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Good tamales in Edmonton?

The rest of their food isn't super authentic mexican fare, so I'm not sure how authentic their tamales are, but my favourite tamales in Edmonton are from Three Amigos on the south side - but again, I'm not really sure what authentic tamales are supposed to taste like. I just know that these ones make my taste buds happy.

Aug 02, 2012
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

Updates on Vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton

Tien Tuyen.

I quite like it, but some of my friends don't (I think pho preference might be a little bit of a personal thing). The portions are a little smaller than our standard Pagolac, but the restaurant is nice and the food is tasty. I'd say the pho broth is a little "herbier" than most places I've been to - I like it!

Their version of the dish where you take the grilled beef and roll it yourself in rice paper with lettuce etc. is really quite good.

Feb 03, 2012
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

Vegan coming to Edmonton

Quick FYI: Oriental Veggie House is gone. While searching for confirmation of its demise, I came across this recent article which had some other interesting local Vegetarian suggestions:

I have to second Padmanadi. It is fantastic. Even my most resolutely carnivorous friends love it. The curry "chicken" is delicious, and the service is always super friendly.

10740 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S3, CA

Jun 03, 2011
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

New and/or Overlooked Dining Gems in EDMONTON

I know that others have said that it isn't necessarily authentic, but I still think Three Amigos makes some darn tasty spicy chicken tamales. Comes with rice and beans for a really good and filling meal.

Be warned that if you're eating in, you'll leave the restaurant smelling like the inside of a deep fryer. We still think its worth it though!

Nov 26, 2010
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton: Best Indian Buffet

Just a heads up that you might want to call before you go, went by a couple of days ago and they were closed because they had some flooding issue and were doing repairs.

Aug 22, 2010
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

Glass Coca-Cola Bottle - Edmonton

I just saw Coke in some shorter glass bottles for sale at Superstore on the weekend - I think they were in packs of 4.

Aug 31, 2009
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

Frozen spring rolls in Edmonton?

Hi my fellow Edmontonians...

Might anyone have a recommendation for a place where I might be able to find some good frozen spring rolls? I'm thinking of something that you would just drop into a deep fryer.

I imagine Lucky 97 or TnT might have some - just wondering if there are any other suggestions.


Feb 20, 2009
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton - comments re Saigon Cuisine in Riverbend

La Pagode is still there in the same little strip mall (across the street from WEM) but it has moved a little further deeper west into the interior of the mall. It seems a little bit bigger now too.

Feb 19, 2009
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

Best Dim Sum - Edmonton South Side

Went to Beijing over the past week with the parents. I love how you can always count on the Chinese restaurants to be open on Christmas and New Years Day.

The food was not bad overall. I know many might think this is gross but my measure of a Dim Sum place is the quality of the chicken feet - I have to say Beijing's chicken feet were a little too skinny (not enough flesh on those toes!) and were not as tasty as the ones at GRB (or as those at the over-priced Noodle Noodle for that matter).

Beijing was jam packed when we went. I think everyone wanted to try out the new place. If you go, I think you have to be careful of where you sit, they crammed so many tables in the space that it looked like there were some tables which the carts couldn't even get to. I have a feeling that they are still ironing out many of the kinks that go with a recent re-opening.

Jan 02, 2009
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

Best chinese resturants in Edmonton

I've only been to the Good Buddy on the south side (by Heritage) - it's one of my family's favorite places to eat and one of the best spots on the south side of the city for good authentic Chinese food.

My fave dish there is the crispy chicken with fried garlic and soy sauce. It's basically just half of a crispy skinned chicken, covered in fried garlic and drenched in a slightly sweet seasoned soy sauce.

Dec 31, 2008
boxitup in Prairie Provinces

bad times at kyoto ed'ton

Just to clarify, which location did you go to?

The one on the south side of the river (by the University) or on the north? They're both on 109th street.

I tend to prefer the one by the University.

Low-risk foodie basket - Edmonton

Sunterra makes tasty looking foodie type baskets, that fit your criteria - at least they do during Christmas time.

Not sure about delivery though.

Couple of locations in Edmonton and Calgary.