Demers, Ségué Lepage, Stefano Faita, and more...

Mark your calendars. I couldn't go last year, anybody have any comments from last year? Was it well done?

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Also, according to the Royal LePage listing, they are relocating, not closing.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

As pointed out to me on reddit, it's Dollard, not Pointe-Claire.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Chenoy's Pointe-Claire is for sale.

Just driving by today as they were putting up the sign. Not sure about other locations. Asking $3.3 million.

ISO Creamy Poppyseed salad dressing

Did you ever track this down? I may be able to help out, if you're still looking for it.

christmas brunch or dinner in montreal

Not that I've been, but I've heard good thing about the Queen Elizabeth's Christmas feasts. From this very board, so a search might get you more info.

Here's a link to the hotel's page, with links to menus and services available on holidays, including Christmas Eve A la carte, Christmas Day brunch and evening buffet.

found on that page, at the bottom:
Christmas Eve à la carte dinner menu
December 25 & January 1 evening buffet menu
December 25 & January 1 brunch menu
New Year's Eve à la carte dinner menu

Hawkins Cheezies

Uniprix and Giant Tiger always seem to have it stock. Brings back fond memories for my Dad.

Where to get 40%whipping cream/manufacturing cream in montreal?

The whipping cream stabilizer that I use is Dr. Oetker's Whip It, and is available in most grocery stores, usually somewhere within the baking section.

It comes in little two packs, similar to the three packs of Fleischmann (except in two's), or in a box with multiple single packs.

As far as cream goes, sorry, I can't help.

Buffet that has frog legs

I was at Fu Lam yesterday (west Island), and indeed, frog legs were one of the buffet choices.

Where can I buy Coca-Cola Cherry in Montreal?

My local IGA carries it as well.

Pretty Christmas Cookies

Although I haven't tried them, Les Délices Lafrenaie has 4 locations in and around Montreal, and I noticed the one in Pointe-Claire (Sources & the 40) had two sizes of mixed Christmas cookies, which looked pretty to me. I can't give you a review as I haven't tried them, sorry.

I find their prices to be quite good in general. If memory serves, the larger tray was $24. I think I might even pick some up nearer the holidays just to have some in house.

May West, Swiss Rolls, and Jos Louis?

The inventory they carry changes all the time, just depends on what they were recently manufacturing. Sometimes I've found products I've never seen before, and some that are clearly not meant for the Quebec market - no French on the packaging, just a plain sticker to make it legal (more or less). There are some staples that seem to be there most of the time, like Oreos (in varying flavours), Premium Plus crackers, Crispers...

FYI, although there used to be a big Kraft sign out front, along with the Christie sign, it now reads Mondelēz, as Kraft split out their snack division.

If anyone's looking for it, it's on Viau, across the street from the Arena Maurice Richard and the Olympic Stadium.

Looking for a caterer serving the West Island

The funeral home had recently changed their in-house caterer, so we gambled and went with them. It turned out just fine. Sandwich, cheese and bite size tortilla roll platters, along with coleslaw and potato salads, and smoked salmon rosettes, and melon and prosciutto appetizers.

Turns out the caterer is Chuck's restaurant, from the Golf Dome in Kirkland. There was a lot of food, and it was all well received. I'll probably try out the restaurant because of it.

Closest IHOP to Montreal?

Burlington, VT, in the University Mall.

Looking for a caterer serving the West Island

So, I have some leftover food (sandwich platters, coleslaw, a variety of "swirl" tortilla appetizers). Anyone know of a charity that could use them, again, in the West Island would be preferable.

And thanks to all who replied above, it was appreciated.

Looking for a caterer serving the West Island

Setting up a funeral and looking to get a selection from sandwiches, potato/pasta salads, fruit/veggie plates and deli meat (think antipasto) and the likes.

I know it's just your basic stuff, but I would like good quality and good tasting food. I know the funeral home will provide some suggestions, but I figure I'll get better insight here. If anyone has any recommendations, I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

where to find mustard seed?

Openings in 2013

Le Petit Munich has reopened in the West Island. Heard an ad on CJAD. People here always seemed to like the place. It's new location is still in the West Island, now no longer on St. John's, but in Pointe-Claire Village, 48 Ste. Anne Street.

Suburbs eating ? (Outside of Montreal or on route from Toronto)

I would recommend Delibee's in Pointe-Claire over Pete's, but of course, that's just my opinion.

Restaurant Closings in 2013

I'm told that's exactly what's happening. I assume the build will start when the construction holiday ends, as they tore it down very quickly.

Although the building didn't seem too bad, the front terrarium was always cold and frosted up in the winters, and all in all, I guess it did look dated.

Chicken sausages

I knew Costco carries Lilydale out west, but I didn't think they did out east. I can't say as I have ever looked for them, so I could easily be wrong.

They carry a large selection of all kinds of sausages, so I hope Chriama finds something they really like.

Restaurant Closings in 2013

Not exactly big news, but the Wendy's on Sources Blvd. in D.D.O. has been leveled to the ground. If I remember right, I drove by Monday morning and everything looked normal, and then again this morning, and it is nothing but rubble, with tractors cleaning up. It's fenced in, and a sign says they're renovating.

Was this planned? Was there a fire? Inquiring minds want to know.

Restaurant Closings in 2013

Very sad to hear this; I loved this little place.

Where can I find Blair's Death Rain Habanero chips in Montreal?

Bulk Barn it is, with "Aliments en vrac de qualité" underneath their signage.

Where can I find Blair's Death Rain Habanero chips in Montreal?

The Bulk Barn carry these, sold buy the bag, not in bulk. They carry a few Blair varieties.

Where can I buy Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce in Montreal?

As far as I've seen, all grocery stores carry Lea & Perrins., Wal*Marts, even a few convenience stores. Maybe even dollar stores, Dollarama in particular?

Best pizza in MTL

Thanks for the replies - if I had better snow tires (Costco here I come), I would have tried PDS tonight.

Best pizza in MTL

There seems to be people above that like it - to each their own, I guess. Now I have to go find out for myself!