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Food/dish you are surprised hasn't caught on

gravy AND
the freshest cheese curds that go squoic-squoic-squoic when you eat them

sometimes with foie gras. oh the gluttony!! XD

Aug 18, 2011
dumpycactus in General Topics

newbie question: pelee island gamay noir zweigelt

if someone likes pelee island gamay noir zweigelt,
what else would you recommend?

it's a gift, so instead of a 11$CDN bottle, i'd like to find something maybe in the 20-30$ range?

the recipient isn't a wine expert by any means.
thanks for any help!

Jul 29, 2011
dumpycactus in Wine

Hong Kong: need a recommendation for fun/hip dinner place.

oh, i wish =[

Sauce for shrimp rice noodle? (chang/cheung fan)

typically it's just light soy sauce (as opposed to dark). if its sweet, then it might be something particular that particular establishment... i've never seen any other dressing for it otherwise.

in terms of sweetness, i can imagine hoison sauce or kecap manis (Indonesian soy sauce), but again, those usually aren't served with it.

Jan 07, 2011
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

Maple Syrup?

yes, i was thinking that too...
the OP mentioned the particular one was General Foods Log Cabin syrup.
maybe the restaurant just filled it with maple?

there's an auction with just the tins:

Jan 06, 2011
dumpycactus in General Topics

Hong Kong: need a recommendation for fun/hip dinner place.

If Tonkichi is too busy to find a seat, try Butagumi. It's close (Goldmark bldg) and they are quite comparable.

what do i do with all this fatback / pork fat!?!

this might be a stupid question:
does it taste like pork? so if i use it to braise other things as well (vegetables?), it will be pig-licious?

Jan 06, 2011
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

what do i do with all this fatback / pork fat!?!

1001? bring it on!

cassoulet sounds nice, would i just toss in a piece?
and as a peasant dish, duck isn't the cheapest thing... or is it that particular cut?

Jan 06, 2011
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

what do i do with all this fatback / pork fat!?!

it's not my place to sell it, as it's her business and not mine.
i'm free to play with the ingredients as i like, because the results are for our personal pleasure and not for profit.

so by access i mean a freezer-full, not a truck-full!

Jan 06, 2011
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

what do i do with all this fatback / pork fat!?!

i'm a recovering vegetarian, as my SO's mum raises organic heritage pigs who refuse to drink water (only hops and whey for them!).

how could i refuse?

so i have a lot of access to fatback, with no ideas what to do with them. it is all white with skin, and there doesn't appear to have any meat at all on them. i also have a piece with a tail attached.

i found a recipe for lardo ( ), but is there anything more immediate that i could enjoy it with? say for example... some bean dish? rice? anything!

i don't have access to salt pork, nor do i know how to use either of them. i would prefer not to use any bacon in large quantities, because it's just so expensive (her bacon, at least. i can't justify bringing supermarket bacon into my life). i don't know if i should chop this up, melt it, throw away the skin, or whatever! i just don't know what to do with raw animal parts.

also, she won't let me have any leaf lard, so i don't know how this translates to pie-making for me.

thanks in advance!

Jan 06, 2011
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

Where to find: Powdered Vanilla in Halifax?

i recall buying some at the Mid-East Food Centre on Agricola + North. although that was about 4 years ago... but i'm quite confident i did get it from there. otherwise i would suggest Planet Organic on Quinpool.

Jan 06, 2011
dumpycactus in Atlantic Canada

Best Instant Ramen? (please do not mock me, pretty please)

i second the Nissin Demae Ramen bowls (Tonkatsu as well)

inside there's 3 packets: powdered broth, dehydrated veg + pork, and wet broth (or more like sauce). after 3 minutes i realised they managed to successfully dehydrate a pork slice. i was quite impressed...

Oct 05, 2010
dumpycactus in General Topics

ikan bilis in hong kong?

i know about nasi goreng of the Indonesian variety, so i'll assume ikan bilis is that as well. in that case, you'd most easily find it in Causeway Bay, near the pedestrian walkway the crosses over Henessy Road.

if you circle around the block that's surrounded by Sugar St. and Yee Wo St., you'd find a number of Indonesian supermarkets that would have what you want.

Vegans: is this okay?

this is probably how it started with "i'm vegetarian, but i also eat fish."

the lack of appropriate clip-art text.

Mar 30, 2010
dumpycactus in Not About Food

The Flood of '10, Defrosting Freezer, and LOTS of Corn

creamed corn soup? it's a pretty standard Chinese soup--usually it involves crab meat (not the fake stuff!), egg whites and broth. for the lazy (or in a pinch), a can of creamed corn works alright.
to get started:

i almost always reappropriate traditional recipes, so i'd throw in some egg-tofu and lotus root for kicks.

Mar 30, 2010
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

Microwavable Sushi

so it's just sushi rice, soy sauce and nori? why the mention of fillings when none are included? does the rice come in dry grains (Minute Rice?) or already cooked?

i don't understand the convenience vs quality trade-off of this product vs rice made traditionally.

Mar 29, 2010
dumpycactus in Features

Are we referring to "macarons" as "macaroons" now?

i asked grandnanny (who is seriously Quebecois) and with communication issues aside, she speaks as if they are the same word (macaroon vs macaron) and same thing; they can be coconut, or they can be almond.

i'd keep to that cheesecake analogy - i differentiate by specifying "poured" vs "baked".

Mar 22, 2010
dumpycactus in General Topics

Vietnamese translation needed for Pho Spice package :)

perhaps including an image of said pho spice will elicit more replies?

Mar 22, 2010
dumpycactus in General Topics

Eating well, while being poor.

i'd like to know what "eating well" really means for someone with a budget.
is it not scrimping and denying oneself, or is it being accessible to luxe items like white truffle oil?

i've been living at about 160$/mth for years (grad student) and i don't have any problem with what i'm eating, plus it's alot better than the junk offered around campus.

my freezer is PACKED with pre-made meals (made by me); coconut, yam + chickpea soup, omusubi with umiboshi or tuna, fruit (bananas or berries that were on sale), several versions of pilaf, congee, etc.
yesterday was mixed bean stew with kale, today is kasha with spinach and currants.

my grocery bills are much lower than those i see with alot of boxed foods, even with getting organic bananas/apples/onions/eggs/artisan bread regularly.

Mar 07, 2010
dumpycactus in General Topics

Can gluey brown rice be rescued?

i would turn it into a soup or congee!

congee = boil with double the water for another two hours until the rice breaks up (in a normal pot; i've never used a pressure cooker)
you can add more or less water/broth to your desired consistency

add flavour + ingredients to your fancy: ginger, deboned fish, lean pork, raw peanuts, tofu, preserved duck egg, mussels, dried scallop, dried shittake mushroom, five spice powder, etc.

it's pretty hard to screw up congee since you can't really over-boil it.
(although burning is not so good - stir every once in a while)

Feb 02, 2010
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

international desserts and snacks -- I need your help!

second the moon cakes as they should be on sale now, and they keep forever (mid-autumn festival just passed)
boterletter (Dutch Christmas)
baklava (Nowruz)
stollen (German Christmas)
makowiec (Polish Christmas)
King Cake (Mardi Gras/Carnival)

...? sugar overload!

Oct 14, 2009
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

Bay leaves--anything interesting you use them for, besides meat dishes and...

i put it in my chai (and the usual places; tomato sauce, etc.)

Sep 24, 2009
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

Buying Matcha (Green Tea)

what is *superior quality matcha* vs *dustpan matcha*? how to differentiate?

the one i have in my hands is by Hanamasa (肉のハナマサ) so it's not quite the fanciest stuff ever...

but back to the OP
i'd reckon the matcha-for-bubble tea may contain other funny things, skim milk powder, flavourings, etc.? best to ask!

Aug 14, 2009
dumpycactus in General Topics

Visiting Ottawa from Mtl for the day on Sunday

hmmm Jak's Kitchen is quite nice, trying to do the bistro-thing. they have your standard breakfasts, eggs, toast, omelettes, potatoes, soups, daily specials, etc. (479 Bronson Ave 613.230.2088)

i really like Wild Oat, they have sandwiches, breakfast bowls (includes rice!), salads, baked goods, wraps, etc. The kind of place for people with their nut butters and organic herbs. If you have more than 4 people, you should really get there early or call ahead, they only have one booth in the back. (817 Bank Street 613-232-6232)

Manx Pub is a good standby, and perhaps closest to where you want to be (downtown/market area); cosy, for a pub with all your regular brunch-y food (potatoes, eggs, toast, quesadillas, etc.) it can get pretty busy though! (370 Elgin Street 613-231-2070)

i can't think of anymore... I don't hang around the market too often, maybe someone else might be able to help with that.
And because MTL food wins my heart over many times more.

Foodstuffs with unfortunate names

try this one?

or just google "collon"

Aug 06, 2009
dumpycactus in Not About Food

Foodstuffs with unfortunate names

oh those are really good! cream-filed, a little like koala cookies

Aug 05, 2009
dumpycactus in Not About Food

Dumped Over Dinner

Quote: RemyT Jun 06, 2009 12:54AM---------------

Breaking up while dining is like smoking in church.


good answer. loaded + concise.

Jun 06, 2009
dumpycactus in Features

Shelf Life of Buttercream?

my father insists on putting it in the fridge. he's a baker.

you -may- want to sort something out with that as you put them in the fridge, the cake can get really dry.

May 18, 2009
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

Does anyone do a Mongolian hotpot or Shabu at home?

my family does the portable butane as well. with the table all loaded up the dishes, sauces, and eventual drips of whatever, a cord is pretty awful to deal with.

May 18, 2009
dumpycactus in Home Cooking

Somethings Shouldn't Be Made "Vegan"

yes! pork-based dishes...

i made vegan split pea soup. i remember how this used to taste... and i'm not going to fool myself. nutritional yeast does not taste like cheese, anything used to impart "that smoky flavour" still doesn't taste like ham. so i can't tell people it's split pea soup, or associations will be made.

ersatz food is not cool. just accept it how it is. vegetables (beans, lentils, grains, etc) do what they can do.

arms against tofurkey!

Mar 22, 2009
dumpycactus in General Topics