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Knoxville, TN - Fine dining

I have not heard much about BF since Chef John Fleer left. Surely they have kept up the high standards. I do know that to eat at BF you must stay there. Yes, it is very expensive. It caters to very wealthy individuals and corporate executive types that desire a luxury country get-a-way

Knoxville, TN - Fine dining

Doubt that one restaurant in Knoxville meets all your criteria. Bear in mind corporate chains and franchises dominate the scene. Just drive by one of the many Chili's or Applebee's on a Friday night. Local places are not abundant.

I highly recommend NOT dining at Regas or The Orangery. Many locals mistake their high-end prices and longevity for high quality food.

Some restaurants I usually enjoy include....
Pasta Trio

Casual Seafood in Fort Lauderdale

Looking for a casual yet high quality seafood restaurant for dinner in early October. Good selection of raw shellfish would be nice along with some non-fried dishes. Preferably near Port Everglades but can take a taxi to wherever is necessary. Yum-O!