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Places open in Baltimore for Christmas Day? or Eve?

I have yet to find a restaurant that is NOT in a hotel, and is open for Christmas Day 2008. If anyone knows of a place please let me know. I will even take Christmas Eve suggestions also.

Guinness Beer in Baltimore...

Ryan's Daughter tends to do a lot of specials on Guiness. They always have it on tap, not sure if they have bottles though.

Just the right bar for my birthday...

If your willing to wander up to the Baltimore area I love Howl at the Moon. It's a dueling piano bar, that we like to go to for special occasions. It's great entertainment for all.

Abbey Burger Bistro (Federal Hill)

Grand opening isn't until next week, I believe the 17th is the first official day they will be unveiling the menu and serving food. Rumor has it that they are having a "soft opening" this week, but I think its drinks only. I am planning on going at some point next week and am looking forward to checking out all the different options for making the perfect burger!

Searching for cooking classes?

Dara Fromm-Bunjon of Dining Dish just posted a very informational blog on all kinds of cooking classes in the baltimore area.

In search of delicious banana milkshake, DC or Bmore

Luckie's Tavern at Power Plant Live advertises a Banana Milkshake. I've only had the strawberry one, but it was really good.

Baby Shower Sweets!

All the Grauls have an excellent bakery. Wegmans does also. There is also Baltimore Cupcake Company. Or if your adventurous in making your own things I suggest reading these two blogs for some ideas.

B More Sweet -
Cupcakes take the Cake -

Luckie's Tavern at Power Plant Live

Tried Luckies last Friday before a concert. They apparently just opened up 2 weeks ago, and their below Angels Rock Bar. Rumour has it the former Chef from Vin of Towson is in the kitchen there now.

Burger was good, (blue cheese and bacon) Pork was good, but the home-made glazed doughnuts were amazing. It's nice to finally have a nice eat in the power plant area. (well at least in my mind)

Anyone else been?


Places to eat in Baltimore Region that handle large parties?

Something not to specific on one cuisine. I guess American would be the best description.

Where to buy a good chicken pot pie?

How has no one mentioned Dangerously Delicious Pies yet!!!!???

When you leave DC, what restaurants do you miss?

Miesha's I loved their coffee.

Places to eat in Baltimore Region that handle large parties?

Looking for suggestions on places that easily handle large parties like 15-20. I know most places are going to charge extra for a group over 8. But trying to find a place, that I wouldn't have to rent a private room. (or spend a ton of money before anyone actually eats anything)
Any suggestions would be nice.


BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Totally Corner Stable all the way!

Best burger in D.C.?

The post rated the Burger at Michel Richard's Central as the best burger in DC.
I've had it. Very good

Piano Bars?

if your willing to come up to Baltimore, we have a Howl at the Moon (dueling piano bar) in the inner harbor.

Sunday Brunch and/or Buffet around Inner Harbor

Miss Shirleys or Watertable are places that both have great food.

New place to go to dinner in Bmore?

Yes but their also #1 booked restaurant, and their more in the Clipper Mills/Hampden Area. So make a call today if you want to go there. You most likely wont get a reservation for this weekend.

New place to go to dinner in Bmore?

If your wanting to stay near the city you should try Watertable. Its in the location that used to be known as "Windows". They have an excellent crab bisuqe. And they are supporting the local & in season movement. Also an excellent view of a sunset over the water at dinner time.

Using up Puff Pastry Suggestions?

I do a chicken puff pastry. Chicken breast, some sort of herb cheese and butter spread spread (alloutte), salt and pepper.

Roll out the pastry, place your trimmed breast (or half of one) on the pastry. Salt and pepper, than lather the top with the spread. Fold the pastry over the chicken so its like a turnover. Than bake at 350 for about 30 mins. They also freeze well for later use.

The Parkside and any updates on Hamilton Tavern?

One of the owners of Brewer's Art, is the owner of Hamilton Tavern. They will not have a website from my understanding, due to the fact they consider themselves a comunity bar. They will continue to do as much local and in season fare as possible.
That whole area of harford road is going through some great growing right now.
There is talk starting to go around that Hamilton is going to be the next Hampden, with Chameleon and Clementine right down the road, and all the other local business going through renovations, its a high possibility this is true.

Dinning Out For Life

I hope everyone is participating this Thursday.

Sunday breakfast Maryland burbs

If your ever in the Baltimore City Region you should try Miss Shirleys on Cold Spring Lane.....
I know its out of your way. But we drive 45 mins to eat there. They have some good stuff.

Local, Organic restaurants in the Baltimore area?

Everytime I have asked at Gold West they say everything is organic..... (which would explain the price.

Also I have one more to add to the list

Chameleon Cafe

Gordon Ramsay at Maestro: Opening Very Soon

Oh please do let us know as soon as you know more.
I love him, he's very business savy, and knows how to make a place prosper.

Any good Virginia/Maryland vineyards?

I am going to go against Barboursville. For the price you pay, your wine should taste much better than what they are making.
My husband and I perfer Prince Michele's Winery. And if your in the Eastern Shore Area, try St Michael's Winery also.

Weekend in B'more-please comment on restaurant choices

Watertable is a good pick. For breakfast I recommend Miss Shirley's. It's right off of 83

Eaten at Clementine Since all the Media Hype Released?

I keep reading mixed reviews about it, and I thinks all the negatives are due to the fact they werent expecting to get slammed like that.

Were supposed to go Thursday, I am just trying to prepare myself for what it is, and not create false hopes.

Local, Organic restaurants in the Baltimore area?

Gold West Cafe in Hamden Serves Organic; Hamilton Tavern (in hamilton) serves Local Foods, Water Table down in the Inner Harbor serves Local food too for fine dinning like Woodberry. Artifact brews local and organic cofee also.

Of Course Woodberry, Dogwood, Zekes, and Clementine have already been mentioned