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40 Green Street Lunch

Been there, great concept, new stuff, new flavours, love the tarte normande, run for the croissants... vietnamese sandwich is to die for...Noho is getting there!

Dec 06, 2009
wizpers in Southern New England

Lemeac - a let down

THE chef never changed, only the executive chef changed... Richard Bastien is one of the
This place seats 350 -425 costumers every night...

Late dinner

Yeah, I went at Lemeac 2 weeks ago on a friday night at 22h30, the place was full with a line-up and we were able to ear each other, and the staff told me that it makes a huge difference...still a lot of 'ambience'

Late dinner

Lemeac have a sweet deal after 22h: 22$, and if it's on a week day you'll find what you are looking for ( they just installed a sound proofing sealing)

Otherwise maybe BU can fit your expectations.

Lemeac was wonderful

...and the 7/7 late night 22h /22$ special.
the place is crazy, call them first!

les chevres

Location, Location...

Lemeac - question

Wine pairing at Leméac ???? mmm... strange

bad day, good day... it's a bistro, you're part of the show.

Leméac: Very Good first impression.

Boomers are feeding restaurants, no surprise there, name me a restaurant in that price range (before 22h) who dont need grey haired costumer to full the place!?
After 22h the place look like pre-clubbing
There's a neverending buzz around this place, the success talks for it self.(did you ever saw the late-night line-up?)
Never had problems with the service, and some members of the team are hugely experienced, saw them for years in Montreal...

Unbelievable rudeness at L'Express

tourist vs local maybe.

Unbelievable rudeness at L'Express

It's a good timing to see where you can get more for your money...I've worked 2 years and a half as a Barman at l'Express and I can tell you it's not a inside politic, I guess some of the staff after more than 20 years of service still think that L'Express is THE only bistro in Montreal...Everything that goes up, goes down. Stil a huge classic but you better be 'A' regular... Recently I saw a lot of new faces, maybe positive changes

Unbelievable rudeness at L'Express

ahah,sorry but it's a classic one at l'Express

foodies on a budget in montreal

For a few bucks more you have a late night dinner for 22$ after 10 pm at Leméac on Laurier, great bistro food with a nice crowded ambiance

Best chocolatine in Montreal?

My fav's

-The crispy ones at fou dessert... full of butter
-and the one at paltoquet... more classic

Best Steak Frites in Montreal

Lemeac is the best for me, never had a off-night