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Passover Dinner in Los Angeles?

Could anyone recommend a restaurant in Los Angeles for a nice traditional Passover meal?

Mar 16, 2010
ThePalate in Los Angeles Area

Burger - high end in South Bay area?

My favorite high end burger in South Bay is the Chez burger at Bouzy Gastropub in Redondo Beach Riviera Village. They have an awesome burger! So juicy that you need to wipe your mouth after each bite. If you go, do not forget to order the Truffle fries which is a perfect accompaniment. Then they even have eight beers on tap and usually a few of them are seasonal, as well as many different bottled beers.

Dec 07, 2009
ThePalate in Los Angeles Area

Chez Melange - forget it!

My wife and I were there quite recently. I got the steak, she got the chicken w/roasted vegetables. They did a perfect sear and nailed rare on the steak (I am picky about this). My wife seemed very happy with her meal as well. No screaming babies (or kids of any kind) in the restaurant while we were there (another one of my pet peeves as I have zero tolerance).

While we did not get it this last time, we have gotten their truffle pasta in the past and we typically fight over it. So good. Actually, we are not vegetarians but sometimes go off of meat for other reasons. We have been known to just get the truffle pasta, one or two of their salads (they have some unusual ones) and perhaps one or two of their side veggies (big fan of their baby broccoli) and call it a day.

Oh, as for the space itself -we are so pleased it looks, well, like any modern restaurant you would find on the west side, not that 70's hotel any more, that was awful. My wife is always admiring all the candles in the cocktail lounge, very slick.

Jan 26, 2009
ThePalate in Los Angeles Area

Bad Experience at Shibucho in Los Angeles. Are we the only ones?

Well - Put Food622

Dec 30, 2008
ThePalate in Los Angeles Area

Bad Experience at Shibucho in Los Angeles. Are we the only ones?

Shige has prepared many fine courses. However, I have had some salmon that was definitely off. Also, I had an albacore tuna prepared as one of the courses. A few of the pieces were off. I do not know about you, but I would be terrified to tell Shige that his fish was off. He is the "Sushi Nazi."

That being said, he usually does serve some of the finest sushi I have ever had. Not to mention that he uses real wasabi, yuzu, negi, etc. I enjoy his element of surprise, and appreciate his skill. I also enjoy his hot courses through the middle of the meal. His use of European dishes with Japanese ingredients, are of Iron Chef quality.

As far as beverages go, Shige is well known for his Burgundy pairings. I find it rather interesting and hard to believe that he would ever say that he himself enjoys the wine and the sushi separately. That does not sound like the Shige I know. He would never call it "grape wine" either. He has served fine aged Burgundies that pair extremely well with his Omakase. Maybe, he said that he also likes to drink Bordeaux and Burgundy separately. Fine food and fine wine are meant to be paired together, and when done properly, have perfect harmony. I am an extreme foodie and enjoy a very good wine with fine food. I would be the first one to say that this food is good but the wine is not doing it for me with the meal, even if the wine was a good wine.

I often eat meals that are very expensive. The most expensive meals have been at Alinea in Chicago, and Urasawa in Beverly Hills. Both meals were absolutely awesome. Both meals were an all night event 5.5 to 6 hours long. I would also expect a high price tag on a meal like that, and have no problem paying for it. I also enjoy small "hole in the wall" ethnic places throughout LA that come to less than a bottle of Evian. However, I expect to get consistent experiences, even if they are different, every time I visit. I do not expect a Urasawa experience when I go to Shibucho, nor do I expect to pay that price. Just the same, I do not expect to receive Shibucho talent at K-Zo. If I go out to eat a particular meal, I expect that the price would be roughly in the 20% range of that experience the last time I had that experience (within a few months to a year). If the experience (meaning the type and quantity of food) is different, then all bets are off for 20%. I guess what I am trying to say, if a meal that you typically get at a certain place costs price X and then the next time you went back and received a lesser experience or even an equivalent experience and the price was 50- 75% more, I would be very disappointed and would not go back.

I have also had inconsistent pricing and quality, and do not plan on ever returning. When you trust the chef, that includes trusting that he will not take advantage of you as well as trusting him with his skills.

Dec 28, 2008
ThePalate in Los Angeles Area