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Chicago-style pizza in New Haven - does it exist?

Lena's pizza in Hartford on Park St near the west hartford border has two pies onec called stuffed meet and the other called stuffed vegie that are the closes thing to a substantially thick piece of pizza. I would not call it Chicago but it will satisfy cravings for thick, fatty and delicious. I have never ordered a whole pie I have only eaten it by the slice at the restaurant. Give it a try. You will not regret it.

Mar 23, 2009
hokiefan in Southern New England

what the heck is crema vegetal?

Do you know of any products in the US that use this which i may be more familiar with?

Feb 24, 2009
hokiefan in General Topics

what the heck is crema vegetal?

I just moved to mexico and I have been eating ice cream from the grocery store called holanda. one of the principle ingredients is crema vegatal. is it lactose free? it is pretty darn good imho. All flavors I tried have been outstanding. it almost tastes like cool whip. Love cool whip. I also bought some pastry cream at the grocery store with was "crema batida vegetal"? any help would be appreciated.

Feb 23, 2009
hokiefan in General Topics

Best Doughnuts in CT?

I have had some great one's from Lukes, however they are under new management from some guys who do not have donuts in their native country. Same story with donut and bagel stop on prospect in hartford. THey used to have outstanding donuts until the owners sold out to some people who don't have donuts in their native land. They destroyed the place. my two favorite places absolutely destroyed. I wonder if they even bothered to taste them when they started cutting corners. Mrs Murphy's in agawam? is the best around here now. Whole donut in canton is good if you need a fix. I have a friend who works with dunkin donuts he says it really hurt the cake donut flavor when they switched over to the non-trans fat oil. I thought they tasted worse than ever. ANy thoughts on this?

pS I love all races and creeds but if you buy a landmark, please have the decency not to ruin it.

Feb 17, 2009
hokiefan in Southern New England

Best Bagels in Ct?

At Brookside---Get the cheese bagel with everything garlic, seeds, onions etcc.... Dont put any stuff on it. just eat and enjoy. Not a new York bagel, just good chow.

BTW I chowhounded some bagel places last time I was in NY (manhattan) and I was not that impressed. Got to get to brooklyn I guess....

Feb 17, 2009
hokiefan in Southern New England

Plan B West Hartford Mini Burgers

How was City market? I recently moved from hartford to mexico. I tried to go there on both of my drives down to Mexico. First time there was no brisket, only Ribs and sausage. They were fantastic. Second time they were closed. Saturday night at 6:30PM. Ended up eating at a BBQ place in san antonio on the riverwalk which was AWFUL. They do make bad BBQ in Texas.

How was southern Q? I have never really been all that satisfied with BBQ in Hartford. I like Cookhouse and thats about it. Little taste of texsa isnt bad. I think the kind you make at home is better.

Back to plan B how do they make the burgers so juicy? Are they 80/20 chuck? do you think they coarse grind the meat? they kind of fall apart in your mouth...

cali girl visiting monterrey for a long weekend!

We went to guacamaya last night. I can't really say the price to quality ratio was great there. Two persons spent 1000MXN on two entrees, two appetizers and a couple of drinks. Food was good but not good enough for the price. Wife had jumbo shrimp, I had the red snapper. Both good not great. In general this has been my experience in San Pedro so far. I have not tried Fonda San Francisco yet but any other recommendations in San Pedro would be welcomed. I am more focused on food quality and value than ambiance or service. Doesn't need to be so cheap as to be peasant food, it needs to be good enough so that you are thinking about the place until the next time you get back there. I had some great tacos al pastor, some cabrito, and some great pork at bistro bardot but that's about it for san Pedro so far. Three good restaurants there must be more. Please help.

Feb 14, 2009
hokiefan in Mexico

birthday night out in west hartford or hartford

there are evening parking spaces for monte alban, abyssian, and ichiro behind kinkos. They are clearly marked as such. Do not guess they are marked yellow lined spaces. Follow the signs and you will not get towed.

Best Fresh Ravioli in Hartford

Carmela makes the best I have had in Hartford area.

Meadow, Simsbury CT

We have been going to the new asian place in simsbury called Meadow. The food is outstanding. The sushi is some of the best in the area and the american chinese is fantastic. I took customers from work here and they were all very impressed. The manager is extremely helpful and often throws in free apps for bringing new friends in. It is a trendy looking place with a nice outdoor feel. Try the sesame beef.

PS this is not a take out restaurant but they do serve take out. Their strength is dine in.

Jul 14, 2008
hokiefan in Southern New England

Portland, Me - any good places to eat?

Street and Company great seafood.

Ramen in Hartford CT

Thanks. We have been going to Pho Boston a couple times a month for six years now. That place is great.

PS I did make the mistake of venturing into the menu and tried some more exotic soups. I guess you cant really expect to get a quality seafood soup for under $7.

Ramen in Hartford CT

Just got back from NYC and had a great bowl of Ramen at Momofuku Noodle Bar. Anyone know of any authentic or not ramen shops around Hartford?

PS I am well versed in PHO and I am looking to try something new. Also, I live near Ichiban but did not see ramen on the menu...

Tucker's Bistro Newport RI - Fantastic (long)

We went their with friends last february as well and had a great time. It is a nice departure from most of the food and service I have found around newport.

Portugese food in ...where?...RI? Elsewhere?

I got it off All the Bonappetit and gourmet magazine recipes are posted there.

Hartford Area and Beyond!

Went back to simmer a couple of weeks ago. The place was dead on a Friday the service was dull and terrible. Food was blah. Bottle of wine we had was $35 at simmer and $15 at harry's Pizza. I am having mixed feelings about this place. Did anyone else have a bad expereince recently?

Good Restaurants Near Dunkin Donuts Center?

NO self respecting New-Englander would eat at a restraunt owned by long time dolphins coach Don Shula. Asterick this SHula...... Go PATS! Its like eating at a OSAMA Bin Laden owned kebab house in New York. That guy has alot of nerve opening a restraunt in enemy territory. I think he should take his delicious steaks back to Miami.

PS I heard the food is good. However, I am morally opposed.

Au Pied Du Cochon

We had
Zucchini flowers
three beers-white local beer can't remember the name
au pied de cochon

All were fantastic. cochon and lobster were OUTSTANDING

Tuscany at Mohegan Sun?

I am 90% sure that Rain is closed. They are putting another food court in or something. This is very disappointing to me since I never had a chance to eat there. Went to Michael Jordan's Steak house for my anniversary in april. I thought the service was not worthy of the price. Salad and appetizers were good. Sides were good. Liked the lobster mashed potatoes. Steaks were terrible. We both had the cowboy cut rib eye. Crust on the outside was very blackened. steak was much tougher than I would have expected. Burnt flavor of crust took away form flavor. Delmonico in Vegas was MUCH better. My experience with mohegan sun food is not good. Almost every meal has been a disappointment. I have had some okay meals at mj cafe and bubba's bbq(everything tastes as if it is frozen there). Best food I had there was pizza at the irish pub. the pizza is similar to a new haven style (thin crunchy crust).

Central Coast Maine Trip and Question

We needed that recommendation earlier. :) Went to Abbracci in searsport for pizza. Very close to a fantastic experience but ended in disaster. We called at 6:40pm for a pizza. We were told it was going to take 35 minutes. We left there with our pizza at 7:40pm after waiting for 30 minutes. OKay we were a little annoyed at this point but the pizza looked delicious. We got it home and took out a couple of slices to find it almost raw in the middle. Maybe it will be good after I finish cooking it in the oven tomorrow for lunch.

Went to Youngs lobster pound for lobster stew for lunch. Should have had the lobster. $15 for a bowl of stew with no potatoes an no flavor besides lobster and milk. Every piece of lobster was extremely chewey. Maybe I don't like lobster Stew. But this was just not good eats.

Had an outstanding ice cream cone at Scoops in Belfast with blueberry and cocunut ice cream. Waffle cone was extaordinary.

CT - Catering - Pig Roast or BBQ

How about an update from the rehearsal dinner? How was the BBQ? I have been researching heritage breeds for a pig roast we are doing in August. We managed to find a heritage cross breed down by the Shore. Secchiaroli Piggery in Waterford. We will let you know how it turns out.

Jul 18, 2007
hokiefan in Southern New England

Portugese food in ...where?...RI? Elsewhere?

Not a great portugese restraunt but the brick alley pub in newport has a portugese little necks clams dish which is outstanding. It won an award in Bon appetite. Clams, tomatoes onions wine chourico and cilantro. The broth is heaven with crusty bread. I made it for my family at the Bristol 4th of July to raves of joy. So either go try it in newport or get the recipe at

Central Coast Maine Trip and Question

Went to Primo Tonight. Wow it was very very good. Had the stuffed squash blossom salad and the NY Strip with short rib ragu and gnocchi. Wife had the goat cheese in grape leaves and the scallops with porcini papradelle and truffles. Fantastic! We also had a very nice lunch at Abbracci in Searsport. Running out of money...

Central Coast Maine Trip and Question

We are having a great trip up in Maine this week. Stopped at Street an co in portland on the way up. It was fantastic. Everything about it was great. Four had dinner with appetizers and wine for less than 200 including tip. I can't even come close to that kind of price in CT for that kind of food.

Yesterday we had a fantastic day of eating. We went to Chase's Daily in Belfast for brekfast. I had the French toast on home baked bread and she had the omlet. Both were outstanding. Lunch was at Thai Kitchen in Camden. Very friendly owner and great food. It was slow so she gave us an impromptu cooking tutorial on thai food. How great is that! I wondered why my thai curry never tasted the same as when I eat it out. Francine Bistro for dinner. WoW! Service was awesome. Had the Broccoli soup and the smoked lamb ribs. The lamb ribs were rubbed in a delicious brown sugar based barbeque rub with eastern influences. They were fatty and amazing. I had the hanger steak which had some excellently crispy fries served with herbs de provence. Wife had the pork which was a little bland. Still one of the best dinners we have had overall. This place makes me wonder how I ever got stuck in Hartford. Why can't we have a restraunt like this? I am guessing my trip to Primo will only make it worse.

We are going to Primo in Rockland tonight. Should we try for a reservation at the Edge or go to Francine again on Thursday or Friday?

Hartford Area and Beyond!

we went to Simmer the other night in West hartford. We really liked it. THe food and the service were excellent and we were glad to pay the price for the quality of food. My wife had the lobster mac and cheese and i had the Simmer steak. I found it similar to trumbull kitchen which i also like.

Hartford Area and Beyond!

After hearing about peppercorns many times we finally tried it. The service was very casual. They lost our meal for about 30 minutes. it was not that good for the price. The place was cramped and noisy. When we asked for the check they insisted we get a free dessert for the wait but never took responsibility or offered an apology. Has anyone else had bad expereinces here lately? IS this place going down hill? Did I catch a bad night?

CT - Catering - Pig Roast or BBQ

Can I come? JK:)

I met the owner of the big bad wolf BBQ company. he seemed like a knowledgable BBQ enthusiast. I have never eaten his food, but he might be worth an interview. A bbQ interview sounds like fun. I am sure you can try him at an event he is doing. You can contact him at

My advice is you try little mark's and Cookhouse for dinner. BBQ quality is very subjective. Everyone is an expert, nobody can agree on great BBQ.

Also, I peronally have been to at least eight pig roasts and have never been satisfied. it may be novel, but the pig has never much better than what you can do in a crock pot or grill at home. My recommendation would be to go for BBQ. Maybe a butt and some ribs or brisket. Ask the caterer their specialty. Get samples. Let us know what you decide on and how it works out.

Jan 07, 2007
hokiefan in Southern New England

Mario Cancelled

Iron Chef America is a weak replica of a great show. The original concept had original cuisuine and exotic rare expensive ingredients. This show is a show case for personalities.

FN is about personalities now. It like MTV has lost it's way. I will keep watching public telivision and shows in off times in crap timeslots on FN. I am waiting for FN2 when cooking can get back on top. Long live Great Chefs! Learned more on one of that show than a years of rachel or paula.

Dec 13, 2006
hokiefan in Food Media & News

Breakfast near Hartford

Mo's Midtown - 25 Whitney St., Hartford, CT

Great place. Try any of the pancakes with fruit. Love the apple walnut. Great homefries.

What are your favorite foodie movies?

There are a couple good scenes in Spanglish with Adam Sandler. My favorite is the now notorious spanglish sandwhich scene. Google "spanglish sandwich" and see what I mean. He quietly makes himself a egg sandwich and pours himself a beer in a big tall glass. The scene send me running for the kitchen every time. The recipe was developed by thomas keller and taught to Sandler by keller for the movie.

Nov 26, 2006
hokiefan in Food Media & News